Monday, August 30, 2010

Whole New Experience

This weekend, both Saturday and Sunday were engaged for photoshoot!!! Isn't a happy thing or what!!! I love photoshoot, I love people taking photos of me and I definitely love to see the outcome of what models and photographers together had achieve!

Guess what, I just got the Saturday's photoshoot from Matthew!! *Super Happy!!*

Here's a preview of the series of photos:

Can you believe it is actually taken in front of the house, the wall of the car porch? Looks like inside studio isn't?

As I've told Matthew, I feel grateful that he's a kind photographer which willing to discuss and guide the models of their posing, facial expression, and even gave me suggestions of which angle can show the best of me!

I've gained so much knowledge throughout this whole photoshoot session, and I know money can't buy these knowledge. Thank you for all the sharing of thoughts, Matthew.

I will post the whole series of photos in blog in the next few days! Do check out my blog oftenly k? Cheers!

Friday, August 27, 2010

The White Queen Impostor

Back at early of April, 10 bloggers were invited to The Smokehouse, Bangsar for a tea party/food review session. *Oops, food review, bloggers, free food invitation seems like some hot keywords for now.* And the theme for this tea party is The Mad Hatter's Tea Party!

I believe that you've already seen my blog post about the food review. (Just in case you missed it, here's the link for you, they have awesome English theme ambience and food! Click Here to Read )

But I guess I didn't blog much about my make-up for that day!!! So I decided to show you more photos of me - impostor of the White Queen character.

White Queen driving. LOL! Because don't have Prince Charming fetch me.

A week earlier, we were all required to impost a character in the blockbuster movie "Alice in The Wonderland" since the theme is Mad Hatter's Tea Party. I guess lots of blogger will choose either Alice or Mad Hatter, so I was thinking about the Red Queen or the White Queen.

But I just realize that I don't any red dress (Can I say FML!??) so the only option left for me is the White Queen. At that time, I haven't watch the movie, so I don't have any clue how is the White Queen's make-up and outfit looks like. All I have are some movie posters which I googled.

White Queen stuck in the traffic jam.

So, the day for the food review arrives. And I realize that: I don't have any white dress either!!! (DOUBLE FML CAN!???) So, I'm force to wear 2 piece and add some impact accessories to make it up like a queen. LOL!

I even use my faux pearl hairband as necklace. Damn pathetic. 

Eye make-up close up.

I heard that there's this existence of WHITE foundation, and I try very hard to find it, even ask around from friends who are taking make-up course, too bad it's a bit rare, I guess only Geisha been using it.

So, I used my own method to make it white, but boohooo~ the white doesn't last long and it can be apply evenly on my skin.

Two Face White Queen. Before and After.

To 'electrified' my eyes, I even put on lower fake lashes. Damn hardcore! You have no idea how hard it is to apply it on! I wonder how those Japanese manage to make it looks so natural with their lower fake lashes on.

Face Powder from my Grandma era!

Since i can't get the white foundation, so THIS is the powder I used to make my face appear white. Not that visible, but it sure is something nostalgic isn't? *Reminds me of my grandma. Sniff sniff*

I guess now I'm satisfied after the secret finally revealed. LOL! I don't have any clue what to post about next... Maybe about Xuan Xuan??? Hehe! His birthday is coming!!! *excited* Gonna plan how to celebrate with him. Hehe.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I went to Watsons again...

10 days ago, went to KLCC's Watsons all by myself.

I guess a woman shouldn't be alone when she's going shopping, she'll end up have the courage to buy the things she always wanted to, whether she needs it or not. LOL. I guess this is what happened to me.

Garnier Body Light Whitening Hydrating UV Lotion RM19++

I can't remember when is the last time I bought body lotion, probably few years back! I've been thinking of whitening my skin these days so body lotion is the best option. I've tried Nivea's whitening lotion before (which I don't think it brings much difference to my current skin tone), so I've decided to buy Garnier.

Am using this every night, waiting to see the results tho!

Freebies! Clarifying foam and Overnight Whitening peeling cream.

Since these contains lemon essence, so I think it'll work best during night time. I try my best not to apply products with lemon essence on me during daytime as lemon is very good in absorbing UV rays, it'll fasten the speed of absorbing UV and darken your pigmentation. 

Once I heard that there's one girl take bath with slices of lemon in the water. She do it only at night and with lights off some more. So after the bath she straight away went to bed and sleep. Believe it, her skin is as white as snow!!!

After listening to that story, I don't put on lemon essence stuff on my skin during daytime anymore. LOL!

Pantene Night Miracle Serum RM14++

I love this hair serum right after the first usage. It's not sticky at all, and smoothens my hair so much!!! I don't know whether it really repairs the hair (since I've just dye my hair again for the hair show), I guess I only can tell the result after continue using it for some time then.

Rimmel's Vinyl Gloss in Demure (code 111) RM17+

My FIRST Rimmel product after Rimmel comes into Malaysia for so long.

I've wanted to have Japanese gal's nude pink lips ever since nudy shades is in the trend, and now, I think I can have ONE!!! Yahoooooo~!

This shade of pink is very, very light, give your lips a touch of nudy pink if you conceal your lips colour at first. I will post some photos with this gloss on soon!

That's all for my latest shopping haul from Watsons. I guess I'm restrain from going into it in the near future. Bun will kill me if I continue behaving like this! LOL!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Harrods is a brand founded in year 1834, and I just got to know this brand last month. Shame on me I know!!!!

Ever since Bun start to work inside KLIA, he will tell me that Harrods bag is very nice and durable, and his colleague (an auntie) have been buying Harrods' bags for herself and her daughters etc etc.... 

And somehow the image of a cute, fluffy, warm teddy bear appears in my mind. I guess this is the only piece of impression that I have for Harrods.

Two weeks ago, after work, I purposely went to Harrods World Signature Shop and Tea Salon for a look. Seriously, I love that place. Cozy, warm with all the cute teddy bears and stuffs around. I even checked the prices for bags and pouches. A medium size one costs around RM120 - RM188, pouches are around RM80. Super love the plain black bag with long strap and the all gold bling pouch! *ahem, this is a hint!*

Anyway, two days ago, Bun bought me something from Harrods. When he took out the plastic bag, my eyes were sparkling and full of excitement, and when the time I pull out the things inside......

He bought me a bottle of JAM! LOL!!!!!!

I don't know what kind of facial expression I should give him. Hahahahahahahaha~ Out of words at all!!! And Bun were asking me: Eh!? You don't like this ar? Then I answer: No ar, Ok ma..... LOL!!!!!!!!

Harrods Geranium Jelly. What's a Geranium jelly anyway!!!?????

This bottle of geranium jelly costs RM16. Kinda pricey for a bottle of jelly, but the taste is a bit different from what's providing in the current market. It's made of red current juice, lemon juice and geranium oil. Taste like red grape + lemon + honey-like sweetness. A refreshing kind of taste.

The texture is more to liquid type rather than solid. So you just need to take a small amount of the jelly and able to spread on one whole piece of bread!

Bun even suggest that next time, I can buy Harrods stuff for my friends.

Yes, I believe I will! With their cute packaging, and some with teddy bear metal box, who wouldn't love Harrods stuff?

I'm start to fall in love with Harrods.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Schwarzkopf Essential Looks Pure Collection Showcase 2010 - Pre-Show Preparation

Forgive me for posting grandma story here, but still I'm going to blog about this whether you like it or not. Haha. Anyway, continue the insider's story for the Schwarzkopf Essential Looks Pure Collection Showcase - The Pre-Show Preparation!

Pepito Hair Studio

After got selected at interview, 2 days later, the hair stylist of each category is going to cut and color their model's hair. My hair stylist, which is the director of Pepito hair studio, located at Kota Kemuning, which means we have to go there to cut and color our hair.

Thank god that our agent is so kind enough to bring us there and back, if not I think I will lost my way in Shah Alam. Super unfamiliar with that area!

Bye Bye Beauteen Pink Beige Hair. LOL! 

Sebastian Tan (The Director of Pepito Hair Studio) cutting my hair.

You know how much it'll cost for these Schwarzkopf ambassador cum director to cut one's hair??? RM100++!!!! Holy mama! I think I've just got the most expensive haircut in my life! (Unless I got a chance to get haircut by Winnie Loo, then that's another story.)

Time to color!

Honestly, I totally have no idea how they're going to color my hair and what color tone they'll use, everything just go with the flow and I'm enjoying the process of evolving into the Schwarzkopf showcase model!

Have to re-dye the hair end again because the color won't suck in!

After few hours of waiting, JENG JENG JENG JENNNGGGGGGGG.......

Schwarzkopf Essential Looks Pure Collection 2010 - Boudoir (Before styling)

The color is not that vibrant compare to other category, but yes, I like it somehow! The copper-ish red color highlights are hidden underneath some of my hair, making it a bit mysterious. LOL.

When curled up the hair, the flow of the colors is pretty! Too bad I don't have curler myself, or else you'll be seeing me tong my hair everyday. Haha.

Close-up of my hair color.

Lovely Vidhya who is the 1st timer as model for hairshow! Look at her super curly hair, reminds me of Victorian Era.

After sitting for so many hours waiting our hair to be done, then stuck in traffic jam while we're on the way to the dancing studio for rehearsal. Oh my~ You have no idea what we'll be wearing and how we're going to appear on stage!

I just know that everything will be pretty, sexy, mysterious and boudoir-ish! *LOVES*

With Celeste, Sara and Christine. Fun meeting you guys!!!

Basically, next will be the blog post about the actual show, but seriously, I took too many photos for that show day and now I'm a bit lazy go through all the piles of photos stacked. Haha. I will post it up asap. I will, trust me.

But before that, I shall post about something else. LOL.

P.S: This Schwarzkopf showcase held on 2nd of May, and tomorrow, will be the Press Conference of Schwarzkopf Essential Looks Modern Collection 2/2010! And guess what, I'm selected as one of the models again! HAPPYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Can't Believe That.....

I just spend money and buy cosme stuffs again. LOL. Can't tahan the itchiness of my hand to spend money again.

Just bought few items today at Watsons:

Sunplay Skin Aqua Super Hydration UV GEL RM23.90 (Promotion item)

GEL!!!??? I'm not sure how gel type sunblock feels like, but am willing to try! Since it's from Sunplay, which is the sunblock brand that I'm using all the time, I think it'll turn out pretty good!? Will be using this UV Gel tomorrow, let's see how it's like.

Silky Girl Quik Clear Nail Polish Remover RM7.10

Running out off nail polish remover, and my nail polish chipped, so I gotta change new colour! Have to deal with Silky Girl's since KATE counter is not available in Alpha Angle's Watsons.

The smells a bit floral, but I think it doesn't met with its statement: Extra Strength. Hardly can remove nail polish in one stroke (as written at the back of the bottle), I have to use 2 pieces of cottons just to remove my 10 finger nails' polish.

50% Off EACH! RM2.50 per bottle! Only at Elianto!!!

Bought another 3 colours to add into my Elianto nail polish collection.

My Elianto Nail Polish Collection

It seems the glittery candy pink is my favourite, used half of the bottle already. Really like that colour so much, and I think it's one of the colour that can do all the matchy matchy stuff with my clothes.

Am already thinking to buy more striking colour next!

Weekend is here, gotta start busy working again... Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Schwarzkopf Essential Looks Pure Collection Showcase 2010 - Pre-Show Interview

During April, Schwarzkopf is looking for models to become their 2010 Pure Collection Showcase model. I'm  glad that I'm selected to go for the interview, as well as my friend Wendy. So we decided to car pool together and head to ....

Menara Telekom. My my, sure it's a pretty building. Heard Bun say it's one of the intelligent building available in KL. Is it true?

Searched for parking for quite some time, decided to park on the side of the road because all the parking system were so freakin' expensive! (I think won't be so bad luck kena saman gua....)

Can't resist and start to camwhore a bit! Haha. Vain is in our blood!!!

I've heard of this Schwarzkopf showcase before, and knew that it is one of the prestigious hairshow in town. I think to be in this hairshow requires some luck isn't?

Forgot which floor is the company, but look at the view, stunning!

We're one of the candidates that arrives too early, gotta wait a while till it starts.

Fill in some form about our own information first.

Then camwhore abit....

It's gettin' a lil bit boring waiting in the room, we decided to 'escape' to toilet to do some touch-up for our make-up, and as well as explore the place a bit, in another words, take some photos too!

Black & White

Got nothing to do, asked Wendy to become my model for me to take photos. LOL! Too bad I saved the wrong dimension for this photo! Or else I think it can be a stunning one.

Miss you so much babe, can't wait to see you when you're back from U.K!

Yeah! *poses*

After we done taking photos and syok sendiri, by the time we go back to the room we waited earlier, more than half of the seats were occupied, and there's people keep on coming in time by time. By the time the interview session starts, the room is full of people and some of them have to remain standing because no more empty chairs!

Saw some familiar faces who are active in freelance industry, even saw my secondary schoolmate! Such a coincidence, and shows how popular this hairshow is! 

And there starts the interview. A person in charge from Singapore, flew all the way here to give us a speech and take care of some of the things for this hairshow. I like his introduction and the way he speak.

Lots of girls who are NOT willing to cut their hair, also come to the interview. Common sense, why do you still want to go for hairshow if you treasure your locks so much and will want to bargain with the hair stylist for the style they're going to apply upon you?

They pay you so you can cooperate with them and cut/dye/style whichever way the hair stylist want to, so I really think it's such dumb thinking for still thinking or at least try to negotiate with hair stylist to spare those lovely locks. 

Since the day I received the notification for the interview, I made up my mind that I can accept whatever style they wanna cut my hair, besides, I'm thinking of changing a new hairstyle too! LOL! I get paid to change a new hairstyle, how good is that!?

After the introduction of this showcase and what's it about, meet and greet those hairstylists, we're all required to do some catwalking on stage. In front of all other who come for interview.

I feel nervous. Seriously. Quite long time I didn't do catwalking, I need some time to pick up the feeling of catwalking by observing others do it first. LOL.

And yes, I'm selected for this showcase, am becoming one of the model. YEAH!!!!

*stay tune for 2nd chapter.*

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pikom PC Fair II 2010

After went to SaSa Malaysia's FIRST Blogger Tea Session *ahem I'm so proud LOL XD* at delicious, Marc Residences, I've been thinking to pay Pikom PC Fair a visit, since I never did really went to PC Fair even ONCE in my 23 years old life.

The reason I blog about PC Fair first instead of SaSa Malaysia's Blogger Tea Session is because, my friends are waiting to get their photos from me, since I've already edited the photos and posted on Facebook, why don't I just blog about it rightaway too! *feeling productive!*

And my, the route for this whole PC Fair sure is a bit confusing, I didn't know that public visitors are required to go up to level to enter the fair. Main entrance at level 3, a bit LOL to me. Anyway, I just follow the direction those signboard told me to.

Another thing, I totally come at the WRONG TIME! Most of my friends were in their dinner break, I can just meet few of them! Am I stupid or what. LOL! I should've plan the time to visit, but end up did an impromptu one, and kena makan lemon. Haihzzzzz Noob la me!

The crowd never dies, even though most of them already know that the price is not that much different during PC Fair and normal time. LOL!

But still, met some of my friends there. Ask them to pose for me and let me take photos. LOL! I have to use some time to chat with them and answer them why am I not working for PC Fair.

"Because no company wants to hire me la!!!! Damn ke lian!!!!"

Serious, this is my official answer to all the questions. I don't know why, maybe I just don't have the luck/face that makes a company wants to hire me. I've been to so many interviews and got turned down so many times, sometime I really think it's a waste of my time to go for interviews.

But another side, never try never know right? Contradictive thinking, I know. -_-"

Stephanie babe... She's working alone, another pity babe got no people she know to accompany her during these 3 days. Gambatte babe, fight away your boringness and you'll see money coming your way! Weee~!!!!

Before I went into KL Convention Centre, I saw few of my friends standing at the side of the road waiting for the traffic light to turn red. I called one of the girl's name and turns out I knew most of the girl in that group! They drag me to accompany them for their dinner time. LOL!

Spend some time catching up with them, and yes, answering that question of the day again. Dragged a bit of time, and end up not much girls I know working during that time I visit. LOL!

Penny and Charlotte and this lovely babe I don't know what's her name. LOL! But I seriously like their costume. Hire me for cosplay please! I'm a cosplay enthusiast but never did once before. Haha!

I've sent profile to this game company for a few times, turns out they keep rejecting me because they think I don't suit the character style. Really doesn't suit meh? I really wanted to work as cosplayer so much! Too bad my wish is not granted. Well well.... 

I like this gown very much, such bridal feel!

A versatile kind of oriental wear, nice!

Followed the crowd goes around, and got a lot of brochures and flyers. Am gonna check the prices, looks for good price and maybe, I'm going to get myself an external hard disk, because I think this poor lil netbook is going to blow up with the amount of spaces all the photos took.

Still looking for it, any good recommendations anyone?

This banner is seriously LOL! I like it somehow!

Pretty babes from Avira. They always got themselves the top models from the industry, aren't they? I wish I can work for them too someday.

I really do understand the strategic that big companies hire all these girls and their true purpose. They want us, visitors, to have a good and strong impression on their brand. When we see the brand, we remember the girls, and vice versa. Quality of the model is crucial, isn't?

Really love their stage and their bling bling tube dress! LOVE MAX!!!

Walk and pass by some booth, there are models there, but I feel a bit uneasy to pick up my camera and take photos of them. I am scared. Seriously, I don't know what I'm afraid of, but I decide not to do so. Maybe I felt the tired and dull feeling of smiling towards numerous of camera, so I decided to spare that few seconds for them to relax their face muscles.

Maybe I am a shy person. LOL. Yes I am.

I just saw her yesterday, at Agnes's birthday party, and now, she's standing there, working.

One of the pretty babe! Cun!

Walking inside the small pathway between booths is not an easy task. People in front of you might just make an emergency stop anytime and the whole lane will be congested because of these people.

Seriously, if you want to look at something, please stand aside, I don't want to stuck in the 'traffic jam' for no reason, it really does piss me off so much! Make way for people to pass by, concern about others too, it's not just about you and the money that you're about to spend.

You don't know how relief and refreshing am I at the very moment I step out from the hall. All my brain can think about is: FRESH AIRRRRR!!!!!! Hahahahahaha

This sunset calms my soul, after being in a 'war' for almost 1 hour and struggling to survive.

I wish to pay 2nd visit to the PC Fair ( Taking photos of pretty babes can be addictive this I can assure you!!!!) too bad I'll have to work for the next two days (Sat and Sunday.) Another bad timing I can say.

That's all about the PC Fair II from my view. Be there to experience the power of people advertising non-stop, pretty babes smiling non-stop, cameras flashing non-stop and you trying to get out from the crowd! XD