Wednesday, August 4, 2010

雪月花(Setsugekka) - The End Of Silence

I admit that I'm a bit 'dry' nowadays, I'm trapped in the blogger blues again. LOL! Come congrats me!

A bit busy, but not that 24/7 busy until cannot breathe at all, photos got piled up so much I'm editing them lil by lil now, not done for one event yet so no photos for this post. Muahahaha~!

Many things happened during these few weeks, I mean really big incident, I'm constantly following all these news but I never did really show my care intentionally. I guess I'm one of those 'inner side' girl, which is a bit 'cold at the outer, hot at the inner 外冷内热型'. If those who don't know me, maybe they'll think that I'm not that caring at all, won't they?

It's like wishing people Happy Birthday in Facebook. Those who really got my birthday wishes are considered very important to me, such as best friends, family members etc... Yes, I do saw familiar names in the birthday reminder everyday, but never did really hop to their wall and wish them, because I find it a bit insincere in just wishing them happy birthday through facebok.

Besides, they won't even remember who wished them happy birthday right? LOL! 

Start to catching up to Gackt's performance and songs lately, all thanks to Kei who copied all Gackt's discography to me last week! Weee~ Now I can sing Gackt's songs everyday and anytime I want!!! Gackt BANZAIII!!!!!!

And this song, caught the most attention from me, title of this blog post is its song title, means Snow, Moon, Flower - The End of Silence. The powerful feeling of despair, love, the hope to be with someone you love so much but yet you can't... Wow~ Overwhelm by Gackt's vocal, lyrics and song arrangement as usual.

Have a look at the PV also, hope you get what I say.

Another lucky thing happened to me is, I got selected to Sa Sa Malaysia's first ever Blogger tea party happening this Friday!!! The theme will be PINK! OMG PINKKKK!!! ME LOVE!!!!! I am already thinking what to wear to the tea party session, hope it doesn't turn out fugly or fashion disaster. *Prays*

That's what I have to say for now, will continue edit photos and try to blog something more interesting soon. Hehe.

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