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My Life Code Experience Chapter II - Anti-Aging Skincare and Make-up Series

This will be the 2nd part of my unique Life Code experience, which is mainly cover about skincare and make-up products by Life Code. I am gonna show you, beside their ST Therapy house can do miracles, their anti-aging skincare and make-up products can too!

(To read the 1st chapter about my Life Code experience, CLICK HERE!)

After some we change back to our clothes and rest a bit, Chris is there in the conference room, waiting for our arrival for the 2nd session of the day's routine. She's gonna show us the miracle of Life Code's anti-aging skincare and make-up products.

The first thing we saw in the conference room are these:

*All the anti-aging skincare and make-up products from Life Code. Lying there, waiting for us to discover its miracle-ness.*

*Chris needed a volunteer for her to demonstration.*

Chris is going to show all of us how to cleanse our face and at the same time, able to reach the face lift up effect by applying some Life Code products and some correct way of massages onto our face.

And jeng jeng jeng jeng~~~ Today, our volunteer for this whole face cleansing, massaging, make-up demonstration is:

*Cutie Fiona*

*Look at Chris' technique of cleansing! She uses Life Code Deep Cleansing Milk. *

*After toning and moisturizing, here comes the miracle face lifting massage, using Life Code Instant Face Lift Gel.*

*Massage using your palm or fingertips with circular motion, from inside to outside, bottom to top of your forehead. Massage about 10 minutes.*

*How Fiona looks? Her right side of eye looks a bit lift up and become bigger isn't?*

*Applying some basic foundation on Fiona's face.*

*Here comes the eyeshadow part. Did I tell you that this is an ANTI-WRINKLE eyeshadow???*

*With Anti-Speckle blusher on, Fiona looks natural yet pretty!*

*More touch-up on the eyeshadow part.*

Before I show you the AFTER photo of Fiona, there's something you should know about Life Code Anti-Aging Skincare and Make-up series:
  • All products of Life Code are formulated and manufatured according to this global patented revolutionary technology, which is called as BioTRA™ Core Technology.
  • BioTRA™ technology emphasizes its integrity to perform triple initelligence actions. Its terminology of TRA is - T: Target, R: Release, A: Active.
  •  It is Safe, Effective, Rapid and Natural.
  • BioTRA™ make-up series able to beautify and its tiny repairing particles can repair your skin's dermis layer at the same time.

And now, look at the AFTER photo of Fiona, and witness Life Code's miracles by your own eyes:

*Oh My God, beside she's looking lovely, did you see the lifting effect!!!??? No need botox or any sort of injection already!!!!*

*After witness the example, we all also want to try these superb BioTRA™ make-up series by ourselves!*

*OMG! I look so sucks here hahahahahahahhahahha I just had to laugh at myself. -_-"*

*Super love their Instant Brightening lip gloss with Anti-Wrinkle treatment inside! Now I can have wrinkle free yet plumpy lips!*

After witness all these, I truly have to show my gratitude to Tammy and Chris for organizing such a wonderful event for us to know more about Life Code. Throughout the day, we learned a lot of stuffs including how to massage to lift up our face, and about this amazing BioTRA™ technology.

If any of you are eager to try out the ST house for First Trial FREE, you just have to walk into Life Code during its operating hours to enjoy the benefit of slimming, detoxifying relaxing process of ST House.


After burning 900 calories, it's time for 12 of us to sit down and have a late lunch. Thanks Chris and Life Code for this special meal in Rasa Sayang's VIP guest room. I believe that each and everyone of us enjoyed it to the end.

*This is the first time I step into Rasa Sayang. Gotta love their juice bar, the decoration lights are just stunning!*

*Here we are, chatting non-stop before the food is serve.*

*There's some bamboos and pebbles pathway at the end of the room. Soothing oriental feel.*

*Wing puts on my nerdy glasses, she looks CUTE!!!! (She IS cute in any way. Hehe.)*

Waited, and waited, here comes our late lunch ( to me, it is late BRUNCH! I haven't had any breakfast yet!!!)

*Super yummylicious watermelon juice. 90% juicy sweet watermelon + 10% ice!*

*ABC Soup. Tomato overdose is LOVE!*

*Rasa Sayang Curry Chicken. The taste is a bit different from those we normally had. This is a bit smokey, I like it somehow! Yums.*

*Ok, pardon my jakun-ness, is this fried rice? Nasi briyani??? What nasi is this actually??? LOL!*

*Our set of meal. So full!*

*Surprisingly, there's this after meal dessert! Whip cream fruit salad. First time had whip cream in my fruit salad and it tasted REAL~ good! Imma buy a bottle of whip cream now. LOL!*

*After each of us fill our tummy with Rasa Sayang yummy food, here comes the group photo!*

*Back to Life Code to take our bags. Stellar saw this huge piano at the reception area, she went up and pose as a pianist. A beautiful pianist!*

*Last few photos of Life Code's amazing products*

*Skin Care Series*

*Make-up Series*

*Last but not least, another group photo of us in the Life Code Centre*

I guess I don't need to do some extra elaboration about Life Code anymore. It's time for you to find out their miracle-ness by yourself!

Life Code Anti-Aging International Bhd.
No.33, 1st Floor,
Jalan Yap Kwan Seng,
50450, K.L.
(Opposite FullHouse)


or you can call Chris (Product Trainer) +60123235010 for more info.

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