Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Schwarzkopf Essential Looks Pure Collection Showcase 2010 - Pre-Show Preparation

Forgive me for posting grandma story here, but still I'm going to blog about this whether you like it or not. Haha. Anyway, continue the insider's story for the Schwarzkopf Essential Looks Pure Collection Showcase - The Pre-Show Preparation!

Pepito Hair Studio

After got selected at interview, 2 days later, the hair stylist of each category is going to cut and color their model's hair. My hair stylist, which is the director of Pepito hair studio, located at Kota Kemuning, which means we have to go there to cut and color our hair.

Thank god that our agent is so kind enough to bring us there and back, if not I think I will lost my way in Shah Alam. Super unfamiliar with that area!

Bye Bye Beauteen Pink Beige Hair. LOL! 

Sebastian Tan (The Director of Pepito Hair Studio) cutting my hair.

You know how much it'll cost for these Schwarzkopf ambassador cum director to cut one's hair??? RM100++!!!! Holy mama! I think I've just got the most expensive haircut in my life! (Unless I got a chance to get haircut by Winnie Loo, then that's another story.)

Time to color!

Honestly, I totally have no idea how they're going to color my hair and what color tone they'll use, everything just go with the flow and I'm enjoying the process of evolving into the Schwarzkopf showcase model!

Have to re-dye the hair end again because the color won't suck in!

After few hours of waiting, JENG JENG JENG JENNNGGGGGGGG.......

Schwarzkopf Essential Looks Pure Collection 2010 - Boudoir (Before styling)

The color is not that vibrant compare to other category, but yes, I like it somehow! The copper-ish red color highlights are hidden underneath some of my hair, making it a bit mysterious. LOL.

When curled up the hair, the flow of the colors is pretty! Too bad I don't have curler myself, or else you'll be seeing me tong my hair everyday. Haha.

Close-up of my hair color.

Lovely Vidhya who is the 1st timer as model for hairshow! Look at her super curly hair, reminds me of Victorian Era.

After sitting for so many hours waiting our hair to be done, then stuck in traffic jam while we're on the way to the dancing studio for rehearsal. Oh my~ You have no idea what we'll be wearing and how we're going to appear on stage!

I just know that everything will be pretty, sexy, mysterious and boudoir-ish! *LOVES*

With Celeste, Sara and Christine. Fun meeting you guys!!!

Basically, next will be the blog post about the actual show, but seriously, I took too many photos for that show day and now I'm a bit lazy go through all the piles of photos stacked. Haha. I will post it up asap. I will, trust me.

But before that, I shall post about something else. LOL.

P.S: This Schwarzkopf showcase held on 2nd of May, and tomorrow, will be the Press Conference of Schwarzkopf Essential Looks Modern Collection 2/2010! And guess what, I'm selected as one of the models again! HAPPYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

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Cool hair style babe :)

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