Saturday, May 29, 2010

More More Tea

I wonder do you guys still remember this awesome movie - More More Tea starring Richie Ren and Sammi Cheng. If I'm not mistaken, it was 1998 or sometime around that when this movie first showed.

Seriously, I fall in love with that movie and I don't mind watching it over and over again. (Gosh! Feels like watching it NOW!!!) Some more almost the whole movie take their scenes at Malaysia - Redang and Malacca, which boost up Malaysia's tourism industry and Redang got so famous since then.

Anyway, the movie is not the main point of this post, it's one of the songs in this movie, by Sammi Cheng, called  快乐不快乐 (Happy Unhappy).

I fall in love with this song since I first heard it in the movie, with Sammi's character singing it inside the bar. So jazzy and soothing, and yet brings out the sad feelings toward a relationship.

Whenever there's some downs in my life, this songs will automatically played inside my head and all I ever wanted to do is sitting beside the window, and just stare far far away.

*All the things I wanna say are captioned inside the photos.*

*Took this batch of photos during dawn. The clouds looked epic.*

*LOL... Got feel?*

Seriously, you need to go and find the song and read all the lyrics. Super emo!!!

Working tomorrow, or to be exact - today at Mines Convention Centre for the SEARCH concert. 

For the first time of my life, am going to sell ciggies.(But I am DEFNITELY NOT a smoker! I hate smoking!) Super dilemma, I hate smoking yet I sell ciggies. Hope the job is not too hard or something.

Wish me a good day ahead ok? (Super emo lately, need people to reckon what I've been working on, too many people broke my heart. T_T sob.)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

7th Malaysia International Gold and Jewellery Fair 2010

Got this chance to work for the Gold & Jewellery fair on early of April. I have not seen so many jewellery in my life before. Definitely opened up my vision in this particular field.

*Held at KL Convention Centre*

Really a big thank you to my friend - Charlotte for giving me a chance to work with her in this fair. I would've just sit at home, eat grass and do nothing more if not working for this fair.

*Crystals. Real, BIG, chunky crystals from Brazil. With 18k gold ring. Each and every of them cost thousands!*

*One of the most expensive items that our company's speciality is - Ice Jade. 

Through all these years, I know that Jade is something special. Something that requires one's knowledge to differentiate each and every of them and to choose the best one. So hard to differentiate the real and fake ones, some more the origin of them.

In these few days, I gained a lot of knowledge for Jades. I even went online and search for informations about Jades and gems. I am a very passionate, responsible worker. (Ahem, anyone wanna hire me? Email me! XD)

But there's some bad things happened during those days too.

Bad Luck no.1: Charlotte used to work for this particular company before, so they hire her to work again for this fair. She said that before this fair, all the previous fairs and exhibitions she worked for this company, a lot of customers come and buy stuffs from them.

It's quite awkward that this time, not much people willing to spend money to buy, most are going round and round, just looking. Is it that my bad luck start to spread?

Bad Luck no.2: Peiyue's camera officially dead too! WTF! Right after my Nikon compact camera, I manage to damage another camera in such short, record breaking time!!! Argh! I seriously hate myself for this. Have to send the camera to service centre too. Haihz.

Due to the camera's LCD only show blank, white screen, so all the photos I took during this fair is a bit out of focus, as I don't have LCD to look at and to focus. LOL! Pardon the quality  and compositions of these photos. 

*See! Wanna take the tag's photo also can't take properly. LOL!*

*Luckily I've trained myself A LOT for camwhoring. Haha! I never fails to camwhore.*

*With Charlotte. Love her hair colour so much!*

*With all the jades. Miss them and their beauty so much.*

*Chunky ring. They are one of the hit item for clothing accessories this summer! Too bad if I buy this I have to work for this company 2 months for free. LOL!*

*This is black Agate ring. It does reminds me of one of my favourite gemstones - Onyx.*

*Charlotte with the tornado shape rose gold ring. Most of the customers who stop by will ask to have a look on this ring. It's such a beauty!*

*Pink Tourmaline! I love the light shades of pink it present. Super expensive lo! Around 4 - 5k!!! O_O*

*Ice jade! Look at its clear and moist outlook. And nowadays, jades are not that classic look anymore. It can be frame onto a stylish ring with diamonds on it!*

*Another chunky kind of ring. This time, it's in pink, and flower petals shape!*

*Out of focus!!! But still you can see how big the flower is!*

*It's such a pleasure working with you babe. Looking forward for more working experience together! ^_^*

One thing I like about this job is, we don't have any uniform or rules of clothing to abide! How cool is that? I can wear anything I want as long as it represent the smart and casual look of me! Yayy!

Let me show you my 'working' style.

*Ok, you can't see this, but it's a one piece dress in brown colour. Had all my hair tied up and put on a brown colour pom pom hair accessories.*

*Looks so old here... Just like typical Office Lady look. LOL!*

*Last day. Dress up in ALL BLACK! Wee~!!! (How come I look weird in this photo? I have no idea!!! -_-")*

Heard the boss say that in July, they'll be attending another exhibit at KL again! (The company is from Hong Kong, so basically we were working with Hong Kies for the past few days!) Let's hope that they appreciate my working attitude and will ask Charlotte and me to work for them again.

Need money so badly as I've something in planning. Shhh~ Am not gonna tell what it is, but let's see how things work. ;)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Taufu Bakar at Pudu Wai Sek Gai

There's once Bun like to bring us go to Pudu Wai Sek Gai to get our dinner/supper there. I like that place pretty much as I remember my dad used to bring us there to get our supper too when I was small. Nostalgic!

After some chee cheong fun, porridge and fried chicken, just when we're walking towards our car, we saw this humble lil stall, with some alluring aroma surrounding it. (LOL!)

*HoChiak and Ah Xian interviewed this stall before. If this is as delicious as what they say, I'm gonna try it out even though it's a bit pricey.*

The stall mainly selling some bakar bakar stuffs as in taufu bakar, sotong bakar, and prawn crackers (totally different from Jack & Jill those kind of prawn crackers.)

We ordered taufu bakar and prawn crackers.

*BBQ-ing the taufu.*

*The stall owner which is a cheerful lady keep on promote her stuffs while we're waiting for her to pour on the sauces and veggies onto our taufu bakar and prawn crackers.*

*Look at these yummylicious crunchy stuffs. (drools) Taufu Bakar - RM2.10, Prawn Crackers - RM2 something. Can't remember. -_-"*

*Happy happy~! One will never go grumpy with a full tummy! XD*

*Munch munch munch~*

*Seems like Xuan Xuan also can't resist the crunchiness of the prawn crackers. Hehe!*

Seriously, the taufu bakar really is different from what we normally had at pasar malam. This taufu bakar seems to be more crunchy and fresh. I really love the texture of it.

*Prawn crackers with sauce and LOTSSSSS of peanuts on it! Yums!*


How I wish I can have these right now... Anyone wanna go Pudu Wai Sek Gai tonight? XD

Friday, May 21, 2010

Shell x Malaysian Evo 'Rev It Up!' F1 2010 Party

One of the disappointment I got while working as a freelancer in model/talent industry is, I don't get to work for F1 event. Seriously, one of my wish before I become old or die is to get to work as umbrella girl or grid girl in F1!

But lucky lucky, this year, I got to work for one F1 related event - Shell x Malaysian Evo 'Rev It Up!' F1 2010 Party at The Curve!

*Look at the super hot sunny Sunday! Best weather for F1 eh!*

*We're chillin' at The Laundy, Curve, waiting for our uniforms to arrive.*

*Invitation card to this event.*

Even though participants can only participate this event using the invitation card (shown above), but it is super easy to get them! You just have to be happen to walk outside The Laundry, happen to be looking at me, happen to be looking friendly and Wala! I'll be passing the invitation card to you. 

LOL! We're giving out so, so much of these invitation cards that day. Those who got it but decided to give it a pass just miss the fun and exciting party!

*Uniform!!! Boots and one piece~ Sexaayyyy!!!*

*But it's so, so hard for me to fit into this so call M size dress. To me it's more like XS!!! Difficult to breath!!!!*

*Us girls being vain inside the toilet. Hehe!*

*Me, Agnes (Who is so, so famous now!) and Renee (Cute gal which looks like one of the top blogger in China!)

Basically, what we have to do is: 
  1. Give out all the invitation card to the public
  2. After people registered and get their seats, we have to approach them and ask them to fill up 'Guess Who's The Winner for F1 Malaysia 2010'
  3. Wandering around, look nice and make the environment look nice. (LOL!)
  4. Prize presentation during the end of the event.
  5. Photo Opportunity with the winners.

Seriously, good clients really make us girls happy! Clients who are understanding, caring and generous really leaves very good impression to us girls. Apparently this time the clients were so, so, so nice to us!

We even got to break and snacked in Italiannies. The manager was generous enough and gave us a WHOLE pizza! Thank you very much!!! That's so kind of you all.

After the break, we're just standing around and chatting because everyone were focusing on the big screen projector for the live F1 show.

Oh ya! I saw myself on the TV too just before the race started. It was the short film that Sanjeev Palar ask us to take with him during the Lotus Homeracing event! So weird to see myself on the big screen. Hahahahahaha~ But I do enjoy it!

*This uncle is so passionate I'm a bit scared. LOL! Looks like he's more into Agnes. Hahahahaa! Keep on asking her to email him bla bla bla~ XD*

*With all the lucky draw, best dress and best result guesses winners!*

The fullfilling kind of feeling which got me everytime I complete a job is indescribable I wish I can work with the same group of people again. But too bad, there are so many girls in this industry and so many agents/clients in this industry too which make us hard to meet and work again with the same people.

I really cherish all the happy working memories with all the wonderful peoples that I encounter everytime I work. Nothing beats all the friendship and lovely talk we had.

Too bad there's something happened yesterday (as in 20th of May) I was so, so fed up, sad, and angry at the same time I was wondering should I blog about it. Still thinking. Let's see how things work out. :(

Monday, May 17, 2010

Anmum® Celebrates Mums

After becoming a mother, I realise how HARD it is to succeed in this position which is consider as the core of a family. As a mother, I always have to look out for Xuan Xuan, caring for Mr. Bun Bun, do all the house chores and at the same time, work as a model/talent.

And after becoming a mother since 2 years ago, I had a taste of the sweetness of how my family members show their appreciation to me through this very, very special day for a mum - Mother's Day.

This year, Anmum is making Mother's Day a more special one by holding a 3 weeks event (From 9th to 31st of May) for all Anmum's Club members!

There are 24 daily prizes and weekly prizes too! Prizes include:
  • Shopping vouchers
  • Spa and beauty treatment vouchers
  • Slimming packages
  • Mobile phones ( ME WANT THIS! Hint gao gao to Mr. Bun Bun!)
  • Massage chairs and gadgets
  • Travel Packages ( This is not bad too~!!)

Weekly winners will be announced through email or Anmum Club's Facebook Fan Page on the following week!

Wanna know how you can win all these awesome and lovely prizes to make your Mother's Day a much more memorable one? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 and 4!!!

  1. Sign up as an Anmum Club members to get to the contest page.
  2. Nominate a person to win the prizes ( you yourself, or your mother, aunt, grandmother)
  3. Browse through Anmum website to answer 4 simple questions
  4.  Fill in a slogan creatively in 15 words: "Being a mum is a wonderful journey because__________"

And THAT'S IT!!! Spread the words/ Share the link of this contest to your husband, all your friends and relatives for them to nominate and support you to get those awesome prizes!!!

Besides entering events and contests with such awesome prizes, being an Anmum Club member, you can also  upload your baby's photos to the Photo Montage section and add it into the online Scrapbook that Anmum website prepared just for Anmum Club members.

*Xuan Xuan and his beloved balloons. Lovely!*

Besides, Anmum Club Members can participate in the Anmum forum, mothers from all around the world are able to share thoughts and experiences of their unique yet wonderful motherhood journey. There's also trained professionals to answer all mothers or mum-to-bes' doubts! All you need to do is just ask!

Throughout all these years, Anmum brings us all the range of milk powder from Mum-to-be to breastfeeding mothers, and also for our beloved offspring.

*Anmum Materna™ - contains important nourishment for mum-to-be and the development of fetus.*

 *Anmum Lacta™ - Contains essential nutrients to support the nutritional quality in your breast milk*

And it is always our concern that our children get the best in their life so that they can grow up healthily, smartly and also happily.

*A child is born with 100 BILLION brain cells, but not all are connected. Cell connections that are not used will be  lost eventually.*

With the help of important nutrients along with proper stimulations such as learning, these will maximize brain cells connections and making thousands of brain cells connect, at the same time, optimize a child's learning ability and memory!

*Anmum Essential™ Langkah 3 - For 1 years old and above*

*Anmum Essential™ Langkah 4 - For 3 years old and above*

Both Anmum Essential™ Langkah 3 & 4 are specially formulated with important nutrients such as Gangliosides, DHA, SA, Proteins(EAA), Phospholipid and Iron, for toddlers' optimal development during this important growing phase.

So all mummies (daddies and children too), don't forget that Anmum® Celebrates Mums Mother's Day contest ends at 31st May ya! 

Wishing all the Mothers and Mother-To-Be,

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Early Spring Part II

LOL! This was suppose to be an early entry for Spring! And now is almost Summer and I'm still talk about Spring wtf! Who can be more procrastinate than me huh??? I am the Procrastinator QUEEN! 

This is a continue story from the first part. Read the first part here if you happens to missed it!

After had our super duper delicious lunch in New Orleans inside Monte Carlo Casino area, it's time to get back to reality and start our work as parents - by bringing Xuan Xuan around.

*Torres!!! Weeee~!!! I'm always a proud Liverpool fans, no matter what rank they are!*

*At First World Times Square, waiting for Xuan Xuan's uncle a.k.a my brother Sheng to buy one day pass for indoor theme park rides.*

*The flying coaster ride. I haven't try it yet! Who wanna accompany me for this ride?*

While BroSheng was happily playing in the theme park, 3 of us (as in me, Bun Bun and Xuan Xuan) got so bored we decided to go back to hotel room and do nothing. I rather sleep than wandering around aimlessly.

And yes, this is the time when tragedy happens. Just while I'm so bored in hotel room and got nothing better to do, I decide to transfer all the photo from the memory card to my laptop. And happily showing Bun Bun photos I took etc etc....

By the time I check the folders inside my laptop, those photos were still there, and I still manage to update my Reiko's Project 365 with one of the photo!

After that, while Xuan Xuan is taking his nap and BroSheng is finally back from theme park and able to look out Xuan Xuan for us, me and Bun Bun decided to have a sweet couple walk around Genting. 

(Okay la, not as romantic as what I say, because Bun Bun wanna go check out whether the stall selling keropok lekor still opening or not, so we decided to walk there and have a look. Haihz... No romantic feeling I know. This is what I call 'reality'. -___-"" )

*Look at the clouds that covered half of KL area! Pretty!!!!*

*That night, Sammi Cheng is opening a concert too! Lots of her hardcore fans from all around S.E.A attend this concert. The power of a diva.*

*Camwhore. One of the best way to cure boring-ness.*

*We bring Chocolate powder and marshmallows together with us to this trip! Hehe! Chocolate x Marshmallows FTW!!!!!*

*Who can resist this cup full of sweetness goods?*

*Seriously, where can I get these colorful light tubes at KL? I'm going to put these as my house fences or something! Hahahahhahahah~ I love rainbow colors so, so much!!!*

Forgot what we had for dinner.... Nothing delicious and nothing much to brag about too. Continue to walk around and around. BroSheng decided to go for arcade games again, and finally I remembered of something. Something that I should take photo of!

*TADAAA!!! Xuan Xuan's first injury of his life. And I'm not there, on the spot! Because me and Bun were having lunch inside New Orleans and DaddyCharlie and BroSheng were the ones who are responsible for this!*

*Xuan Xuan is attracted by something....*


After I beg and beg and beg, finally Bun Bun let Xuan Xuan ride some rides. Poor Xuan Xuan, so boring throughout this whole trip! How dare Bun Bun so giam siap towards his own son (speechless).

*Xuan Xuan is a bit afraid of this big fake horse. LOL!*

*Slowly adapting in horse riding.*

*And he likes it! Xuan Xuan refuse to come down from the horse after the carousel stop spinning. LOL!*

*Next, the safari ride. I think Xuan Xuan like this ride so, so much he keeps on screaming happily. LOL!*

And there's nobody queue up for the next session, the worker in-charge of this safari ride decided to extend the numbers of rides for Xuan Xuan. Suppose to be 3 rounds, it became 9 rounds. LOL!

*In the end, Xuan Xuan become not so excited already. Hahahahahaha~*

*Refuse to let go of the steering wheel and wanted to ride again.*

*To calm Xuan Xuan down, we went to walk around at the front garden, in front of Genting Hotel.*

*Xuan Xuan wanted to jump inside the pool and play water. I think he's a bit sot sot one. Hahahahahaha!*

*Me and BroSheng*

*While we're walking back inside, saw this uber cool Ferrari!!! Let me pretend it's mine for 5 seconds. LOL!*

*Ferrariiiiii~ Vroooom! I'm a Ferrari fan in F1!!!*

*There's this Late Night Shopping event held at First World Times Square. Every night, there's some break dancers perform on stage. I like this group very much. If I'm not mistaken they are call Cartoonz or something. LOL! Very funny moves and well coordinated!*

After watch all the performance, we decided to go back to hotel room earlier. And I had a sleepless night, and this got something to do with the tragedy I mentioned earlier.

Just while I'm happily transfering photos into my laptop again, I open up my folder and those photos I took in the afternoon were all GONE!!! I was stunned and not knowing what to do!

I already deleted the copies in the SD Card and I keep on refreshing my folders and stuffs but can't find any photos. Seriously I feel like tearing that time. I don't know why but every single photos means a lot to me.

I keep on search for solution, download programmes online and try to retrieve photos both in the SD Card and in my laptop... And around 5a.m, I only manage to retrieve back 13 photos. Sigh.

Wake up around 11p.m and start packing stuffs into the luggage. *sniffs sniffs* Still can't get over the lost of the photos.

*We're going home.*

Decided to go for brunch before heading home. And I truly thinks that it was one of the biggest mistake we made.

*Sleepy fella.*

*I beg to differ... It's not 'Hou Mei' anymore...*

*Tasteless bowl of noodles. Only the bacon got some salty taste. Yucks!!*

*Another plate of tasteless Wan Ton Mee!!! Ewww~!!!*

*Big bowl of tasteless Chicken Meat Kuey Teow Soup(Gai See Hor Fun!)*

*I think this is the most tastiest among all - Tom Yam Bee Hoon.*

*Tasteless bowl of Har Mee... I wanna puke dy!*

Seriously, how can a restaurant like this survive??? Everything is so tasteless! Some more the price is something triple times than normal price. Really think Genting Berhad should inspect every single issue for not ruining their reputation.

We should've have our brunch back at KL or something. At least not expensive and much more tastier!

Last but not least...... My style for this 3 days 2 nights trip!

*Monotone Chic look. LOL!*

*甘辣AmaKara(Sweet & Spicy) look.*

*Look for the last day - Vintage Mode Look? Hahahahha!*

All photos taken with the mirror reflection of the lifts... Hence the mirror is a bit distorted based on design or something and I think I look funny in some of the photos. LOL! So short and flat. 


Let me think of what to blog about next! *winks*