Friday, May 21, 2010

Shell x Malaysian Evo 'Rev It Up!' F1 2010 Party

One of the disappointment I got while working as a freelancer in model/talent industry is, I don't get to work for F1 event. Seriously, one of my wish before I become old or die is to get to work as umbrella girl or grid girl in F1!

But lucky lucky, this year, I got to work for one F1 related event - Shell x Malaysian Evo 'Rev It Up!' F1 2010 Party at The Curve!

*Look at the super hot sunny Sunday! Best weather for F1 eh!*

*We're chillin' at The Laundy, Curve, waiting for our uniforms to arrive.*

*Invitation card to this event.*

Even though participants can only participate this event using the invitation card (shown above), but it is super easy to get them! You just have to be happen to walk outside The Laundry, happen to be looking at me, happen to be looking friendly and Wala! I'll be passing the invitation card to you. 

LOL! We're giving out so, so much of these invitation cards that day. Those who got it but decided to give it a pass just miss the fun and exciting party!

*Uniform!!! Boots and one piece~ Sexaayyyy!!!*

*But it's so, so hard for me to fit into this so call M size dress. To me it's more like XS!!! Difficult to breath!!!!*

*Us girls being vain inside the toilet. Hehe!*

*Me, Agnes (Who is so, so famous now!) and Renee (Cute gal which looks like one of the top blogger in China!)

Basically, what we have to do is: 
  1. Give out all the invitation card to the public
  2. After people registered and get their seats, we have to approach them and ask them to fill up 'Guess Who's The Winner for F1 Malaysia 2010'
  3. Wandering around, look nice and make the environment look nice. (LOL!)
  4. Prize presentation during the end of the event.
  5. Photo Opportunity with the winners.

Seriously, good clients really make us girls happy! Clients who are understanding, caring and generous really leaves very good impression to us girls. Apparently this time the clients were so, so, so nice to us!

We even got to break and snacked in Italiannies. The manager was generous enough and gave us a WHOLE pizza! Thank you very much!!! That's so kind of you all.

After the break, we're just standing around and chatting because everyone were focusing on the big screen projector for the live F1 show.

Oh ya! I saw myself on the TV too just before the race started. It was the short film that Sanjeev Palar ask us to take with him during the Lotus Homeracing event! So weird to see myself on the big screen. Hahahahahaha~ But I do enjoy it!

*This uncle is so passionate I'm a bit scared. LOL! Looks like he's more into Agnes. Hahahahaa! Keep on asking her to email him bla bla bla~ XD*

*With all the lucky draw, best dress and best result guesses winners!*

The fullfilling kind of feeling which got me everytime I complete a job is indescribable I wish I can work with the same group of people again. But too bad, there are so many girls in this industry and so many agents/clients in this industry too which make us hard to meet and work again with the same people.

I really cherish all the happy working memories with all the wonderful peoples that I encounter everytime I work. Nothing beats all the friendship and lovely talk we had.

Too bad there's something happened yesterday (as in 20th of May) I was so, so fed up, sad, and angry at the same time I was wondering should I blog about it. Still thinking. Let's see how things work out. :(

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