Saturday, August 21, 2010


Harrods is a brand founded in year 1834, and I just got to know this brand last month. Shame on me I know!!!!

Ever since Bun start to work inside KLIA, he will tell me that Harrods bag is very nice and durable, and his colleague (an auntie) have been buying Harrods' bags for herself and her daughters etc etc.... 

And somehow the image of a cute, fluffy, warm teddy bear appears in my mind. I guess this is the only piece of impression that I have for Harrods.

Two weeks ago, after work, I purposely went to Harrods World Signature Shop and Tea Salon for a look. Seriously, I love that place. Cozy, warm with all the cute teddy bears and stuffs around. I even checked the prices for bags and pouches. A medium size one costs around RM120 - RM188, pouches are around RM80. Super love the plain black bag with long strap and the all gold bling pouch! *ahem, this is a hint!*

Anyway, two days ago, Bun bought me something from Harrods. When he took out the plastic bag, my eyes were sparkling and full of excitement, and when the time I pull out the things inside......

He bought me a bottle of JAM! LOL!!!!!!

I don't know what kind of facial expression I should give him. Hahahahahahahaha~ Out of words at all!!! And Bun were asking me: Eh!? You don't like this ar? Then I answer: No ar, Ok ma..... LOL!!!!!!!!

Harrods Geranium Jelly. What's a Geranium jelly anyway!!!?????

This bottle of geranium jelly costs RM16. Kinda pricey for a bottle of jelly, but the taste is a bit different from what's providing in the current market. It's made of red current juice, lemon juice and geranium oil. Taste like red grape + lemon + honey-like sweetness. A refreshing kind of taste.

The texture is more to liquid type rather than solid. So you just need to take a small amount of the jelly and able to spread on one whole piece of bread!

Bun even suggest that next time, I can buy Harrods stuff for my friends.

Yes, I believe I will! With their cute packaging, and some with teddy bear metal box, who wouldn't love Harrods stuff?

I'm start to fall in love with Harrods.

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Bella Enveeus said...

yup..they're cute right? :)