Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Life Code Anti-Aging - Venus Project 0.8 by Plusizekitten

When I saw this posted on Miu's blog, I knew I just have to take part in this, or at least, put in effort to get myself a chance to attend to this SPECIAL therapy!

The existence of Life Code Miracle ST(Super Turmaline) Rejuvenation Therapy started based on this concept: "The Westerners love brownish tan; therefore the tanning facility was innovated. The Easterners loves white radiant skin; therefore the ST House was created"

I LOVE how this ST Rejuvenation Therapy specially create just for Easterners, especially Easterners that loves white radiant skin, or someone who is so, so, so into getting fairer and fairer like me! I would really love to try out the 30 minutes therapy and examine myself how white and radiant skin I will have after the Therapy!

That's not all, besides getting white, radiant skin, at the same time, 11 beautiful bloggers and Miu, who spend together in the ST House will get to chat and gossip happily! Really sounds like those rich aunties that spend time at steam house, like we saw in TV right? (EXCITED!!!)

*Life Code Anti-Aging, create miracles in just 3 - 15 minutes!!!*

*How the ST House looks like. Weee~!! I wanna get steam and get all whitening, detoxifying, anti-aging and slimming effects in just 30 minutes!!!*

Beside spending 30 minutes in the ST House, on this very special day, Life Code will also held a skincare workshop along with a makeover demo for Miu and her lucky followers! 

I browse through their website, their  natural organic make-up series really sounds good to me! For someone who needs to always expose my skin to the chemicals of makeups due to my job, natural organic makeup series which will beautify and repair my skin at the same time is all I ever wanted!

*BioTRA™ Skin Care Series*

*Natural Organic Makeup – Make-up and Skin Care All-in-One*

Now, besides looking beautifully, I can also take care of my skin without worrying my skin will be damage by chemicals in normal makeups anymore.

Beside all those benefits that I've mentioned earlier, on that day itself, all the lucky followers will also be enjoying light foods and refreshments as well as getting themselves a skincare starter kit worth RM250!!!

Eager to become one of the lucky followers to get invited to try out this special therapy and get to review it in your blog? You just have to go to and read all the terms & conditions, submit a blog entry!

Hope that I got the luck to become one of the lucky followers to tryout Life Code's special ST Rejuvenation Therapy, and so do you too! Good luck!

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