Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hair Cosmetics

Blog is dead recently. I've been busy working and arranging time to spend with my family members hence I only on facebook to check on some friends news update. Nothing more.

I've been wanting to buy some hair care products since I dyed my hair into the caramel brown, but tight financial always make me stop at the last minute from putting those stuff into my shopping basket. 

But hooray, just get paid and straightaway I bought some stuff from Guardians. (Impulsive buys, really. Can get these stuff cheaper at Watsons or Carrefour.)

*Tadahhhh~!!! It's all about hair. (Please ignore the Strepsils. A bit sore throat recently.)*

I was suppose to buy a set of bikini for my upcoming model search competition instead of these hair cosmetics! But guess what, the swim wear shop I went zap lap liao (closed down), I can't buy bikini so I bought all these. Costs me RM80! Burnt a hole in my pocket.

But seriously, my hair is desperately in need of some intensive care. They look like a bunch of dried, half dead grass or broom. (Funny things is, DJ in Naili's place call me Shakira WTF!)

*Surprisingly there's this in the market? Beauty Labo Color Care Leave On Treatment Spray RM18.90*

I'm so in love with its pinkish bottle and this is the LAST bottle available on the rack. Heart felt sooooo itchy I just grab it and put it in my basket.

It's a treatment spray designed for colored hair and there stated: Anti Color Fade! This pinky bottle sure knows what I need at the right time.

*Something not new in the market, but I'm the 1st time trying this out! L'oreal Elseve Color Vive Series Shampoo and Conditioner. Shampoo RM22++, Conditioner RM18++*

Tried it once... Can't really see the effect of the color of my hair YET but I'm very happy that my hair becomes much more smoother and softer. Unlike previously, I can't even comb my hair one handed, another hand must hold the bunch of hair to untangle the hair ends.

Degil-nya my hair! T_T

Just done a Korean online shopping mall TVC today outside Pavilion. Wow, those models from Korean sure is pretty! Their face is sooooooo small, nose bridge so tall, and double eyelids so pretty they look good in any pose, any outfit, any style!

I think to me, the acceptances for plastic surgery becomes higher after what I saw with my own eyes today. I want to be as pretty as them can!? But ya la, I'm a coward, I'm afraid of going through pain and I got no money. 

Who wanna sponsor me go for plastic surgery? Nothing much I wanna do to my face, maybe sew double eyelid, or MAYBE, put on braces. LOL! (So old only think of put on braces, damn crazy la me.)

Anyway, I will do more review on the BeautyLabo's Leave on treatment spray after I've tried it for some time. Shall continue focusing on what I'm going to work on for tomorrow. Gambatte everyone! Happy Tanabata!


Happy Tanabata



Anna said...

yay i just reviews the beauty labo! just bought like u! kinda ok for my frizzy hair, hopw u have better luck than me babe..and elseve also dont work for me >.<

xoxo elle

Anonymous said...

Hey, Happy Belated Birthday!!
We have the same birthday card for this year. Cheers~* XD