Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grocery Shopping

My son is obsessed with Carrefour. If he happens to cry or 'lao gai', if I say I'll bring him to Carrefour and ask him to behave, he will hold his tears, and wait patiently until I bring him there.

I don't know why he like Carrefour so much, it's not like we let him run around or let him play in the arcade centre. All the time, he'll just sit inside the trolley, go around with us while we shop for grocery stuffs.

*He is one weird kid I've never seen. He likes veggies.*

*He likes to touch the pointy surface of durian, and pull my hand to touch it. LOL! Too bad that day only have jackfruit, don't have durian.*


But it is always a good thing that he likes shopping with us. At the same time we can teach him vocabs, let him touch, see, feel and smell, experience all the things available in the supermarket. I guess this is one of the way to educate him.

Hope that he'll still like to shop with us many, many years after.

P.S: I lug my baby Canon into Carrefour. People are staring at me in a weird way.


Jean said...

So cute!!!! <3

v!vi@n said...

your son so cute!!!!

RaafikJahat said...

cute son ! :D

jfook said...

He is so cute lah!

Loo Yi Han said...

gosh your son is so freaking cute! :3

Lindy said...

CUTE!!! :D