Sunday, May 16, 2010


Are you guys serious??? 19 unique visitors for May 15th!!!???? LOL!!!!

That was like the lowest amount of unique visitors I got since years ago!!! I shall congrats myself to break the record for year 2010 then. Haha!!!

Where have you guys been huh? To the 12 Hours Live With Chivalry (a.k.a Rave Party at Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena) so you guys can't online?? LOL!

Seriously, I got so, so, so many things to blog about and all the photos are still in the middle of processing. LOL! How I wish I was a natural beauty so I can just upload photos on blog like that without spending so much time in photoshop and stuffs.

Anyway, new blog post coming up!!! And to let you know, it's my FIRST EVER ADVERTORIAL from Nuffnang!!! Thank you very much Nuffnang Malaysia, for letting me to write an advert! My blogging life is complete now. LOL!

What a lovely Sunday today will be, I can hear bird chirping around now... And I got an audition to attend at 11a.m. and a spa date with Miu and fellow bloggers in the afternoon. I wonder will I fall asleep during the spa session! LOL!

I will try to blog more often ya! Please do visit my blog more often too! XD

*Purposely add a photo in the end hoping this blog post won't be too useless/plain talk cock. LOL!*

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Unknown said...

the picture is the best! looks yummy...