Friday, April 2, 2010

Kin no Uma 金の马 - The Palace of Golden Horses

It's been quite some time since Bun had buffet. He's totally a 'buffet person'. He will eyeing the buffet category in or and search for Japanese buffet. He'll try it out if the price are as low as what Kin no Uma has to offer - RM38++ per person!

I'm not really a buffet person but seeing Bun eating happily really does make my day. So, after I got my payment for my work, we decided to have a Japanese feast at The Palace of Golden Horses.

And this day, also marks the first day, first time I apply eyeliner using gel eyeliner from Maybelline. Guess what!? Eyeliner tragedy happened. I guess this will happen to all the first timer, if you have imbalance eyes like mine. LOL!

*Gosh~ Aren't my eyes stunning??? Falling in love with myself wtfwtfwtfwtf!*

*Xuan Xuan doesn't seem to be happy, I wonder why.... Is it the weather too hot or something? Or he does not want to eat Japanese food? LOL!*

From Setapak to The Mines is not a short journey, hence we start driving to the place at 11a.m. LOL! For the sake of buffet I have to wake up around 10a.m. Took Sg Besi highway and luckily traffic was smooth!

Reach the hotel at 11:45a.m. It has been years since I last visit this hotel. My mum got one free hotel room for 2 days 1 night stay on Christmas of 2006, so that was the FIRST time I came here. This is my 2nd time!!! Super excited because I can take tons of photos. Yeah!!!

*Do you know how much effort I put into post-editing so my eyes look balance? It was one big one small before edit! (cries) Totally noob in gel eyeliner drawing.*

*The classy feeling. You should totally come here if you're a horse lover! You can see horses and stuffs related to horses everywhere!*

*Come, let's walk faster! It's going to be 12p.m soon and the buffet is going to start! Late 1 minute rugi 1 minute. Haha!*

*Actually I was a bit confused to turn left or right. Both direction gave me the 'you're going to Kin no Uma no matter you choose left or right' kind of feeling. LOL!*

*Here we are!!!*

*As expected, only us and another table of Japanese are there. We don't even need to call for reservation at the first place.*

*Wooden feeling interior, Japanish! Me Love!!!*

*Camwhore a bit first while Bun went to get his portion of foods. Hehe~*

After seeing Bun's plate, I know roughly what is serving. Let me show you 'roughly' what are in the menu of March buffet promotion for Kin no Uma.

*Cooked foods. Rice, fried rice, fried chicken fillet with lemon sauce, fish fillet, unagi with teriyaki sauce, chawanmushi, miso soup and buns. Buns doesn't sound right to me to be appear in the menu of Japanese cuisine. LOL!*

*Here are all the appetizers, Japanese ones. Edamame, jellyfish, vegetables and stuffs. I only took Edamame and LOTS of jellyfish. Yums~!*

*Sushi bar. No chef one. Haha!*

*You can find all the udon and soba here. With lots of enoki and seafood! Look out for their tempuras too! Super nice~! Will be wasted if you miss it!*

*Last but not least, desserts!! Fruits and cakes and not in the picture, assorted flavours of ice creams!*

*Clearer picture of shashimi they have to offer. Quite fresh I can say!*

*What I had.... I ate about 5 - 6 cups of chawanmushi!!! Totally can't resist the seduction from eggs! Haha!*

*Bun's Udon. The soup is tad bit too sweet~ I feel geli even though I just tried one bite!*

*Chocolate Banana cake~ Awesome-er than Secret Recipe's can you believe that? There's even gold flakes on top of the cake! Yum yum~!*

*Looking at you having your meal happily is the motivation and happiness of my life.*

*Had TWO piece of this flavour cake~ Yummeh!*

There's some customers come after us, but most of them go for the ala carte. Bun say if order ala carte, the sushis and sashimi will be much more delicious and fresh because it is made on the spot.

I think most of the sushi we had are made long time ago. Seaweeds on the outer are not crispy at all. But, what can you expect from a RM38++ buffet right?

I had too much chawanmushi, tempuras, cakes and ice cream that day and end up having a stomach ache. Bun and Xuan Xuan have to wait me at the outside of the toilet before we can proceed to sight seeing around the hotel. LOL! 

Waste money only la me, eat liao like didn't eat anything like that because everything just flush out immediately. Hahahahahaha!

*Significant Mermaid horses statue in the middle of the centre pool! So huge and elegant looking! I hardly can capture the feel of the statue it gave me in this photo!*

*See how huge it is comparing with us human!!! We look so tiny in front of the revolving statue!*

*Acting funny. Haha.*

*Look at the beautiful garden with lake. Such a relaxing scenery I wish I have the chance to stay at this hotel again!*

*The first statue you'll see when you first enter this hotel. The running horses are so lively and amazing they looks real!*

*Classy lobby area, with lots of horse graphics and stuffs.*

*Try and find how many horses are there!*

*Super love this golden unicorn. Wish I can take it home. I guess every girl are in love with unicorn, it's like some kind of dreamy, mystic creature that appears in your purest dreams.*

*The one and only couple pic we took that day. Sad. How I wish Bun will like to camwhore so that we can have a lot of photos and memories captured!*

*Wall of Fame! You should browse through all these photos if have chance to visit, you'll be surprise that there are sooooooooooo many famous celebrities, politicians and super stars stay/drop by this hotel!*

*Future development eh!?*

*There's even horses inside the toilet. LOL!!!! Next time I wanna play 'Count the horses' game at The Palace of Golden Horses. LOL!!!!*

*Outfit of the Day: Red tank top, high waist jeans and gladiator sandals. Super comfy and casual. Hehe!*

*I'm gonna make this my Facebook profile pic!*

My schedule these days are extremely full I lost track on what I have to do/who to meet/appointments each day. Is this good or bad thing? I sure does hope it's a good thing tho.

Xuan Xuan becomes more independent than before, he's able to sleep without me breast feeding him for 3 nights! I do hope that he's able to cope through this stage easily. It can be hard you know, just like how those drug users are, this has become some kind of habit that is hard to change.

Anyway, lots of blog posts will be flooding! I'm excited to tell you guys what's going on in my life lately. Will blog again SOON!!! 


Carrie Tai said...

u look so gorgeous! My eyes also one big and one small. But if you know the tricks, we still can make it balance. Will do the makeup tutorial soon...

Unknown said...

i love buffet...

Jenny said...

AMAZING cat eye makeup!! Love it! And so much food! You eat great food all the time, so lucky!

Sandra said...

Yeeah, I like your eyes :D

Doroshi said...

nice eye make up!! Wats the best eye liner to recommend?

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Carrie: Tutorial!!! I wanna see how you draw your eyes!! <3

Baby: LOL!

Jenny: I spend half an hour to draw my eyeliner for that day! LOL!!! I wish I can eat great food all the time. XD

Sandra: Thanks! :D

Doroshi: The Maybelline gel eyeliner I'm using is good! Worth every cent of it!!!

Doroshi said...

wow cool! i got gel liner frm Shiseido too light, then i bought their liquid eye liner, not water proof, terrible la.
This maybeline waterproof?