Sunday, May 23, 2010

Taufu Bakar at Pudu Wai Sek Gai

There's once Bun like to bring us go to Pudu Wai Sek Gai to get our dinner/supper there. I like that place pretty much as I remember my dad used to bring us there to get our supper too when I was small. Nostalgic!

After some chee cheong fun, porridge and fried chicken, just when we're walking towards our car, we saw this humble lil stall, with some alluring aroma surrounding it. (LOL!)

*HoChiak and Ah Xian interviewed this stall before. If this is as delicious as what they say, I'm gonna try it out even though it's a bit pricey.*

The stall mainly selling some bakar bakar stuffs as in taufu bakar, sotong bakar, and prawn crackers (totally different from Jack & Jill those kind of prawn crackers.)

We ordered taufu bakar and prawn crackers.

*BBQ-ing the taufu.*

*The stall owner which is a cheerful lady keep on promote her stuffs while we're waiting for her to pour on the sauces and veggies onto our taufu bakar and prawn crackers.*

*Look at these yummylicious crunchy stuffs. (drools) Taufu Bakar - RM2.10, Prawn Crackers - RM2 something. Can't remember. -_-"*

*Happy happy~! One will never go grumpy with a full tummy! XD*

*Munch munch munch~*

*Seems like Xuan Xuan also can't resist the crunchiness of the prawn crackers. Hehe!*

Seriously, the taufu bakar really is different from what we normally had at pasar malam. This taufu bakar seems to be more crunchy and fresh. I really love the texture of it.

*Prawn crackers with sauce and LOTSSSSS of peanuts on it! Yums!*


How I wish I can have these right now... Anyone wanna go Pudu Wai Sek Gai tonight? XD


jfook said...

I wanna try the prawn crackers!! Drooling!!

Sherry said...

so yummy!!