Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kaya Puff at Sin Eng Heong, Ipoh.

Let's talk about desserts today. I'm a big fan of sweets stuff - Chocolates, cakes, chinese sweet desserts etc etc, all these are my energy/good mood boosters.

Although Ipoh really is not my type of town (means I can't cope with their lifestyle, not that I dislike Ipoh or something.), but all those delicacies found at Ipoh is truly making me miss Ipoh everytime I'm at KL. (Hah! At last I found something that makes me like Ipoh more.)

Kaya Puff is what I'm introducing today. 

This Kaya Puff is no ordinary Kaya Puff you thought it is. It's not big, their crust is not hard, and they are hard to get! Even you got big bucks and drive big cars, once it's sold out, it IS sold out. They only come out batch by batch, so it's either you have to place order 3 - 4 hours earlier and pick it up later, or phone them to ask when is the next batch of Kaya Puff available so that you 

I guess I'm pretty lucky this week, Bun manage to buy these Kaya Puffs for me TWICE, without 3 - 4 hours prior booking. Birthday luck I perhaps!? ^_^

*I did not photoshop the colour of both buildings beside Sin Eng Heong, they just happened to be black and white. LOL! Such a contrast.*

*Weeee~ My pack of steaming hot Kaya Puff!*

*With their shop name and phone number engraved on the packing.*

*It smells good and hot, fresh from oven. It's soft and fluffy layers of crust is giving your teeth some sensation, how about some homemade kaya? This is truly a delicacy that's hard to find at somewhere else other than at Ipoh town!*

(Click on the Red A Spot to see more details of the shop!)


While waiting for Bun to buy those Kaya Puffs, we're waiting inside the car. I'm in love with this old town and all those old buildings around. I really wish that people are able to cherish all these historical buildings we owned in our country. 

I just love the vintage feel of this town.

*Not much building you can see in this photo tho. Haha.*

*This Xuan Xuan is super kakacaucau inside the car, keep on playing with the steering wheel and jump here and there.*

Bought train tickets to go back to KL tomorrow night. All morning and afternoon shifts of train to KL were sold out! So many people who balik-ed kampung rushing back home on the very last day huh.

Anyway, stay tune for more food post/photo post. ;)


haoyi said...

Ohmygosh looks so delicious I want! :(

Ken Wooi said...

yum yum =)

cik panadol said...

wah yummy...
but too far lor to get some...:(

Chuen said...

AHh..these kaya puffs are awesome possum! Never fail to buy them whenever I go back to Ipoh :D