Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Curry Wild Boar - Restaurant Loong Fatt

*Definitely, strictly non-halal!!!*

Actually, I forgot that there's such place just near my house. Out of sudden, one day, I want Bun to bring us there for dinner.

*It's just a normal looking Chinese restaurant, nothing much fancy.*

But, do you know that, mostly these places sure will have one or two hidden gems for us to discover? Same goes to this Restaurant Loong Fatt.

It just located beside Jln Genting Klang, opposite KFC, near the pedestrian bridge. I bet lots of TAR students don't know such place exist.

Anyway, since it's a typical Chinese restaurant, there'll be some stalls and plenty choices of food available. There's one particular stall that I recommend those who are living near Genting Klang/Setapak, should try it out, if you enjoy eating home cook food.

*All the 'Stew' goodies!*

Beside home cook soup, there's some significant dishes from this humble lil stall. (Ahhh~ I'm so hungry as I'm typing this now! I want to eat!!!)

*Xuan Xuan can't wait to stuff dinner into his tummy also.*

*TADAAA~!!! Our delicious dinner of the day - one soup, one curry and rice! Yums!!!*

*Water Crest soup stew with pork. Such clear soup yet still tasteful. The taste really reminds of those home cook soup that my mum always boil for me. I guess TAR students who came to KL to study will love this stall's soup a lot.*

*Star Dish!!! (drools)*

Seriously, this is the first time I eat curry wild boar meat... The meat is a lil bit different from usual pork meat, this is a lil bit more chewy.

Curry is very aromatic and seductive (LOL! Yes, very seductive the smell, tak boleh tahan!). Curry + Wild Boar meat = Perfect combination! Not an ordinary curry I can say!

I think I gotta have this tomorrow!! Serious!!! *Maji Maji CHO Maji!*


Unknown said...

curry wild boar meat is much much better than curry pork

=chuan guan= said...

thanks for ur info..will go for a try 1 day.. :)

LeneLene said...

My favorite too!!!