Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Birthday Pleasures

Was requested to become Kei's sis Kaede's model for her assignment, and the place that she's going to held the photoshoot is at Hana's house, 6th of June, a day before my birthday.

Everything decided so last minute, I don't even know what's really going on. In that early morning, I went to Putrajaya with Peiyue and Kevin for this so-call mini photoshoot outing ( yes, I haven't process the photos YET!!! Pardon my procrastination again.) and rush all the way back to KL after our lunch.

Kei picked me up at Peiyue's house and there we go, head to Hana's new home, a cozy condo at Mont Kiara.

Felt super duper sleepy when we're at Hana's house because of the living room's air condition. How I wish I can just lie on the sofa and sleep. But hell no, Kaede's gonna doll me up with the style she wants, she even tong-ed my hair into curly curly curls. ( I want to buy TONGSSS!!!)

Took bout 1 hour plus for set-up everything, and there we go, to the swimming pool area to freak out all the families who were enjoying their Saturday family swimming day. Haha. I'm sure we all look like weirdos with the make-ups and cameras and stuffs.

Changed numerous time of clothes and posed numerous of poses. My brain lagged so much I couldn't really think of anything more. I just hope that Kaede pass her assignment, or even, get a good result from her lecturer or something.

Am so happy that Kaede call it an off for the photoshoot session. Just when we're all back at Hana's house, ringed her doorbell and waiting for her to open the door, it took quite some time for her to answer the door. And just when she open up the door, there it is:

A Surprise Mini Birthday Party For Me!!!

Oh my god! How sweet!!! I thought that all I get maybe is a lil pressie or something. I didn't expect that you guys will all link up and planned this mini party for me. I was surprise like hell and did not know what face expression to give! (Half due to lack of sleep. LOL!)

I really feel grateful to have all of you as my besties, there's nothing in this world can replace the place of you guys have in my heart. Suki even called me from Japan!!! Our friendship is the last thing that I wanna let go and forget. Thank you so much to everyone who made this happen.

And for all those who's been so eager wanna know what gift I received this year from fella SEISYUN and friends, this is it:

*Gift Box by Estee Lauder! Damn surprising can!!! Now I can use branded cosmetics (ahem bimbotic mode ON!) LOL!*

*This is what I cherish most... Birthday Card it is!*

*And it has my BELOVED pink bunny at its cover. 3D card some more! So cute can faint!!!*

*All the wishes you guys wrote. These, will be my motivation all the way till next year.*

*And now, let's unwrap the ribbon... And see what's inside shall we? :D*

*OMG!!! Almost have EVERY ESSENTIAL COSMETICS!!!! Thank you all my lovely ji muis. (Although I know who chose this pressie. LOL!)*

*Vanilla tone. I apply this foundation after I apply the BB Cream I bought at Skin Food. Surprisingly this foundation is so smooth and light, they barely cover my pores and able to let me skin to breathe freely!*

*Smoky! I have to say, this have to be my current FAVOURITE eyeshadow palette!*

Okay, maybe there's some better ones by other brand but you know, I don't buy branded cosmetics so I'm only compare it to those I'm currently using like Maybelline, KATE.

Why this palette of eyeshadow is my favourite? The colour is so vibrant and the highlight colors shimmer I can have sparkling eyes. Plus even I layered all the colors onto my eyelid, they blend in so well without being flaky or looks like heavily coated. I guess this have to be the reason why everyone is buying branded cosmetics.

Another favourite point I like about this is, the colour stays even though I worked for long hours. Seriously, how can I not love this eyeshadow palette???

*Estee Lauder Pleasures miniature(? Can this be called as miniature?)*

When I open up the box, all I can smell is the aroma of this floral scent perfume. Quite like it though. Will find some time try it on my own skin.

*Ultra Lip Gloss*

You guys got me this hot pink lip gloss with lotssssss of shimmers in it! How can I not love this???? I really love the color of this lip gloss and its shimmer. After apply it on my lips, my lips are like SUPER BLING lo. You gotta try it to believe it! Hehe.

*Magna Scopic mascara miniature.*

I guess this mascara emphasizes on volume. After apply this onto my lashes, my lashes looks super thick and voluminous! Too bad not good enough as it doesn't have fiber in it to lengthen my own lashes. If not I'm gonna love this tube of mascara to death.

I guess this pretty much sums up everything. Even though it's not a blast one, but I appreciate each and every of you, putting effort in making this day a special day for me. I love you guys many many much!!! 



Christine said...

Hahahaha... cant wait to see ur make up on those~!!!
Happy u love it~!!!

Love u~!!!

Jean said...

wow! happy birthday!
let's celebrate for the whole month!!^^

Tammy said...

wow so nice..... of your sisters!!! that's a lovely birthday gift reiko!! happy birthday!!!