Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Life Code Experience Chapter I - Miracle Super Tourmaline Rejuvenation Therapy / ST House

I think I've been dragging to post about my visit to Life Code for way too long! (Sorry Tammy and Chris.) Anyway, this will be the first post of my experience about Life Code.

And the main highlight of this post will be the Life Code's amazing Miracle Super Tourmaline Rejuvenation Therapy (Which can be shortened as ST Therapy).

*Although I've passed by Jln Yap Kwan Seng for so many times, this is the first time I enter Life Code. All thanks for the wonderful opportunity by Tammy and Chris.*

*There's this pretty garden located in the middle of the reception area, but we can't go inside tho.*

Just right before Chris (The beautiful product trainer who planned for this whole blogger review thingy) bring us to tryout their ST Therapy, she brought us to this Asia Spa and have a look around.

*The Asia Spa - very oriental, Asia feeling.*

*Wooden furnitures and earth tone interior designs. Really does make people feel calm and close to nature.*

*Some display of the NATURAL ingredients that Asia Spa use for their masks and stuffs.*

*Like I've said: Very Asia-ish.*

*There's nail spa available too if you like to pamper your nails.*

*Here's how the spa room looks like. Very Balinese kind of feel.*

*Asia Spa even won the Best Day Spa award in 2009!*

After a tour around Asia Spa, finally it's time to reveal what's ST Therapy and the 10 of us bloggers enjoying the therapy.

*Looks like some kind of Star Walk with all the lights.*

*The girls room.*

*Behind this door, it's the place where the ST Therapy will be conduct.*

Just so you know, Life Code GUARANTEE that you will see immediate skin whitening effect after spending 30 minutes inside this ST House, at least 1 - 2 degrees lighter! (Isn't this something to be crazy about for those skin whitening fanatics out there?!!!!)

*World's FIRST Skin Whitening House*

Basically, it's something like sauna session - Clothes off, just wrap a piece of towel all over you, find a nice spot and sit there for 30 minutes. 

*Electromagnetic are embedded in bamboo walls, ceramic floor, multi-layer ceiling cabinet.*

*Electromagnetic which embedded in these ceramic balls.*

Apparently, everything in this room is electromagnetic embedded. Why you ask?

It's because these electromagnetic gemstones are able to release negative ions as vitamins into the air and far infrared to prevent and resolve sub-health problems. Besides the benefit of whitening, these negative ions are able to detoxify our body, making our body healthier.

That's not all, according to Chris, if you spend 30 mins in ST House, you'll burn 900 calories which equals to jogging as far as 9km! For those who wants slimming effect, I guess ST House is something you wanted to visit frequently.

During the 30 minutes inside this ST House, you'll be require to drink as much as 4 cups of water and you'll see some mist diffuse from the mist diffuser.

Weird? No! There's a reason behind. 

Water provided there are active micro-dew beads purifies water a.k.a micro elements water. The water's elements are finer than Nano element and is able to absorb by our body easily, to avert free radical and prevent cells oxidation. Water that eliminates the toxic inside your body and able to balance the pH level, WOW!

While essential herbal mist diffuser is an unique herbal complex treatment developed by Chang Bai San Research Laboratory with over 100 types mixed of herbs. The mist is use to eliminate toxins due to prolong exposure in polluted environment and foods that accumulated inside our body over years. It's able to prevent diseases,  to slim, to tone and to firm our body.

*Last but not least, the Quantum Skin Activator.*

Quantum Skin Activator disperse melanin cells structure, hence boosts immediate whitening and skin rejuvenation. Your skin tone is guarantee to be 1 - 2 tones lighter after 30 minutes of therapy. Woot!! All hail the Quantum Skin Activator!!!

I think it's a bit confusing and wordy to read through all the facts, here's some summary after spending 30 minutes inside the ST House for the ST Therapy:





*Woot woot! Time to take off our clothes and try it out! (Hands too itchy, Tammy too cute, can't resist myself to add a pair of cat's ear on Tammy. LOL!)

After 30 minutes later...

*Can't really see the after-effect through photos because the white balance is a bit off. Hmm....*


Here's some of my thoughts after the ST Therapy in ST House:

i) You won't feel suffocating like how it's like in Sauna room. The room is spacious enough and you can move around if you wish to.

ii) You'll start to sweat a lot after 5 - 10 minutes, but these are toxins which eliminates from your body, so you have to wipe it off immediately with small hand towel before it's absorb back into your body.

iii) Try to lean on those electromagnetic ceramic balls for more visible effect. You can feel the heat in your body and your skin will become reddish after the session.

iv) After the ST Therapy, you won't feel sticky like you just finish jogging or doing sports, in fact, you'll feel fresh and rejuvenate!

v) Even though you can't see the after effect in my photos, but yes, my skin become smoother and brighter according to Bun. He asked me: How come you look so fair? LOL! (Happy happy!)

vi) One of the after effect of this ST Therapy is - I feel super exhausted as I went to bed on 11pm and slept for 16 hours straight! LOL. I guess burning 900 calories / 'jogged for 9km' is something really tired for me.

Overall, I do feel that there's some immediate effects and changes to my skin and body after spending 30 minutes in the ST House. And it was totally fun talking and gossiping with Tammy and 8 other bloggers during the whole session.


Eager to try ST Therapy? Here's some GOOD NEWS for you!

Life Code will give away FIRST TRIAL of this ST Therapy for FREE for first time customer. All you need to do is just walk into Life Code during their business hour. (Prior reservation are not allowed, only for walk-in customer).

So what are you waiting for? Go and try this superb ST Therapy now and experience the magical 30 minutes therapy which brings so much benefit to your body!

Life Code Anti-Aging International Bhd.
No.33, 1st Floor,
Jalan Yap Kwan Seng,
50450, K.L.
(Opposite FullHouse)


or you can call Chris (Product Trainer) +60123235010 for more info.

P.S: Next, I'll be blogging about Life Code Skin Care Products and their Anti-Aging Make-Up Series!


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