Monday, August 9, 2010

Schwarzkopf Essential Looks Pure Collection Showcase 2010 - Pre-Show Interview

During April, Schwarzkopf is looking for models to become their 2010 Pure Collection Showcase model. I'm  glad that I'm selected to go for the interview, as well as my friend Wendy. So we decided to car pool together and head to ....

Menara Telekom. My my, sure it's a pretty building. Heard Bun say it's one of the intelligent building available in KL. Is it true?

Searched for parking for quite some time, decided to park on the side of the road because all the parking system were so freakin' expensive! (I think won't be so bad luck kena saman gua....)

Can't resist and start to camwhore a bit! Haha. Vain is in our blood!!!

I've heard of this Schwarzkopf showcase before, and knew that it is one of the prestigious hairshow in town. I think to be in this hairshow requires some luck isn't?

Forgot which floor is the company, but look at the view, stunning!

We're one of the candidates that arrives too early, gotta wait a while till it starts.

Fill in some form about our own information first.

Then camwhore abit....

It's gettin' a lil bit boring waiting in the room, we decided to 'escape' to toilet to do some touch-up for our make-up, and as well as explore the place a bit, in another words, take some photos too!

Black & White

Got nothing to do, asked Wendy to become my model for me to take photos. LOL! Too bad I saved the wrong dimension for this photo! Or else I think it can be a stunning one.

Miss you so much babe, can't wait to see you when you're back from U.K!

Yeah! *poses*

After we done taking photos and syok sendiri, by the time we go back to the room we waited earlier, more than half of the seats were occupied, and there's people keep on coming in time by time. By the time the interview session starts, the room is full of people and some of them have to remain standing because no more empty chairs!

Saw some familiar faces who are active in freelance industry, even saw my secondary schoolmate! Such a coincidence, and shows how popular this hairshow is! 

And there starts the interview. A person in charge from Singapore, flew all the way here to give us a speech and take care of some of the things for this hairshow. I like his introduction and the way he speak.

Lots of girls who are NOT willing to cut their hair, also come to the interview. Common sense, why do you still want to go for hairshow if you treasure your locks so much and will want to bargain with the hair stylist for the style they're going to apply upon you?

They pay you so you can cooperate with them and cut/dye/style whichever way the hair stylist want to, so I really think it's such dumb thinking for still thinking or at least try to negotiate with hair stylist to spare those lovely locks. 

Since the day I received the notification for the interview, I made up my mind that I can accept whatever style they wanna cut my hair, besides, I'm thinking of changing a new hairstyle too! LOL! I get paid to change a new hairstyle, how good is that!?

After the introduction of this showcase and what's it about, meet and greet those hairstylists, we're all required to do some catwalking on stage. In front of all other who come for interview.

I feel nervous. Seriously. Quite long time I didn't do catwalking, I need some time to pick up the feeling of catwalking by observing others do it first. LOL.

And yes, I'm selected for this showcase, am becoming one of the model. YEAH!!!!

*stay tune for 2nd chapter.*

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Bella Enveeus said...

awww ure selected? so happy for u! hope to see some cool hairstyles.. sure ur son wont recognize u after.. coz schwarzkopf hairstyles are really something different.. haha