Friday, April 23, 2010

Early Spring of Mine

Decided to spend few days of March at the highland. The cold weather is just PERFECT for my wish to spend some days during the Spring season at somewhere cold. Weeeee~!!!

We went up there quite late, around 5pm I think, and DaddyCharlie was driving on the mountain road in full-speed as if he is Fujiwara Takumi in Initial D!

*Look at the sick face of BroSheng.... Car sick!!!*

Xuan Xuan was moaning in sufferness and uncomfortable. I try to position him on my lap and try to make him feel comfortable but still, useless.

Just when DaddyCharlie was crawling on the stiffest slope of the whole pathway to highland, Xuan Xuan finally burst and vomit everything he got in his stomache - inside the car.

LOL! Seriously I'm stunned there don't know what to do and demand to stop the car beside the road immediately. Cleaning up all the mess and help change Xuan Xuan clothes, just right when we're getting into the car and wanna continue our journey, Xuan Xuan cried don't wanna get into the car.

He thought it's the car's fault making him vomit. LOL!

*Die die also wanna camwhore with Bun. I got so less photo which is taken together with him.*

*DaddyCharlie they all support 'Off the aircond and open the windows' while driving to the top and my hair got blow like siao zha bo!*

*MummyJoyce and Eskimo Xuan Xuan*

We stay at Hotel Resort for that 3 days. Luckily the room were big enough and beds are big enough to let all the 8 of us sleep on it. But too bad not enough blankets and end up have to cover up with scarf and jackets

*And TADAA~ While waiting for BroKian and his gf to reach Genting (they come up by their own), spend some time to arrange my hair. I'm a Minnie Mouse according to MummyJoyce. Haha!*

*Ask Xuan Xuan to pose, he show me his back side. LOL!*

*Seriously in love with this rainbow ceiling! I wanna take photo with the ceiling, but camwhore skill not pro enough can't do it well! All photos FAIL one!*

*Cannot fit in 3 faces into one shot, have to buy DSLR + wide lens dy. LOL!*

*Why is it the best shot always have to be blurry? Since it's already blurred, I shall photoshop it into a kind of dreamy feel of blurry.*

*Restaurant Good Friends - one of the most crowded restaurants throughout Genting.*

*Maaf kawan, sini Non-Halal... Dan juga gambar yang akan saya post di bawah. LOL!*

*Hong Kong feel. Love the metal glass holder, nostalgic!*

*Now, I'm not afraid for getting my fingers burnt by touching steaming hot glass.*

*Xuan Xuan looks soooooo cute here I wanna cubit his face!*

BroKian and his gf reach around 8pm, and we're all dying from starvation. Luckily this restaurant served us fast and most of the dishes come after 5 minutes or so after we place our order.

Here's what we had:

*Dare dare order curry fish head oh~ Quite expensive for a small pot - RM20.*

*Choy Sum fried with garlic - RM13.30*

*This is YUM!!! I like the crispy chicken skin and the thai sauce-taste-alike-sauce. LOL! This dish is called Mango Chicken - RM24*

*Steamed Tofu with Minced Meat! The tofu is soooo soft and smooth I like its fresh taste. - RM14*

*Soup of the day - Lotus Roots soup. They added small mussels into the soup, making it a bit seafood smell, which I don't like. - RM8*

*Golden Cucumber with Pork Ribs Soup. The soup is a bit clear and tasteless(which is in a good way because just had those tasteful dishes), feeling refreshing. - RM8*

Rice is charged at RM1 for each person and after that, you can do some extra order on rice as many as you want, because it's FREE OF CHARGE! I didn't know that seriously!!!

And I can see how happy and blinking Bun's eyes are after he heard extra rice are free of charge. LOL!!!

Anyway, spent around RM180+ for this meal after taxes included. Expensive! I think I saw DaddyCharlie's wallet bleeding.

My parents went to casino right after dinner and we youngsters, is going to enjoy the night all by ourselves. Decided to take an after-meal walk at the outdoor.

*Freezing cold can!! Some more it's raining that night, extra coldness.*

*Eskimo Xuan Xuan. See how misty that day is??? Can't see the whole background already!*

*There's this HUGE 'Power' ball in front of Genting Hotel... Reminds me of the commercial ads by UEFA! Damn nice, will change colours some more!*

*Went to arcade game centre. They tried to play this game, but the machine a bit ki siao and can't shoot at all. LOL!*

I hate when problems happen during arcade games, have to go all the way out to search for technician. Some more technician will be showing you faces, damn annoying!! I pay to play ok? Indirectly I contribute for your monthly salary too!

When only attitude of workers become friendlier and dedicated like Japanese? 

*The ONLY game I play throughout this Genting trip. Damn funny la this game, have to hit cockroaches, ghosts, beer bottles etc... But maximum reward tickets you can get per game is only 50 tickets.*

*This family damn geng lo, so wanted to win big prize they cheat gao gao! Haha! Ask their son to climb in and put the balls into the holes directly.*

*More camwhore photos while we're walking around.*

*As I've said, best shots will always be blurry... Or because it's blurred, so it looks nice? LOL!*

Not long after playing at the arcade game centre, me and bros decided to separate into groups and enjoy our own time. Me and Bun went to have supper. LOL!

*Do you know that there's a mamak restaurant exist in Genting? The cheapest dining place you can find!*

*Help Xuan Xuan camwhore while waiting for Bun to buy us supper.*

I love to come to this mamak restaurant since I know the existence of it when I was in high school. I go there everytime and it really helps me save a lot on meals. Restaurants at Genting are quite expensive.

But this time, I'm a bit annoyed. They charged a different amount on workers and non-workers. This is the FIRST time I experience this after all these years!!!

So be sure, if you're gonna dine there, make yourself look like worker or something. LOL!

Didn't stay up late or do coffee bean/starbucks (even though I wish I can). Instead I online in hotel room, and randomly update twitter and blog at the same time while everyone is watching Vision Four. Hahahahaha~

Woke up late the next day. After make-up is already 2pm! MummyJoyce is going to bring me and Bun to dine in a western restaurant inside casino! DaddyCharlie and BroSheng is gonna take care of Xuan Xuan. LOL!

*For those who are curious, this is how it's look like inside one section of the casino (Monte Carlo section). I really heart their HUGEEEE chandeliers!!! So effin' pretty!*

*Look of the day. LOL!*

*And this is the restaurant inside Monte Carlo section, called New Orleans.*

*Really got the western feel, with the bricks and coloured glass window as decoration. I like this place.*

*Very simple 2 pages menu.*

The reason why MummyJoyce bring two of us to dine here is foods here can be redeem using Genting card points. And the set we ordered is just 15 points each! With unlimited servings on soup, salads and beverages, this is one good deal for gamblers.

*Very fresh salads!*

*Ah Ma photobombed me! Hahahahahahahhaa~!*

*My set of medium well steak! Yums~ But I dislike they put tooooooo many sauce on the steak. Making in a bit gross in its appearance. Like sinking in blood or something.*

*MummyJoyce savouring the soup and salad.*

*How can not take this Food God's picture. He damn love the salad. Haha!*

I'm so, so, so tired now I can just zonk out after I hit the Publish Post button. LOL!

More photos and stories for this Genting trip coming soon. Stay tune for my 2nd part!!!


Ken Wooi said...

i miss genting.. wanna go there again =)

vialentino said...

i thought the mamak genting is at gohtong jaya only...kekeke

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Kenwooi: Go la! Can go anytime one, you just have to pay! XD

Vialentino: There's hidden mamak just inside the Car Park beside Coffee Bean of Resort Hotel... Nyeknyeknyek.

Carrie Tai said...

u look so young and cute with the makeup and the hairdo....