Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Xuan Xuan's New Mum

Dengan sukacitanya, saya mempermaklumkan bahawa Reiko yang rambut warna hitam sudah tiada, sekarang, Xuan Xuan akan dijaga oleh emaknya yang baru - Reiko yang rambutnya berwarna (insert name of the colour that you think my hair is LOL!)

Ahahahaha~ When I reach home, the first thing I see is that my son gave me that weird look, like he doesn't know who am I or something. (But he somehow can sense the 'mother/breast milk' smell in me so he still want me to breast feed him. LOL!)

Anyway, I am OFFICIALLY NON-black hair anymore! Weeeee~!!! Nothing can express my excitement towards my new look. After 3years+ of black hair days, now I'm back to the young *ahem, I am young anyhow!* and energetic dyed hair Reiko!

Camwhore FIRST! Weeeee~!!!! (No caption, can't think of any captions because over excited. Hehe!)

*Photoshop gao gao. Wahahaha~!*

Anyway, after Bun take some time looking at me, he asked me: Why you dye this colour ar? I thought you say you wanna dye dark brown or something? This colour is what colour? Looks like a bit tangy orange/flame red... And you look like aged alot without make-up!


I guess one of the things that husband will always do is to spoil the excitement and joyful feeling of a wife when she change a new look/buy new clothes etc etc.

But blah~! I don't care, I know how to photoshop to make myself look good. Haha! So what?

*Super love to take photos with flash using my Canon 1000D! Photos look super nice! Okay, I admit, I still use photoshop to enhance something. LOL!*

Went for casting after dinner. And suddenly realise something about dyeing hair in new colour - You have reconfigure all the make-up tricks and clothing colours to match your new hair colour. Seriously, I never think of that! 

I guess I need to readjust everything again, which will consume a lot of brain juice from me again. Hmmm~ Any advices from you guys?

*Happy happy~!!!*

Thank you very much for the services of dyeing my hair. If you happen to live at Kota Kemunning, try to find a hair studio called Pepito Hair Studio in Herbaline Square. They have one of the best services and attitude in hair studio line! *applause*

And yeah, they are the one that did my hair for the Schwarzkopf hair show I just modeled for during early of May! Will blog about that soon.

*Muacks muacks!*

It's already the month of June. I think June really is my lucky month! Hope more good things will follow and come in my way! (And *ahem* June is my birthday month too! Yayyy!!!)

Okay~ Time to sleep now, wanna rest more since I think I'm over stress out for work and happenings in my life lately. Buhbye!!!


C'est Coco said...

Hey just dropping by~ ;) Have been checking your blog more frequently the last time and I really have to admit that the haircolor just looks FANTASTIC on you! I myself have naturally ash-brown/black hair, too, but went all blonde some years ago and want to leave it like this.

An other haircolor also gives you a new attitude and really may change your life somehow. At least I made this experience and still get that feeling when I let re-dye my roots, haha~

Looks suuuper pretty. ;D
(And trust me, your husband will get used to it. Just give him a bit more time haha.)

Doroshi said...

Love your hair color, look very fresh and young! :)

I very agree with u that husband are very good in spoiling our moods when we did ourselves pretty. Anyway dun let them spoil our mood...keep our spirits high heheh

Mootsabella said...

Dengan sukacitanya, saya mempermaklumkan bahawa Reiko yang rambut warna hitam sudah tiada, sekarang, Xuan Xuan akan dijaga oleh emaknya yang baru ..

I am super shock you know..I thought something bad happened to you Reiko! Ufff, you make my heart exercise today..By the way, I love your new hair color. Your husband is jealous blah blah blah..keep it up, Reiko!!!!

jfook said...

nice hair colour. :)

Bella Enveeus said...

It does look quite red or maybe it's because of the flash.. But that don't matter as long as you're brave and strong enough to carry it off.. Hey, you'll look gorgeous anyway anyhow.. :)