Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I went to Watsons again...

10 days ago, went to KLCC's Watsons all by myself.

I guess a woman shouldn't be alone when she's going shopping, she'll end up have the courage to buy the things she always wanted to, whether she needs it or not. LOL. I guess this is what happened to me.

Garnier Body Light Whitening Hydrating UV Lotion RM19++

I can't remember when is the last time I bought body lotion, probably few years back! I've been thinking of whitening my skin these days so body lotion is the best option. I've tried Nivea's whitening lotion before (which I don't think it brings much difference to my current skin tone), so I've decided to buy Garnier.

Am using this every night, waiting to see the results tho!

Freebies! Clarifying foam and Overnight Whitening peeling cream.

Since these contains lemon essence, so I think it'll work best during night time. I try my best not to apply products with lemon essence on me during daytime as lemon is very good in absorbing UV rays, it'll fasten the speed of absorbing UV and darken your pigmentation. 

Once I heard that there's one girl take bath with slices of lemon in the water. She do it only at night and with lights off some more. So after the bath she straight away went to bed and sleep. Believe it, her skin is as white as snow!!!

After listening to that story, I don't put on lemon essence stuff on my skin during daytime anymore. LOL!

Pantene Night Miracle Serum RM14++

I love this hair serum right after the first usage. It's not sticky at all, and smoothens my hair so much!!! I don't know whether it really repairs the hair (since I've just dye my hair again for the hair show), I guess I only can tell the result after continue using it for some time then.

Rimmel's Vinyl Gloss in Demure (code 111) RM17+

My FIRST Rimmel product after Rimmel comes into Malaysia for so long.

I've wanted to have Japanese gal's nude pink lips ever since nudy shades is in the trend, and now, I think I can have ONE!!! Yahoooooo~!

This shade of pink is very, very light, give your lips a touch of nudy pink if you conceal your lips colour at first. I will post some photos with this gloss on soon!

That's all for my latest shopping haul from Watsons. I guess I'm restrain from going into it in the near future. Bun will kill me if I continue behaving like this! LOL!


Unknown said...

Hahahah shopping is way too addictive. :<
I love pink nude lips too. So pretty! :3

Shopaholic said...

i always refrain from getting into watsons unless i really have something to buy (that i really need).. or i'll end up like wat u said, buying things that i've always wanted to buy, no matter if i need it or not. XD

eminey626 said...

woots! i dont know that lemon can whittening our skin if we apply it at night. LOL! seriously, does it work?

Sylvie Tan said...

is Garnier Body Light Whitening Hydrating UV Lotion really can make u fairer??