Saturday, June 26, 2010

Confession of A Procrastinator

Sometimes, I feel very, very bad that I always procrastinate things whenever I feel like wanting to be a procrastinator.

I can be draggy when it comes to waking up for work, doing make-up, picking clothes etc etc... Somehow I always tell myself that: Okay, I'll do what what on what time, so time should be enough for me and I won't be late. But sometimes, I will still be late or so. Sigh.

And of course, same thing goes for night time. Procratinate for remove make-up, bath, sleep etc etc. I admit, being a procrastinator is a very bad decision and this decision will ruin your life, un-finish businesses will always be around you.

There's this one thing that I feel quite embarass to be a procrastinator in is - Photos. To be exact, photos I took with my camera.

Usually, I'm the 'camera man' which take photos of people and stuff in a place/event/gathering (because I like to take photos, not because I got good skill, lol.). The end of the day, I will upload photos into my tiny netbook (which is super laggy), rotate and delete some indelicate ones.

So, after viewing all photos, this tiny lil voice will start to whisper in my mind:

"Are you going to process the photos now in Adobe Photoshop? If you open Photoshop super laggy wor, and you have to edit most of the photos that got you in it (because I'm not photogenic I admit. T_T), resize them too.... Then, you have to use your super slow Digi line to upload these photos one by one to facebook...."

Walau! After I process everything already pass 3 hours(or more!)!???? I still want to online, check facebook, check for jobs, read some blogs and internet stuff, maybe blog a while or something, and then sleep, where the hell I have extra 3 hours to spend for processing photos!?

That's why, until today, there are like SUPER A LOT  folders of photos waiting for me to keep my laziness away so I will edit, resize them and post them in facebook/email them.

Seriously, feels quite paiseh that some of the people keep on reminding me about those photos, and I keep on saying busy will email them the photos soon. But honestly, I don't know how soon is my soon. Haihzzz....

There's this girl who directly shoot me in my face because of this. That was the 2nd time I met her, and we're in a club, when all the girls were going all high and start to take out their cameras to camwhore, she keep on saying: Upload photos and tag me k?

And when her eyesight focus on me, she point at me and say: You ar, no need la, you never upload your photos one. I've waited for so long for the photos she previously take during work time.

I am totally speechless. Maybe she doesn't mean it, but this indirectly reminds me of how bad is the habit of procrastinates thing which is maybe useful/meaningful to some people. Saddens me a lot that I'm being such an unreliable person to some people.

Sorry if I've made you wait for the photos... But I promise one day, you'll still get the photos as promised.

P.S: Recently work for Lancome new perfume launching, and purposely bring my baby camera to work just to capture some wonderful moments when working with some wonderful people. Another batch of photos waiting to be edit and upload. LOL!. Die me! X_X

P.S2: Super tired, not enough rest!


Anna said...

im soooo like u, coz i wanna fb n go on my google reader!
so instead of photoshop my photos nice nice, i just uses the microsoft publisher to make my photos nice nice (to compensate my lousy skills of phototaking lol)

i think u should just enjoy what u are doing/blogging, at your own pace coz afterall, its your blog!

xoxo elle

Bella Enveeus said...

LOLs babe! You're not the only having this problem I think.. Haha

I am also a super procrastinator.. But I try to improve as the years go by.. Yup, YEARS.. haha.. And my Wimax sucks too

v!vi@n said...

LOL..i m a big procrastinator too....LOL..i always leave my assignments and reports to the super last minute...and not to mention processing photos..i just leave them until like 1 year ago...