Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Playful Day at Titiwangsa

Went to Titiwangsa the next day after bought my baby canon camera. Can't wait to test it out all the way I want!

Always love the colorful playground of Titiwangsa, reminds me of Teletubbies. (Seriously!)

Too bad that Xuan Xuan is not in the mood of playing around that day, keep on showing me his frown face. I thought children are suppose to be able to feel happy easily? It seems I have a complicated mind son. LOL!

*Don't wanna step out and cross the bridge. No matter how we persuade him to.*

*So cute!!! XD*

We ended that day with a kiss. Muacks!

P.S: Was suppose to write the blog post about Life Code and its ST House! But I forgotten to take all the brochures and introduction with me, all left back at KL! It seems have to postpone another week for that blog post. (Sorry Tammy! Took it so long to complete that blog post!!)

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