Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Benefit - Blogger Party + Make-Up Prevew

I was so excited when Miu contacted me and ask me whether I'm interested to attend Benefit's first ever blogger party + make-up preview on 1st of April! Of course immediately I say:" Sure!!! It's gonna be fun!!!"

And yes, it's totally an enjoyable night for the 8 of us.

*Style of the Day: Modern Tribe style. Tops are present from my cousin sis Jill, paired it with a pair of jeans and pinned a hot pink flower on my head. I'm confused too for what I'm going to style myself, modern or tribe. Maybe tribal fusion. LOL!*

Arrived at Pavilion as early as 5:15p.m! Gosh~ The blogger party will only starts at 7p.m. Went to Starbucks to chill for 1 hour++. Alone, but feeling contented as it's quite some time I spend time with my own. Only 'me' time.

*My favourite drink of all time: Chocolate Chips Frappuccino with Cream! This is heaven.*

Spend my time sitting at the couch, flipping through magazines and watch people pass by. These are the things that I usually do when I was younger, like 17 or 18 years old. I like people watching very much. Don't know why.

Time moves slowly and there is, 7p.m. Time to head to Parkson and the Benefit counter inside!

*My my~ Look at the lovely counter with all the pastel colour balloons!!! I got a feeling it's going to be a great experience!!!*

*All the make-up products, lining up, waiting for us to discover what miracle they can do upon us.*

*Some close-ups and make-up brushes. Love their brushes' white handles, I love anything in white!*

This is my first time to attend blogger party + make-up preview, especially it's from a oh-so-luxurious-brand Benefit, honestly I am a bit stress out and totally didn't know what to do and what to say. I'm kinda afraid that things I do is a bit inappropriate or something.

Luckily there's Hwa Yee (the one who in-charge for organizing this event) to come and talk to me and made me less nervous bout being there and Stella who is a happy happy girl and able to pass me some of her happy vibes.

*The star product of the day: Stay Don't Stray. A stay-put primer for concealers and eyeshadows.*

Stay Don't Stray (what a catchy name) is a 360 degree eye make-up primer which is able to apply on eyelid, under eye area and all the way round. Able to lock down and make eyeshadow to stay at the right place.

Besides, this primer has Vitamin C & E for anti-ageing effect, Sodium Hyaluronate to smooth and hydrate skin around the eye area and is made to work with most of the eyeshadows and concealers.

And yeah~ We will get to try on this item later! Weee!!!!!

*Refreshments, from Zang Toi cafe. I like their samosa.*

*I start to look a bit shitty after some time, most of my make-ups strayed and left me looking so ugly.*

While we're munching on the snacks and juice and waiting for Miu to arrive, we can get ourself a place at Benefit brow bar and try their brow arch service.

*Stellar was the first one to try. I was busy eating. Haha!*

Before I try their service on my brows, decided to have a makeover first. Using one of Benefit's best selling eye palette - Smokin' Eyes and Stay Don't Stray. Perfect combination for eye make-up!

*I can has smokin' eyes babe!*

*Make-up artist from Benefit (I didn't ask for her name!) is removing my own eye make-up.*

*Time to apply Stay Don't Stray, the eye primer*

*See the different tone on my eyelid and the dark circle under my eyes? I have to slap on tons of concealers to hide these all!*

*With just a lil bit of Stay Don't Stray, the uneven tone and dark circles under my eyes all gone! Don't even need slap on concealer! Seriously amazes me!*

*I can have even tone, no dark circle eyes!!! Don't even need to spend time on photoshop all the imperfections away.*

Stay Don't Stray is only available in one colour tone, which is a bit nude beige colour, but it can goes well with most of the skin tones. It's keep inside a bottle with 'custom airless pump' (Benefit terms) and is in liquid form.  

This product will be launch in Malaysia around Mid April. So all the Benefit gals, be sure to hunt down for this super cool 360 degree eye primer next week at all Benefit counters!

Okay, continue to my makeover story.

*That Gal - brightening face primer. This lil magic tube is one of the hot, hot selling item with more than hundreds to be sold each month. Unbelievable eh? Let's see what it can do!*

*Apply That Gal all over your face, before or after foundation. For my case, it's after as I already had foundation on.*

*Tadaaaa~ That Gal just brighten up my dull looking skin! I think I'm falling in love with primer....*

*Yes, more hot selling products which is gonna end up applying on my face - Benetint and Dandelion face powder*

I always thought Dandelion was a blusher but nope, I'm totally wrong. It's a pinkish face powder which will livens up your face immediately! Works well with That Gal brightening face primer.

*Applying Benetint on my cheek. It's a rosy red tint which gives you beautiful rose-coloured cheeks! Just brush 3 stripes on your cheek and blend it with your fingers and that's it!*

I do know that Benetint is a stain and the colour sure appear as red as red rose. I'm quite afraid to have two red cheeks that reminds people of monkey's red arse.... LOL! This is one of the no no when applying blusher on cheeks.

But today, I know that the colour for Benetint is not as red as it seems and the colour is kinda light too. It gave my cheeks natural blushing rose colour and I look so healthy! Maybe I should consider picking this up when I run out of blusher.

*Now~ Proceed to Smokin' Eyes make-up!*

*Look at me, Reiko, with smokey eyes.* 

I really love how the make-up artist did the eye make-up for me and able to make both of my eyes appear balance even though my eyelids are imbalance. She uses the deep charcoal shadow to make some 'illusion' of double eyelid on my left eye.

I'm looking all fresh, natural and a bit sexy after this makeover! Love it to bits!!!!

*Proceed to camwhore a bit. Hehe~ We're all given a mask to go crazy with and as a prop for photo taking. I'm 'SINGLE' Hahahahahaha!*

*After much anticipated wait, here comes the Miss Popularity - Tammy a.k.a Miu Miu!!!!*

She's rushing all the way from TTDI to Pavilion KL and got stucked in traffic jam. Poor Miu. But no worries, all of us are enjoying ourselves here and is very happy to see you finally reach the party safe and sound.

*Hwa Yee, officially starts the party with a short talk and introduction.*

*The guy who is doing a makeover to the model is called Matt, who is the Asia chief make-up artist (Did I get his title right???) for Benefit. This is soooooo WOW! We're gonna have make-up class today!*

*Matt just show us that the Bad Gal eyeliner is waterproof, but easily to wipes off. I like this concept actually. I have the Lancome waterproof eyeliner which is super hard to remove I end up look like a panda everytime I remove my eye make-up.*

*Drawing eyeliner with Bad Gal eyeliner.*

*Matt answered all our questions and doubts and at the same time, applying make-up on the model. He is one of the fewer guys who can multitasking I guess.*

*Applying Benetint and California Kissin.*

And do you guys know what's the purpose for the blue sparkles in the California Kissin lip gloss? It's for teeth whitening! Shocking I know!!! Lip gloss which able to whiten your teeth and freshen your breath! This is way too cool I should add this to my shopping list too!!!

*Wooolala~ Look at her! The dramatic changes of before and after make-up!!!*

We're all so excited talking, sharing thoughts and experience on make-ups and at the same time, snapping photos when Matt doing make-ups. So busy! LOL!

*Look at all the preparations and tools for my 'surgery'.... Eye brow surgery. LOL!*

*Love their bottles for removers and oils.*

*This is the pearl wax, for face use. It smells sooooo nice I'm addicted. Haha!*

*The eyebrow artist is letting me experience what it's gonna feel like for waxing. Apply wax, place the masking cloth and and 'chiak' peel it off!*

*Look at the clean, hairless area after waxed. This area is still hairless when I'm typing this. The power of waxing.*

This is my first time try waxing and it's not that painful after all. Maybe a bit pain but bearable one. Amazing ups and downs of feelings and emotions. I'll explain this step by step below.

*Remove my eyebrow make-up with 'Gee... That was quick!' make-up remover.*

*Cooling kind of feeling with that make-up remover.*

*Applying wax between my brows, the wax is a bit warm and feels very comfortable when having it on. Enjoying!*

*Placing masking cloth..... Waiting for the time to come.... With the count of 1, 2, 3! CHIAK!!!! SYOK SIAL!!!!!*

*Continue waxing....*

*This inner, lower part of eyebrow is the most painful area when it comes to waxing. This area's skin is so sensitive when the eyebrow artist peel off the masking cloth I remember there was tears inside my eyes!*

*Look at my waxed, trimmed eyebrows. Clean! I like it!!!*

*Front view. No more hairy baby hairs around my brows!*

For your information, waxing your brows allow your brows to look clean and well shape up to weeks as it will wax off the roots of your hairs, unlike shaving which just shave the lower part of the hair, not cleaning the roots off the pores.

And waxing will definitely make your hairs appear finer if you continue to wax for a certain period. Benefit counter at San Francisco even have full body waxing service. I do hope that Benefit in Malaysia will be having this service not far in the future. I wanna try full body waxing service!!!

*Brushing on 'Eye Bright' around my eyes to brighten my eyes area.*

*Filling, shaping and defining my brows with 'Brow Zings'.*

*Look at my brows!!! I really love how it looks!! And yes, I'm using the technic of filling in and shaping my brows that the eyebrow artist has taught me.*

*I'm all set for a date! Muahahahahha~ Fall for me!!!*

To my surprise, Benefit team even comes up with the Polaroid idea, which take photo of everyone of us and gave us the photo on the spot. Didn't I tell you I super duper love polaroid photos????

*Me likey~!!!!*

*How can I not take photo with this cute Miu Miu who invited me over to this awesome party? She's so cute and lovely I wish she was my sister!!!*

*With Matt the oh-so-awesome make-up artist.*

*Last but not least, group photo!!! Let me introduce all the bloggers who attended this blogger party, from left: Shazwany, Stella, Hanna, Ayna, Miu, Wing, Candy and me Reiko!*

*We even get goodies bag!!!*

*Seriously, this brand Benefit is slowly getting a place in my heart for make-ups and skin care items.*

*I can haz 'Posietint' bouncy pillow~ Which is so girlish it's now my personal pillow in my car, for me use only! Hehehehe~ Xuan Xuan loves this pillow too!!!*

*Gosh~ Look at all the goodies we got! Notepad, fridge magnets (Vintageeee!!!), miniatures for high beam, posietint and Gina (from Benefit perfume range), make-up pouch and TWO coupons of free brow arch services worth RM55!!!!*

*How can I not love you Benefit?*

I'm so happy to get to attend this blogger party of Benefit, and meeting up, befriends with lovely bloggers who has passion and enthusiasm towards beautiful stuffs and make-ups. It's really an unforgettable experience for me and I'm sure as well as for all the other 7 bloggers.

Let's be vain!!!

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Tammy said...

OMG LONG WONDERFUL N COLOURFUL POST! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! very detail!!! die lah? how am i going to review now? everything u say oledi? can balik rumah tutup business liao.. sob sob.. n ur pics all so adorable.. i didn't notice u snap so much photo! n u were just beside me! gosh... u look like posie tint u know.. with your tribal look of the day :D

and everyone who got the make up look fabulous! die lah i should've bought That Gal! so can mix with Stay Don't Stray

Ayna Jalal said...

hi reiko, love your post!!! hehehe, how come you say you get ugly??? u r so gorgeous already, i'm so jealous looking at you towering everyone else, hahaha =D

miu : absolutely, u should've bought that gal, its so awesome, i heart mine so much, ngee~ n_n

stellarvixen said...

reiko, goood job~~
i luv your post~~ done amazingly!
lol you featured me at the wax bar!
SYIOKK no pain no gain hun!

i'm falling for benefit all over AGAIN! honestly~~

skinny jeans-creaseless eyeshadow!
is soo me this month! smokeh sexy goddess

i'll link you when my blog is ready

Tammy said...

gahhh i should have BOUGHT THAT GAL!!! ARGHH i just use sample today.. from the goodie bag n it's so dam cool man.. grrr..grrr...

Jean said...

nice post!!
Feel like wanna try the waxing..=p

Unknown said...

Hi Reiko! I really enjoy reading your blog on this Benefit workshop! I'm a huge fan of Benefit as well, but haven't any any workshop organized by dear Benefit before... envy.. envy...