Monday, May 17, 2010

Anmum® Celebrates Mums

After becoming a mother, I realise how HARD it is to succeed in this position which is consider as the core of a family. As a mother, I always have to look out for Xuan Xuan, caring for Mr. Bun Bun, do all the house chores and at the same time, work as a model/talent.

And after becoming a mother since 2 years ago, I had a taste of the sweetness of how my family members show their appreciation to me through this very, very special day for a mum - Mother's Day.

This year, Anmum is making Mother's Day a more special one by holding a 3 weeks event (From 9th to 31st of May) for all Anmum's Club members!

There are 24 daily prizes and weekly prizes too! Prizes include:
  • Shopping vouchers
  • Spa and beauty treatment vouchers
  • Slimming packages
  • Mobile phones ( ME WANT THIS! Hint gao gao to Mr. Bun Bun!)
  • Massage chairs and gadgets
  • Travel Packages ( This is not bad too~!!)

Weekly winners will be announced through email or Anmum Club's Facebook Fan Page on the following week!

Wanna know how you can win all these awesome and lovely prizes to make your Mother's Day a much more memorable one? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 and 4!!!

  1. Sign up as an Anmum Club members to get to the contest page.
  2. Nominate a person to win the prizes ( you yourself, or your mother, aunt, grandmother)
  3. Browse through Anmum website to answer 4 simple questions
  4.  Fill in a slogan creatively in 15 words: "Being a mum is a wonderful journey because__________"

And THAT'S IT!!! Spread the words/ Share the link of this contest to your husband, all your friends and relatives for them to nominate and support you to get those awesome prizes!!!

Besides entering events and contests with such awesome prizes, being an Anmum Club member, you can also  upload your baby's photos to the Photo Montage section and add it into the online Scrapbook that Anmum website prepared just for Anmum Club members.

*Xuan Xuan and his beloved balloons. Lovely!*

Besides, Anmum Club Members can participate in the Anmum forum, mothers from all around the world are able to share thoughts and experiences of their unique yet wonderful motherhood journey. There's also trained professionals to answer all mothers or mum-to-bes' doubts! All you need to do is just ask!

Throughout all these years, Anmum brings us all the range of milk powder from Mum-to-be to breastfeeding mothers, and also for our beloved offspring.

*Anmum Materna™ - contains important nourishment for mum-to-be and the development of fetus.*

 *Anmum Lacta™ - Contains essential nutrients to support the nutritional quality in your breast milk*

And it is always our concern that our children get the best in their life so that they can grow up healthily, smartly and also happily.

*A child is born with 100 BILLION brain cells, but not all are connected. Cell connections that are not used will be  lost eventually.*

With the help of important nutrients along with proper stimulations such as learning, these will maximize brain cells connections and making thousands of brain cells connect, at the same time, optimize a child's learning ability and memory!

*Anmum Essential™ Langkah 3 - For 1 years old and above*

*Anmum Essential™ Langkah 4 - For 3 years old and above*

Both Anmum Essential™ Langkah 3 & 4 are specially formulated with important nutrients such as Gangliosides, DHA, SA, Proteins(EAA), Phospholipid and Iron, for toddlers' optimal development during this important growing phase.

So all mummies (daddies and children too), don't forget that Anmum® Celebrates Mums Mother's Day contest ends at 31st May ya! 

Wishing all the Mothers and Mother-To-Be,


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xuan xuan macam kena paksa tak photo

Jenny said...

So freakin adorable!!!!!!