Tuesday, June 8, 2010

7th June

And there goes my 2010's birthday. Time sure is fast, especially when I spend all my time doing nothing with celebrating but rushing here and there to buy train tickets, fetching Bun to his company, laundry, packing luggage and then rush to KL Sentral to get on board to go back to Ipoh.

Train suppose to depart on 6:05p.m, due to the accident that 2 coaches of  detached from the railway, our train depart on 8p.m! 2 hours later than actual time. Reach Ipoh at almost 12a.m! As I've said, There goes my birthday.

But surprise surprise, Bun got me a surprise.

Just right when I reach his house, I saw all the lights in the house were off, somehow I sense something unusual. School holidays, kids won't be going to their bed that early right?

And there they are, hiding at the corner, holding a big black forest cake with candles lit on! *To be frank, still felt surprise even though already know what's going on.*

*Yummy Black Forest Cake!! Specially ordered by Bun! Thanks hubby!*

*With all the 'organizers'. XD*

*Mother Oh. Thanks for fetching us from train station in the middle of the night!*

*Candid shot pulak!*

These 2 days, I'm glad that I have friends and family members who spend their time with me. After so many years living, I've found that I want nothing more than stable relationships with people that I love.

Thank you very much to my friends who planned the surprise mini party the day before my birthday because they know that I will not be at KL on 7th of June. Thank you so, so much. Thank you for Bun who know I wanna eat cake and purposely asked his sister to buy me the cake. Thank you!

*Nothing can be more luxury than the sincerity and love that I feel from all of you. Thank you!*

P.S: Thanks for all the wishes in FB. I've manage to replied one by one... There's so many of them. LOL!
P.S2: Am at Ipoh now, will be back to KL on Sunday! ^_^


plantagirl said...

Birthday Surprise!! XD

Bella Enveeus said...

Oh... Well, that's sweet.. I hope its not too late for me to say this - HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!! :)

vialentino said...

wow...happy belated birthday to u