Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lotus Racing Homecoming Launch at Pavilion KL

Worked for this event during 30th of March.

Although I was not told earlier what kind of event was that, but since it was held at Pavilion and somehow I know, this is gonna be something HUGE!!!

*Smokey eyes babe! I purposely curled my hair using hair dryer. It was bit curly at the beginning but when the time I reach Pavilion, the curls become straight again. LOL!*

Was told to wear black dress and black heels to the event. I only have ONE black dress(Which I think most of my friends already how it looks like because I keep repeating wearing the same dress if black dress were required) and ONE pair of black heels. Need to fill up my closet with more black dress and heels SOON!

Meet up with the rest of the girls at La Bodega. They're all so pretty!!! After they finish their lunch and changed into their black dresses, 2:30p.m, we're all good to go!

*The stage, with 'Lotus style' color backdrop. Grand!*

After changed into black dress, all of us were sitting at the media section chatting and doing some self-introduction, at the same time waiting for crew to cue us and tell us our working position. While we're happily talking, some of us saw some famous people sitting at the table not far away.

Guess who is it!?

*Malaysia's former F1 racer Alex Yoong!!! Thank you so much to Sunshine for introduce him to us so we can take photo with him!! Seriously starstruck!!*

*After taking photos with Alex Yoong, we girls have to camwhore with each others too! From left: Ashley, Claudia and me Reiko!*

6 of us is places at the reception counter to welcome guests and to usher VVIPs and VIPs to their seats. After standing around 10 minutes, we saw Sanjeev Palar and Star Sports videographer. Sanjeev asked us to pose and he's going to do the lotus report ending with all of us waving at the video camera! Seriously LOL!!!

And guess what, I saw that video on air while I'm working at a F1 event! It was really, really weird to see ownself appear on TV, some more on a big screen projector! LOL!!! But I wish I can find it at Youtube or something.

Ok ok, back to the topic. We're suppose to usher VVIPs and VIPs right? Guess what, around half an hour later, crews were telling us all those VVIPs and VIPs want to walk to their seats themselves, so we no need usher them to their seats anymore. 

LOL! Got pretty girls usher also don't want, so weird la these big shots.

So, we went back to Dome Cafe and wait for another cue call for us to go on stage to present souvenirs and posing at the car.

*Giving opening speech. And yeah~ Dr. Mahathir was there that day!!! I can see him so clearly and so near!!! LOL!*

*Yay~!!! We're the "media"! Haha!!!*

*1Malaysia painting which is a souvenir to Oops! I forgot to whom!!!*

*Only 5 girls were selected to do posing and photo taking session with the Lotus racing car. I'm not selected. Sob sob. :(*

Am a bit disappointed for not being selected because my agent were a bit close to these few girls and she asked them to go with her. Haihzzz~ Maybe this is what we call: Relationship.

Anyway, even though I'm a bit disappointed but still, I got something better to do than sit at Dome cafe sulking. LOL! It's PHOTO TAKING TIME!!!! Weeee~!!!

*Charlotte babe~ Already 2 weeks didn't see her already kinda miss her now. She just got something bad happening to her these few days, I really, really wish that fucking bastard will get his karma soon!*

*Lotus LR8 Energy drink! All the guests invited to this event will get one can of this! I wonder how it taste like.*

*Lotus merchandises. Didn't buy it, I'm not really a big fan of Lotus anyway. LOL!*

*Bridgestone F1 slick tyre. Cool!*

*Front wing of the Lotus F1 race car.*

*Besides all the exhibition items, you can also feel like a F1 driver by playing the F1 simulator game, with F1 race car seats! Fuuu~ I wish I played the game, I'm not bad in car racing you know? Hehe!*

*One of the Lotus F1 racer - Heiki Kovalainen! Isn't he cute and leng zai???? (Heart melts) Too bad he is short tho. I wonder how tall Michael Schumacher is.*

While some of the girls are posing with the Lotus F1 race car for photo taking session and 3 of the Lotus F1 racers are having an meet-the-fans autograph session, we were chilling at Dome Cafe again.

But this time, there's something to cheer us up!

*Unlimited afternoon snacks and juices!!! Weeee~!!! I love their cheese cake so, so much I had two of these!!!*

*Ahhhhhh~mmmmm!!! Yummeh! I wanna have this NOW! Who's gonna buy me a piece of cheese cake from Dome Cafe NOW?? I don't mind giving you an autograph. Hahahahahahaha!*

*Lotus F1 race car. Such beauty isn't?*

*Around 5pm, the event is done and we're allowed to leave.*

*An event to be remember :)*

Even though I'm like doing nothing for the whole afternoon and got paid, but seriously I feel kinda guilty deep down inside my heart. Of course, maybe it's not my fault for not doing things because I'm not asked to, but still........ (hard to describe, complicated feelings)

Anyway, thank you to all the girls who worked with me that day, it's such a pleasure to work with all of you. Hope that we can meet again in the future. :D

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