Monday, April 12, 2010

I Can Haz Moustache!!!!!

*Oh FUCK IT! I can't believe I'm doing this!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!*

I believe you must be bored to be seeing 3 packs of potato chips on the top of my blog if you happened to be visiting my blog once a day. LOL! 

Even ME - I'm so bored so I decided to put on a 'MOUSTACHE' picture. Yeng mou? If I'm a guy with moustache I think I'll be looking like that! Hahahahahahhaahahaha~ Can't stop laughing at all!

I guess Project365 really have to hold on for a while as my camera is dead at the moment and guess what, I also broken Peiyue's camera!!! FUCK THIS SHIT FUCK THIS BAD LUCK ON WHATEVER CAMERA I GOT IT'LL GET BROKEN &$(#)$*()*%)(#*#_@(#@&*%!!!!

This is not all, some more I can't even secure any freelance job at the moment. Whatever job that I applied it's either the client didn't choose me at all, or the client change other girl to replace me. My self-esteem got so LOW I even doubted is it still exist. Sigh. Am I that bad quality till I can't get a job?

Really BAD LUCK AR!!!! I wanna get rid of this bad luck ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!! Be it for camera or work related!!!! BAD LUCK SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GO AWAY!!!!!!

Ahhh~ Felt better after blogging these out... Tomorrow will be the last day for working in the Jewellery fair, currently helding at KL Convention Centre. Everything is so, so bling and so, so expensive!!! Made from real diamonds and 18k white gold yo! *o*

My legs muscles are damn stretched and feeling a bit pain due to wearing high heels standing all day, but luckily the clients are Hong Kies and they're kind and caring so me and my partner - Charlotte are feeling good throughout these 4 working days.

Go to Jewellery Fair tomorrow and buy from us ok? We're Diamond & Diamond Mftr Co.(From Hong Kong), booth no.F09 and the prices are really, really, really low! Imagine 1 carat of diamond earrings can go as low as RM3000! Go where find????? US LA!!! XD

Good clients are the best, see! I even help them do free advertisments. Hahahahahahhaha! I'm kind too! :D

That's what currently going on in my life... Will blog something interesting either tomorrow or Wednesday! Check my blog often ya!!!

*Make-up of the day - Green eyeshadow + accent lashes.*

P.S: May all the good luck will follow me after I blogged bout my bad luck! God bless!!!! <3

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hahahaha~~~cute la~~