Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pikom PC Fair II 2010

After went to SaSa Malaysia's FIRST Blogger Tea Session *ahem I'm so proud LOL XD* at delicious, Marc Residences, I've been thinking to pay Pikom PC Fair a visit, since I never did really went to PC Fair even ONCE in my 23 years old life.

The reason I blog about PC Fair first instead of SaSa Malaysia's Blogger Tea Session is because, my friends are waiting to get their photos from me, since I've already edited the photos and posted on Facebook, why don't I just blog about it rightaway too! *feeling productive!*

And my, the route for this whole PC Fair sure is a bit confusing, I didn't know that public visitors are required to go up to level to enter the fair. Main entrance at level 3, a bit LOL to me. Anyway, I just follow the direction those signboard told me to.

Another thing, I totally come at the WRONG TIME! Most of my friends were in their dinner break, I can just meet few of them! Am I stupid or what. LOL! I should've plan the time to visit, but end up did an impromptu one, and kena makan lemon. Haihzzzzz Noob la me!

The crowd never dies, even though most of them already know that the price is not that much different during PC Fair and normal time. LOL!

But still, met some of my friends there. Ask them to pose for me and let me take photos. LOL! I have to use some time to chat with them and answer them why am I not working for PC Fair.

"Because no company wants to hire me la!!!! Damn ke lian!!!!"

Serious, this is my official answer to all the questions. I don't know why, maybe I just don't have the luck/face that makes a company wants to hire me. I've been to so many interviews and got turned down so many times, sometime I really think it's a waste of my time to go for interviews.

But another side, never try never know right? Contradictive thinking, I know. -_-"

Stephanie babe... She's working alone, another pity babe got no people she know to accompany her during these 3 days. Gambatte babe, fight away your boringness and you'll see money coming your way! Weee~!!!!

Before I went into KL Convention Centre, I saw few of my friends standing at the side of the road waiting for the traffic light to turn red. I called one of the girl's name and turns out I knew most of the girl in that group! They drag me to accompany them for their dinner time. LOL!

Spend some time catching up with them, and yes, answering that question of the day again. Dragged a bit of time, and end up not much girls I know working during that time I visit. LOL!

Penny and Charlotte and this lovely babe I don't know what's her name. LOL! But I seriously like their costume. Hire me for cosplay please! I'm a cosplay enthusiast but never did once before. Haha!

I've sent profile to this game company for a few times, turns out they keep rejecting me because they think I don't suit the character style. Really doesn't suit meh? I really wanted to work as cosplayer so much! Too bad my wish is not granted. Well well.... 

I like this gown very much, such bridal feel!

A versatile kind of oriental wear, nice!

Followed the crowd goes around, and got a lot of brochures and flyers. Am gonna check the prices, looks for good price and maybe, I'm going to get myself an external hard disk, because I think this poor lil netbook is going to blow up with the amount of spaces all the photos took.

Still looking for it, any good recommendations anyone?

This banner is seriously LOL! I like it somehow!

Pretty babes from Avira. They always got themselves the top models from the industry, aren't they? I wish I can work for them too someday.

I really do understand the strategic that big companies hire all these girls and their true purpose. They want us, visitors, to have a good and strong impression on their brand. When we see the brand, we remember the girls, and vice versa. Quality of the model is crucial, isn't?

Really love their stage and their bling bling tube dress! LOVE MAX!!!

Walk and pass by some booth, there are models there, but I feel a bit uneasy to pick up my camera and take photos of them. I am scared. Seriously, I don't know what I'm afraid of, but I decide not to do so. Maybe I felt the tired and dull feeling of smiling towards numerous of camera, so I decided to spare that few seconds for them to relax their face muscles.

Maybe I am a shy person. LOL. Yes I am.

I just saw her yesterday, at Agnes's birthday party, and now, she's standing there, working.

One of the pretty babe! Cun!

Walking inside the small pathway between booths is not an easy task. People in front of you might just make an emergency stop anytime and the whole lane will be congested because of these people.

Seriously, if you want to look at something, please stand aside, I don't want to stuck in the 'traffic jam' for no reason, it really does piss me off so much! Make way for people to pass by, concern about others too, it's not just about you and the money that you're about to spend.

You don't know how relief and refreshing am I at the very moment I step out from the hall. All my brain can think about is: FRESH AIRRRRR!!!!!! Hahahahahaha

This sunset calms my soul, after being in a 'war' for almost 1 hour and struggling to survive.

I wish to pay 2nd visit to the PC Fair ( Taking photos of pretty babes can be addictive this I can assure you!!!!) too bad I'll have to work for the next two days (Sat and Sunday.) Another bad timing I can say.

That's all about the PC Fair II from my view. Be there to experience the power of people advertising non-stop, pretty babes smiling non-stop, cameras flashing non-stop and you trying to get out from the crowd! XD


Jean said...

avira babes are pretty! I love the sexy shinny red tube dress!!

Bella Enveeus said...

altho this have nothing to do with the booths, but i always wonder why do they have to get all this super sexy barely there clothes girls to promote things such as antivirus for pc and stuff? i mean i know sex sells but sometimes it's like this really cheap way of exploitation.. i dont say i totally disagree this method, whatever sells but its also a little degrading.. :(

SAHER said...

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