Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Manhand Concert 2010

Seriously, the person that I want to thank most for this very day is Shi Wei. If not for his generosity which made him lend me his camera, I won't have the chance to capture all these precious moments into the photos that I'm showing you now. Thank you very much!

I was told to apply for this serving drinks job in a concert by my friend Charlotte. And yeah, I just apply without asking more details about who is the one that'll be singing in the concert and stuffs. Lucky thing is I just got the job like that.

Was told to go to the work place with black dress and black heels. To match with the outfit, black color eyeshadow and volume type eyelashes is a must. Somehow look at these photos reminds me of how pretty black colour was. Those black hair days. 

*Kua Zeong make-up. I even put on the lower fake lashes. LOL!*

*The concert was held at KL Live at Life Centre. It used to be Ruums Club. Very easy to find since this place just located behind KLCC.*

*Right at 7p.m, all the girls whom are working that night arrived and some crew lead us to the main entrance.*

*We're gonna enter the concert place soon. Somehow feels like we got more priority than the fans who buy tickets to watch the concert.*

*The place was dark and cold that time when we enter. Can see there's logo and stage set-ups. I think it's going to be a good night!*

Our agent cum supervisor - Joey took some time to reach the place. And she told us to change our dressed to Jack Daniel's dresses. LOL! Mine were new, never worn before hence it's super tight, I barely can let me head go through the collar area. If my head were smaller....

Anyway, me and this girl Renee got pair up as a team and were told to stay at the V.I.P area. Since we got nothing to do, it's camwhoring time!!!

*Reiko and Renee.... Double 'R'. Hehe!*

After sitting at the V.I.P area for a while, some guy ask us to follow him to the main entrance to hold a bottle of Jack Daniel and pose at the photo wall. Something like this if you don't know what I mean:

*Tadaa~! Photo opportunity for those who attend the concert and wanna take some photo as memories.*

While posing at the photo wall, after a while, we heard all the fans down there were yelling and screaming Manhand's name. We know that Manhand is walking up, towards the place they're going to held their concert that night. 

And yeah, at the very moment I saw them, I was like: Wow! Manhand is in front of me! So near I can even touch them if I want! And all of them are so confident looking. I guess this is one of the crucial potential that has to be show by a performer.

Soon, not long after Manhand and some of the performer went to backstage, me and Renee were told to go the entrance and we'll be in charge of checking the tickets and give them the free drinks as promised.

*Seriously, I didn't know that buy a concert ticket will get a complimentary drink. Some more is Jack Daniel + Coke! Nice isn't?*

Luckily the fans didn't go all the way rushing and running into the place. Instead, they're all queue up, kinda quietly show the security tickets they bought and then they walk towards us to claim their drinks. Things were going smoothly and after most of the people went into the place, Renee and I were told to go to the V.I.P area to serve drinks.

I wonder how many times we have to shift our place. LOL!

Not long after we start serving drinks to those V.I.Ps, here they are.... Coming out on stage with all the style and the passion for music.

*Von in this super gorgeous black gown alike dress. Looks stunning!*

*Everybody were focusing on stage, watching each and every movement of all the members of Manhand. Somehow I think they're quite good in live singing!*

Seriously, while we're holding the tray with few cups of drinks on it, we're watching at the stage too. I never knew that work in a concert can be something fun like this.

Nobody will bother to get drinks from you since most of them were watching the concert, so we just have to walk here and there with drinks on tray and act like we're busy. LOL!

Around 10p.m, our supervisor tell us that we can start slow down serving drinks and the free flow of drinks will stop by 10:30p.m. From that time, we just have to mingle around and make sure everything is ok. Do you know what does that mean?


*Took this 'hand' back home with me that night. Something to be remind me of this very night.*

*Reiko and Charlotte babe.*

*Camwhore inside toilet. Haha!!!*

*Kinds miss my black hair days.*

*So hard to impersonate as Monroe. I want to be as sexy and graceful as her can?*

*3 Marilyn Monroes.*

*Somehow, I like the 'frame' of this photo.*

*It was fun camwhoring while working! XD*

*All the girls. Too bad I forgot the names of the two girls from left. Sorry babes!!!*

*Clients and our agent cum supervisor.*

Haha, I guess you've seen enough my working photos (or my photos to be exact), here's some of the stage photos I took when the concert was going on.

*Some artist from Hong Kong, as guest artists for this concert.*

*The stage.*

*Manhand changed into another set of costume, circus themed I perhaps?

*Encore session. All the guest artists and performers were invite onto the stage. Such a happy big family.*

The concert ended at 11:30p.m, and we girls get to take photos with all the crews and performers in this concert.

*The effort of each and everyone in this photo has made the concert a successful one.*

*Manage to snap a quick photo of me and Von from Manhand. She's such a stylo isn't?*

Some Surprise Guests from the Concert:

*Namawee! LOL! He's one funny guy lo. Hahahahaha~!*

Right after I serve drinks and take photos with Namawee, I saw this guy standing beside but somehow the lighting inside the hall is really insufficient I can't really tell whether HE is he. Right at this time, his friend ask me to get some drinks from him and that's the time I saw him... REALLY is him!

*Gary Cao!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!*

Seriously, I cannot resist myself from being all hyper and excited after I saw him, standing there enjoying himself at the concert. I tell myself to be courage enough to ask for photo. I asked his friend (who get drinks from me) whether I can take a photo with him, his friend ask me to ask Gary's manager.

Then, I asked Gary's manager. Maybe I look pitiful or something, even though he's worried that if Gary's appearance known by other people MAYBE will cause some chaos, somehow he agreed to let me take photo with Gary.

Thank you very much for letting me take photos with you, Gary! Love your songs many many much! ( Hint: I think in that period, I'm quite fated to meet this guy, I met him once again, will blog about it soon.)

*What a happy working experience!!!*

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