Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Summer 2010 Shopping Hauls

It's spring summer time again! Wooohooooooo~!!!

Ok la, a bit syok sendiri because I know no matter how much I love spring and other seasons like autumn and winter, at here, it'll always remain as summer. Just the difference will be sunny summer, rainy summer, cloudy summer and so on.

So, according to my syok sendiri guide, it's only complete that if I bought something according to the season's trend right?

My parcel arrived one week ago and I just have no time to blog bout it! (Ok, it's not something expensive or whatsoever, so for those who are eager to see good purchases, it'll be disappointing.) Plus, I've been buying things lately so I'll sum them up in one post and show you what I bought!

*Old Navy summer dress from F.O.S*

This dress is RM30 and F.O.S is now having freaking sale so after 60% discount it's RM12!!! RM12 for a dress!!! This is crazy!

I'm thinking bout blue or yellow, but I choose blue because I think yellow will emphasizes our body shape. But still everytime I walk pass F.O.S and saw the yellow colour dress hanging there, I feel like buying them!!!

Still haven't put this on, will do it THIS WEEK! Yay! I always think that wearing new apparel makes us feel confident. All hail shopping and shopaholics!

*Black lace leggings*

Finally got myself a pair of lace leggings! I know I'm late for this trend but like what I've said before, late is better than NEVER!!! All I can think about nowadays is: What kind of apparel should I wear to match this leggings. LOL! XD

*Bold Brown Belt*

Another 'FINALLY' kind of feeling when I got this.... I've got no belts at all and this will be my beloved belt from this day! Haha!

Its brown colour is totally 'Spring'! How I wish I can have a floral dress to match it!!! Shopping always end up with more shopping in the end. LOL!

*3 Trees (Brand from Taiwan) Falsies*

I'm so into falsies nowadays I feel like sticking them 24/7.  Bought myself TEN FREAKING PAIRS of this natural looking falsies in one click. Muahahahahahaha~ Nothing is much more satisfying than buying things in bulk.

*Effect. A bit towards natural looking more than exaggerating. And I'm doing the 'Sakura' eyeshadow - Pink on upper eye lids and green around the lower eye parts.*

But I've already ruined one pair of the falsies. Sigh. Is it that I'm not gentle enough so the lashes drop off while I'm trying to pluck the falsies out from my eyelines? Or just purely that fake eyelashes are so easily drop off that you guys buy lots of stock and store them inside your wardrobe?

I caused too many damages on so many pairs of falsies these days I lost count how many pairs of falsies have I dumped!!! Seriously need help on removing fake eyelashes! Drop me comment!!!!

(How long can a pair of fake eyelashes stands anyway? I do recycle use them.)

*I'm a Skin Fooder!!!*

Addicted to Skin Food products these days. Bought their Nail Vita Top Coat (RM8.80) and Peach Sake BB Cream (RM44.90) last week!

Tried the top coat, not bad. I choose the more watery type other than the thick lacquer type, easy to apply and dry up very fast. As for the BB Cream, I haven't try it out yet, will blog bout it in the future... Hehe.

*Asked for some samples and they gave me cleanser and rice mask. Haha.*

*Fluffy pom pom scrunchies!!!*

Added more colours into my Pom Pom scrunchies collection. Hehe. Now that I have SEVEN pom pom scrunchies I can wear different scrunchies each day for one week. Weeeeee~!

*These scrunchies are not act as Xuan Xuan's play toy too.*

*He will search for pom pom scrunchies right after he wake up. LOL! He even ask me to get the scrunchies for him when he sees me captioning this photo. Haha! Addicted!*

Just got home from Ipoh. A bit tired due to lack of sleep.... And tomorrow will be the start of a busy week with interviews and works and events.

Will find some time to blog again. Adios~!!!


Jean said...

Oh... I love the lace legging and the falsies!! I never try falsies before but this one looks natural! got extra to sell me?

Unknown said...

xuan xuan seems to like to play girl stuff..

JunJun-Riko said...

i use skin food too. their facial mask is good. u should try them when u're free. =)

plantagirl said...

I cannot even draw a proper eye liner + dun even know much of using eye shadow. Want to get myself a Falsie Lashes also very Susah.. Please post up some make up tutorial for me. LOL.
BTW, I love your belt, Nice-nya~

Love a Lot said...

I totally love the falsies....!!!

Carrie Tai said...

I hearts the black lace legging!

I also use those falsies in 10 pairs per box... cheaper!

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Jean: You want of course can sell you. LOL!

Baby: Because he's playing MY stuffs!

JunJun Riko: Ya, I'm slowly into Skin Food now... Can't wait to finish products I have now and change to Skin Food's!

Plantagirl: You can, you just have to draw it!!! I will try to post make-up tutorials in the future (Have to see whether I have time to do it or not, Xuan Xuan very kacau one! LOL!)

Carrie: Ya, a lot more cheaper if buy at Sasa or Sinma/Chameleon!