Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Black x Red Reverse French

When I run out of whites to go with black, my second choice will always be red. When black and red stand together, the colors are so stunning I just can't get them out of my head.

For the first time, I'll do some nail art with these two colours. Reminds me of Gothic, Vampire, Blood. *yummy*

Why it's called reverse french?(Terms adapt from Nail Venus, famous Japanese Nail Art Magazine) French nail is different colour at the tip top of the nail, so for reverse french, the different colour will be at the bottom of the nail. As simple as that!

*Wrote Xuan's name on my finger. LOL!*

*Overall how my nails look like.*

*Fugly initial 'B' which I write using my left hand. LOL! And there's black pimples around it. Haha!*

*Painted my toes too... But didn't do much decoration. A bit lazy at the end.*

*Can't stop myself for photoshopping it. OohLaLa~!!*

*Nail colours are done by Elianto's Twilight and Splash Bikini Red ( Pressie from Miu!!! Mad Loves! So easy to apply on!!!)*

Sorry for neglecting my blog for few days. A bit busy this week... Somehow in a dilemma should I or shouldn't I work during the weekend. Let's see how thing goes, let the mighty force above us decide.

Tomorrow will be another round of interview. (AGAIN!) I know... If I'm shortlisted, I will be changing my hair style and hair colour SOON!!!! *Really hope that I'm selected! Pray pray pray pray damn hard for me please!!!*

Will update more often. I got LOTS of photos and LOTS of stories to share with you guys!!! Stay tune k? Muacks! <3


plantagirl said...

B stands for BUN.?

jennykoo said...

That's soooo beautiful!! :) Wow... you did yourself?

And what's your interview for?

Jean said...

love the color combination too!
but the stone maybe should use other color than black cox I can't see them blink here~=p

IceCreamLover2009 said...

Reiko...Still remember me I'm Terry...We post the same post on about Nail Art the same nite...Haha...Jus follow ur blog recently and happy to had read about it. Do visit my blog...Thanks