Friday, April 16, 2010

Mad Hatter's Tea Party @ The Smokehouse, Bangsar

On the 3rd of April, a lovely afternoon it is, Mad Hatter decided to hold his tea party at The Smokehouse, located at Bangsar.

Different from the previous tea party which was held in a open air garden, this cosy restaurant is an English theme restaurant, I'll let the photos describe how "English" this restaurant is!

*Bar counter*

*This is sooooooo OH MY GOD PRETTY!!!! So English Victorian style I want to decorate my house like this next time!!! But it'll be a lil bit too pack for a condo. LOL!*

*More English looking style dining area.... I like how they decorate the lights with Poinsettia! I love Poinsettia so much because it gave me warm feelings like how Christmas gave me.*

*And now, the upper floor dining section. Checkers floor, walls decoration, everything is purely "English". No wonder a lots of foreigners like to stop by to have a cup of tea, I guess here pretty much reminds them of their hometown.*

*I wonder is this still working....*

*Perfect table settings for a lil family of 4, which is my perfect plan for family member amount. Oops, I tercakap how many kids I'm planning to have. LOL!*

This day, all the characters from Alice in the Wonderland decided to sit down peacefully in one table, and enjoy what Smokehouse brings to us - a true English style afternoon tea.

And to my surprise, we're getting all the privileges we have - by reserving the whole upper floor of Smokehouse from 2pm to 8pm for Mad Hatter's Tea Party!!! The tea party actually starts at 3pm and should be ending at 6pm but you know, when a bunch of girls get together, there'll be a never ending story telling session. Hehe.

*Mad Hatter's Tea Party table settings. Even though we're not in a garden, but there's still some 'garden-ish' decoration!*

*Look at this pretty branches with flowers decoration. Do you know who made this???*

*It's from Miu a.k.a Tammy's mum!!! I felt so touched that they even prepare all the small small details stuffs to make this Mad Hatter's Tea Party to the perfect.*

*How surreal this is, so similar with the running late bunny from the story.*

*Handmade classic Cheshire cat. Epic!*

*A basket full of goodies that Miu has brought for all of us!!! Let's see who will get the best dress award!*

         *All the characters from Alice in the Wonderland came alive!!!*

Let me explain the characters we impersonate one by one (from left):
  • Jean - She's the sexy Mad Hatter in Cabaret style.
  • Doroshi - She's the classic Mad Hatter but with very stylish eyelashes.
  • Fatin - She's the weird Mad Hatter.
  • Miu - Cheshire cat in black and blue stripes, of course, with a meow face!!!
  • Stacey - She's the awesome one. Guess what she is. (Hint: Two characters in one body!!!)
  • Me Reiko - I'm White Queen.... Okay, maybe not white enough.
  • Stellar - She's the Marc Jacob Alice. LOL! Okay, Spring floral look Alice. Hehe.
  • Masurin - She's a Erotic Lolita Alice~ Seducing!!!! (P.S: Please leave me a comment with your blog address ya!!!)
  • Wing (not in the photo) - She came late because she went to tomb sweeping and rush all the way from Perak to Bangsar!!! 

Tell us we're gorgeous!!! Can't believe that everyone put in sooooooo much effort in dressing up as the particular character, I feel so 'normal' inside the team... I'm like the one who just dressed up normally, like how I used to dress to hang out.

I shall put in more effort next time, I promise!!! >_<

*Seats are arranged and there's a name card on each saucer, specially made for each of us.*

*Before tea party starts, everyone is busy taking photos. All these are too precious to be forget.*

*Hello hello baby you called I can't hear a thing.... Heart this phone GAO GAO!!!*

*Let's have a cup of tea shall we?*

*This is inside everyone's cup... It's a gift from Miu for Easter Day and there's a Swarovski star pendant with it... Thank you very much Miu!!!*

*Happy Easter everybody! I got a choco egg for Easter day YAY!!!!*

All of us took tons of photos, the environment, the decorations and everything are just so "English". Miu's pressie makes me so warm and touching I don't think any other bloggers who organize event can make people feel this close together.

I seriously like how Miu handle an event. Maybe she shouldn't work in an office, she should become event organizer. LOL!

Ok, enough talking crap, let's proceed to foods shall we?

*Classy menu and 3 tiers of afternoon tea goodies.*

*Look at other outlets of The Smokehouse! I wanna go to the Fraser Hill branch!!*

*Brownies, Orange Cake and Sandwiches.*

*Cheese and Onions Caramelised Tartlet. I didn't try this tartlet!!! (regrets)*

*Homemade Scones!!!*

*Other than butter, both cream and strawberry jam are made by Smokehouse themselves!*

*Rarebits! RM12*

While Dennis (Marketing Manager of Smokehouse) introduce Rarebits to us, most of us go like: Huh!!??? Rabbit??? What Rabbit?? Why it is called Rabbit???

So funny can!?? Haha! Rabbit pulak! And end up it's actually R.A.R.E.bits. LOL!

*Savouring this yummylicious rarebits. Bon Appetite!*

The rarebits were made with beef bacons and cheddar cheese . Toast to perfection and Voila! Yummylicious rarebits it is! (I guess this is very appetizing I might consider list this recipe into my family daily breakfast routine. Bun and Xuan Xuan would loveeeeeee this!)

*Scones - RM5/single scones*

This is the second time I had scones. Forget about the previous ones, this scones is a bit crunchy at the outer, soft in the inner part. Different texture in one scones really impress me a lot.

*I like to spread butter and cream on my scones. Taste better than with strawberry jam.*

Smokehouse homemade cream were smooth but doesn't taste that milky. Perfect for those who doesn't like their cream to be too milky. Yums~ Seriously, I'm drooling in front of my laptop as I'm typing now... How I wish I can have these cream and scones NOW!!!!

*Camwhore with Butter + Cream Scones. LOL!*

*Brownies and orange cake. Brownies - RM6*

Brownies were so moist and full of chocolatey taste I reckon it as one of the tastiest brownies I've ever had. Look at the chocolate fillings in the picture above, can't you tell that it is delicious?

As for the orange cake, the tangy aroma is so strong and this is one of Bun's favourite. (I da bao-ed some of these back home for two of my boys, they love these so much!). Orange cake is a bit dry IMO but taste nicer with a cup of tea.

*All of us talk non-stop during the tea party. It's really cool to have meet different people from different places which they do different things in their life and share their experience with us through chatting.*

*This handmade flower is for voting. There's this Best Dresser Award and we're the one who'll vote for it!*

There ends our first part of savouring the afternoon tea.

With all the effort to dress up as a particular character from the most rave movie this season, how can we not camwhore gao gao!???? We'll definitely feel sorry for ourselves for not taking enough photos.

Stellar even bring her own photographer cum bf - Charles to this awesome tea party and each and everyone of us get to take a profile picture of our own!!! I haven't got any photos from Charles yet, will show you guys the photos after I get it ya! (Can't wait to see all the awesome photossss!!!)

*Me and Wing. She's Cheshire cat too. Both of us love the contrast of our outfit. Looks perfectly balance!*

*Miu, Fatin and Me... Really love Fatin's style and taste, totally my cup of tea!*

*With Doroshi. How come all the Chinese today doesn't look like Chinese one???*

*Must not be missed - Miu! Gah I ran out of idea for pose and she's posing so well here!!!*

*Stellar babe. I love her happy happy character so so much! She brings lot of laughter to us throughout the whole tea party session. Looking forward to meet you again babe!*

*She's Masurin! (Another non-Chinese looking Chinese). And she love cosplay! Its's so hard to find someone who love cosplay and dare to wear lolita outfit to hang out. Can we hang out together in lolita outfit in the future????*

*Stacey - She's a mother of two but believe me, she has all the creativity in her. She's a make-up artist! I'm looking forward to attend a workshop organize by her in the future. Stacey x Miu collaboration!*

*How can I not camwhore myself? Nyeknyeknyeknyek~*

*While waiting to get ourself shoot for the profile picture, all of us start chatting again. "Where you get those shoes? They look gorgeous!" or "I like your lashes, where did you get it from?"*

*Specially set up the couch area with a fireplace to get our group photo done. Can't wait to see the outcome from the expensive DSLR!*

After spend around half an hour to get all of the photos taken... Miu has already counted the votes for the best dress award and as you all know....

*Creative Stacey is the winner! She dressed up as half Red Queen and half Alice and She got herself a box of RM200+ Anna Sui products! Smokehouse didn't sponsor for this Best Dress Award you know, Miu is the one who korek her own purse for winner's prizes!*

Just while we're all happily clapping and cheering for Stacey's win, Miu announce another stunning news, which is Stacey gets to announce the 1st runner up for best dress award... And she'll get one of the items from another box of Anna Sui products.

*Masurin were chosen!!! Lolita Alice FTW!!!*

*Doroshi was the 2nd runner up and Stellar got the consolation prize - Anna Sui box!*

That's not all.

There's this Q&A session held and all of us got ourself a pressie! I got another Chocolate Easter egg and a bottle of bikini red nail polish! Love that colour so much and I heard that the brand is from U.S/U.K!

Okay okay, enough of camwhores and non-stop talking, here starts the SECOND PART of food tasting!

*Apple Pie!!! RM6 per piece*

The whole apple pie were placed on the table at the very beginning of our tea party and they reheat it up for us for maximum good taste of it.

The thin, crunchy outer crust of the pie which you can see in the photo above doesn't gave me the 'all crust no fillings' feeling. It's crunchy crust balance the taste of the caramelised apple filling which comes in cube.

The apple pie is not too sweet and it has very rich texture feeling - crunchy and soft at the same time.

*Beef Wellington - RM48*

When I saw beef wellington served on the table, I was going crazy bout it! Beef Wellington was one of the most rave dish in The Smokehouse and I can't believe I got the chance to taste it on this very day!

Mushroom sauce with chunky mushroom were poured on to the dish. According to Dennis, mushroom sauce is the most traditional sauce to serve along with Beef Wellington dish. I just love the authenticity feels that Smokehouse gave me.

The bread crust is still abit crunchy (but not that crunchy since it was poured with sauce all over it) and the pinkish beef meat was medium well cooked and the soft texture of the meat is one of the best I've tasted before.

*Cream Brulee - RM8*

This cream brulee is so OMFGIDUNNOWHATTOSAYANDHOWTODESCRIBEWHENIFIRSTTASTEIT!!!!! The soft but moist texture of it really leaves a very deep impression on me and the taste of caramel (sweet, but not too sweet) and egg are so well-balanced it is made to perfection!!!

If there's only ONE THING I can recommend for Smokehouse, it'll definitely be this cream brulee!!!

*Looked at the thin layer of caramel topping on this cream brulee*

*Chocolate Mousse - RM8*

This chocolate mousse is not bad, but it's a bit grainy. The chocolate is not that rich in taste too so I guess it can't really satisfy me who is a total chocolate lover.

Just while all of us are chatting and saying how full we are.... There's this one last dish that comes out and placed on the tray behind our table.

*It is Bombe Alaska (RM28)!!! Another unexpected dish as it's not from the afternoon tea menu... Few days later only I know that Miu purposely bought this for us to try! Thank you so so much Miu!!!!*

*Collin(Is this his name??? LOL!) preparing the rum for the Bombe Alaska.*

*Look at the beautiful flame! I wish I have a better quality camera to capture this magnificent moment in a better way.*

*The flame slowly dies off and......*

*Here it is! Flambed Bombe Alaska!!!*

*This is how it looks like when cut into pieces.*

Bombe Alaska is a historical dish according to what I googled and I'm very happy that I got a chance to taste it. 

It's made with crunchy biscuits, smooth and soft meringue, fruits and ice creams fillings with rum on top of the flambed outer crust. Can you imagine how all these different texture and taste mixed up in one bite? 

Seriously I can't really describe how this dish taste like. It has a bit bitter + sweet taste of rum, natural taste of fruits and aroma of vanilla ice cream... You have to taste it all by yourself to understand what I'm talking about. Hehe.

The tea party last till 8pm I guess (because I left at 7pm++). I'm really happy that I was invited to this unique and amazing Mad Hatter's Tea Party and I left with a full tummy with all these yummy goodies inside. Hehe!

Happy to meet all of you bloggers/Facebookers/Fashion Enthusiasts. Would love to meet you guys again and maybe, for another session of gathering! :D

The Smokehouse
67, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur. 
(Tel: 03-2288 1510) 

Business hours: 
weekdays -11am to 12am, 
weekends - 11am to 2am.


Carrie Tai said...

wow.. yummy food! And i love your hair accessories!

Tammy said...

the pictures are amazing! u added a cool touch to it especially the group picture of us all standing infront of the table *magical* thx for blogging about it :) I like your long posts!!! it's detailed and interesting. Glad u like the bombe alaska, somore google n find details on it! kengchou!!!

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Carrie: Thanks. I like it very much too but I think it's a bit 'kua zeong' I don't dare to wear it out to normal outing. >_<

Miu: Thanks for your like! Just have to fulfill my responsible as an invited blogger... Hope can see you in more workshops and events in the future!