Friday, May 7, 2010

How To Bling Your Hard Disk + Yearly Planner

Quite some time I didn't do bling decoration, either on any stuffs that I own, or the blinging business that went down until no news at all. Pathetic betul! LOL!!!

Thank god Hana-chan gave me something to decorate with....

*Her hard disk!*

She say the pure black colour hard disk is so fugly she don't want it to be so fugly, so it's up to me to bling it up and turn it become a beautiful, Hana-chan's style hard disk. LOL!

After some discussions and suggestions on what style and design of the pattern, Hana-chan decided to do a 'Pucci Love' shape.

*If you're not sure how to do a heart shape perfectly, always use a pencil to draw.*

*Beads, color and sizes of your choice. In this case, I'm gonna use pink beads, girlish kinda feel*

*Now, fill up the heart shape you draw earlier with beads.*

*Go layer by layer with different color beads, and various sizes too.*

*If you feel only the heart shape is too plain, you can add more beads scattering around.*

*Work done - with flash!*

After blinging the hard disk, I feel that I'm not over the heat of blinging things yet, hence, I took out my yearly planner, which I got it as freebies when I attended Astro's Blogger Night during March!

Decided to bling the planner with something more personalized.

*Like an initial R - Reiko!*

*And some scattering beads on top.*

*Initial R with flash, the colour is more closer with the real thing than without flash ones.*

*Weee~ I can haz sparkling bling yearly planner!!!*

*A truly 'Reiko' style yearly planner!*

Whenever I took out the yearly planner to jot down something, I feel so happy by seeing its cover. I guess blinging stuffs is already rooting in my personality I just can't see things that I own UN-BLING! Hahahaha~!

Anyway, more bling stuffs to come in the future. Let me think of what to blog about next ok?

P.S: Maybe I'll blog about my new baby. XD


이본 said...

Hi.. Wanna ask you what glue do you use for the Blings..

Glo-w~* said...

OMG i was so into the blinging mode last month lols...even blinged my stapler ;p

jfook said...

WOw, great effort. :)