Thursday, May 27, 2010

7th Malaysia International Gold and Jewellery Fair 2010

Got this chance to work for the Gold & Jewellery fair on early of April. I have not seen so many jewellery in my life before. Definitely opened up my vision in this particular field.

*Held at KL Convention Centre*

Really a big thank you to my friend - Charlotte for giving me a chance to work with her in this fair. I would've just sit at home, eat grass and do nothing more if not working for this fair.

*Crystals. Real, BIG, chunky crystals from Brazil. With 18k gold ring. Each and every of them cost thousands!*

*One of the most expensive items that our company's speciality is - Ice Jade. 

Through all these years, I know that Jade is something special. Something that requires one's knowledge to differentiate each and every of them and to choose the best one. So hard to differentiate the real and fake ones, some more the origin of them.

In these few days, I gained a lot of knowledge for Jades. I even went online and search for informations about Jades and gems. I am a very passionate, responsible worker. (Ahem, anyone wanna hire me? Email me! XD)

But there's some bad things happened during those days too.

Bad Luck no.1: Charlotte used to work for this particular company before, so they hire her to work again for this fair. She said that before this fair, all the previous fairs and exhibitions she worked for this company, a lot of customers come and buy stuffs from them.

It's quite awkward that this time, not much people willing to spend money to buy, most are going round and round, just looking. Is it that my bad luck start to spread?

Bad Luck no.2: Peiyue's camera officially dead too! WTF! Right after my Nikon compact camera, I manage to damage another camera in such short, record breaking time!!! Argh! I seriously hate myself for this. Have to send the camera to service centre too. Haihz.

Due to the camera's LCD only show blank, white screen, so all the photos I took during this fair is a bit out of focus, as I don't have LCD to look at and to focus. LOL! Pardon the quality  and compositions of these photos. 

*See! Wanna take the tag's photo also can't take properly. LOL!*

*Luckily I've trained myself A LOT for camwhoring. Haha! I never fails to camwhore.*

*With Charlotte. Love her hair colour so much!*

*With all the jades. Miss them and their beauty so much.*

*Chunky ring. They are one of the hit item for clothing accessories this summer! Too bad if I buy this I have to work for this company 2 months for free. LOL!*

*This is black Agate ring. It does reminds me of one of my favourite gemstones - Onyx.*

*Charlotte with the tornado shape rose gold ring. Most of the customers who stop by will ask to have a look on this ring. It's such a beauty!*

*Pink Tourmaline! I love the light shades of pink it present. Super expensive lo! Around 4 - 5k!!! O_O*

*Ice jade! Look at its clear and moist outlook. And nowadays, jades are not that classic look anymore. It can be frame onto a stylish ring with diamonds on it!*

*Another chunky kind of ring. This time, it's in pink, and flower petals shape!*

*Out of focus!!! But still you can see how big the flower is!*

*It's such a pleasure working with you babe. Looking forward for more working experience together! ^_^*

One thing I like about this job is, we don't have any uniform or rules of clothing to abide! How cool is that? I can wear anything I want as long as it represent the smart and casual look of me! Yayy!

Let me show you my 'working' style.

*Ok, you can't see this, but it's a one piece dress in brown colour. Had all my hair tied up and put on a brown colour pom pom hair accessories.*

*Looks so old here... Just like typical Office Lady look. LOL!*

*Last day. Dress up in ALL BLACK! Wee~!!! (How come I look weird in this photo? I have no idea!!! -_-")*

Heard the boss say that in July, they'll be attending another exhibit at KL again! (The company is from Hong Kong, so basically we were working with Hong Kies for the past few days!) Let's hope that they appreciate my working attitude and will ask Charlotte and me to work for them again.

Need money so badly as I've something in planning. Shhh~ Am not gonna tell what it is, but let's see how things work. ;)

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