Monday, May 10, 2010

My 'Sen', My Canon - Tribute to Her Virgin Night

4th of May, one of the most memorable day in my year 2010 life. There's a new member joining our lil family on that day.

Things come quite sudden as Bun suggest: How about we go to the Foto Selangor at Pertama Complex to do some research about Canon 1000D?

Sure, why not!? Besides, Foto Selangor is such a highly rave camera shop that everybody is talking about! Kinda excited to go there as I foresee the cameras and stuffs there will be cheap.

*Foto Selangor at Pertama Complex. Second time here, first time I come at 9pm they close shop already.*

At first, there was no people to attend us, great! I dislike shop keeper chasing me around and talk non-stop, so I stand at the counter, trying to look at those prices. Too bad those price tag were too tiny and I don't have a pair of eyes that can zoom.

In the end, still have to look out for shop keeper to ask for price, LOL.

Most of the shop keepers at Foto Selangor are lao uncles. Friendly ones. And this uncle who serves us - Ng, is a very talkative and hard selling man.

The price he told us for Canon 1000D is RM1899. My jaw dropped on the table because the price is much more higher than what I expect and from what I know. I got friend tell me that can get the camera at RM1700.

So, Bun bargain with him while I am looking and testing out the camera. LOL!

*Uncle Ng getting out the camera, mount the lens and letting me to do some test shots.*

The feeling of pressing the shutter button was awesome. I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna get it rightaway, but on the other side, Bun is still bargaining, aiming for a lower price, while Uncle Ng doesn't want to let go, defending the price.

After some while, we thought of heading to other places to do more price research. While walking around Pertama Complex, I ask Bun: RM1800, ok or not? Bun say: Actually I also think of RM1800 la, of course if got RM1700 better la, but RM1800 not bad also.

Then, the question become: To buy or not to buy. 

In the end, I just hantam gao gao: Buy la buy la, I don't wanna live for one more day without owning a camera already, camera-less life sucks big time! If I don't buy now, go home sure will regret one!

Then we turn back to the shop again, and decided to bring that baby camera home. (Awwwww~)

*Uncle Ng.*

Chatted alot, and Bun went to ATM machine for 3 times! 2 to set the credit limit but unsuccessful and 3rd to get cash. First time seeing RM1800 worth of bank notes, all lying on the table. All Bun and my hard earn money is going to exchange a baby camera by tonight.

Head to dinner after that, and for the first time, I feel so insecure walking at the road side, lugging the camera bag with my baby camera inside.

*Fuu~ Like so many stuffs like that, but mostly are empty boxes. Haha*

*Moi's new baby - Canon 1000D, My 'Sen'. (Sen = Thousand in Japanese)*

*Body and Kit lens. Not yet start using I am already thinking of buying macro lens, LOL! Greedy I know.*

*From this day onwards, I will bring you to wherever I go. I promise.*

Ok, enough of the talk, show you some photos that moi's baby camera took on her virgin night. LOL! Noob skills, don't laugh but comment ok? :D

*Bun's FIRST shot using Sen.*

*Flash moi son first. Look like normal photo only. LOL! No skill.*

*Bun took my no make-up face wtf. Blurred some more. Disrespect me betul Bun ni! And yes, I already finished reading the manual guide in ONE day. Still confused.*

*Moi's shot. Testing 1, 2, 3*

*At Prima Setapak area fetching my bro from tuition.*

*Another shot.*

*Lil devil playing with all those dry clothes I just took out from hanger. Kakacaucau!*

*Super like this shot, both of my man looks sooooo adorable!*

*Testing how near it can be.*

*LOL, Bun took this.*

*I ask Bun to took photos while I bath Xuan Xuan, and end up all cannot see one. I think he need to sign up for photography classes already. LOL!*

*After bath time.*

*The most of cute shot of Xuan Xuan - taken by Bun.*

Today marks the 5th day of us using Sen, and the shutter counts already reach 1000+. Hardcore or what!!!???? LOL!

After these few days of non-stop shooting, I realise a lot of things, and know that there's still a very, very big gap to reach what I am aiming for in this photography field. 

I am non-stop reading about tips and online tutorials these days, and of course, practically trying out new things too. Will blog with more photos soon!

Happy Mother's Day! <3

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kurokei said...

walau tat pic of KB and Xuan Xuan is damn cute la! <3 <3