Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tao Xiang Claypot Fish Head Bee Hoon/Noodles at Jln Tiong Nam off Jln Raja Laut

I'm craving for the milky and sourish soup base for fish head bee hoon during March, hence we had quite an amount of fish head bee hoon during that period.

To satisfy my cravings for a particular food is to let me had LOTS of it so that I get enough of it, once and for all. Haha! 

*Xuan Xuan and Bun.*

*The restaurant is a bit classic old style, with ceiling fans but not cooling at all. Blame Malaysia's hot weather.*

*Waiting excitedly for the arrival of our lunch.*

*Here it is!!! The long awaited claypot fish head bee hoon. The bee hoon is the thick kind of bee hoon, not those we usually eat from fried bee hoon.*

*Look at the milky soup base with lots of gingers and yams. Fu Zhok and fish balls too are added into this pot of yumminess.*

I don't know how to eat fish head but I have absolutely no problem having this meal in Tao Xiang as they already chopped the fish head into small pieces and fried it. So sometimes the fish head can be a bit dry and hard tho.

The price for this fish head bee hoon is RM6 per person. Me and Bun and Xuan Xuan, 3 of us shared 2 person servings (RM12) and all of us are going home with a full tummy. Definitely can't finish it if I'm going with my girl friends.

Don't really know how to draw a map so I attach a LINK OF THE MAP for reference. Quite easy to find actually, just turn into Lorong Tiong Nam 5 when you see there's an Old Town Kopitiam at the left side of Jln Raja Laut and Tao Xiang will be at the corner lot of the first junction. Finding parking can be a bit headache tho.

We went to Titiwangsa after that for a lil bit of family day activities. Yeah~ Family day on weekdays, weird!? NO! Family day should be EVERYDAY! What can be more important than family members in this world?

*Xuan Xuan in a hole... Rabbit hole?*

*Baby striking a handsome pose. Hehe~*

*He needs a lot of courage to go through this play tunnel, I don't know why... Tunnel phobia?*

*Tadaaa~ Here he is! At the other end of the tunnel! Yay!!!*

*I asked him to cross the bridge and he refuse to! Instead he's standing there and throwing tantrum.*

*It's swinging time!*

*Higher and higher... (Weiiiii! Don't pull so high can or not?)*

*And there you go!!!!*

*Super duper love how Xuan Xuan laugh while playing swing.*

Still got tons of happenings/events and stuffs to blog about!!! Will do blogging more often if I'm not working. (But at the other side, I wish I can work almost everyday and every event so that I can earn money fast to buy camera!!!! God! Shower me with worksssss please!!!!)


Unknown said...

Yummy.. I like the milky base soup a lot. Imma big fish head bee hoon fan. The pot is big. And look delicious.

kurokei said...

omg. Near my office. LOL
Ate like twice there. xD