Friday, August 27, 2010

The White Queen Impostor

Back at early of April, 10 bloggers were invited to The Smokehouse, Bangsar for a tea party/food review session. *Oops, food review, bloggers, free food invitation seems like some hot keywords for now.* And the theme for this tea party is The Mad Hatter's Tea Party!

I believe that you've already seen my blog post about the food review. (Just in case you missed it, here's the link for you, they have awesome English theme ambience and food! Click Here to Read )

But I guess I didn't blog much about my make-up for that day!!! So I decided to show you more photos of me - impostor of the White Queen character.

White Queen driving. LOL! Because don't have Prince Charming fetch me.

A week earlier, we were all required to impost a character in the blockbuster movie "Alice in The Wonderland" since the theme is Mad Hatter's Tea Party. I guess lots of blogger will choose either Alice or Mad Hatter, so I was thinking about the Red Queen or the White Queen.

But I just realize that I don't any red dress (Can I say FML!??) so the only option left for me is the White Queen. At that time, I haven't watch the movie, so I don't have any clue how is the White Queen's make-up and outfit looks like. All I have are some movie posters which I googled.

White Queen stuck in the traffic jam.

So, the day for the food review arrives. And I realize that: I don't have any white dress either!!! (DOUBLE FML CAN!???) So, I'm force to wear 2 piece and add some impact accessories to make it up like a queen. LOL!

I even use my faux pearl hairband as necklace. Damn pathetic. 

Eye make-up close up.

I heard that there's this existence of WHITE foundation, and I try very hard to find it, even ask around from friends who are taking make-up course, too bad it's a bit rare, I guess only Geisha been using it.

So, I used my own method to make it white, but boohooo~ the white doesn't last long and it can be apply evenly on my skin.

Two Face White Queen. Before and After.

To 'electrified' my eyes, I even put on lower fake lashes. Damn hardcore! You have no idea how hard it is to apply it on! I wonder how those Japanese manage to make it looks so natural with their lower fake lashes on.

Face Powder from my Grandma era!

Since i can't get the white foundation, so THIS is the powder I used to make my face appear white. Not that visible, but it sure is something nostalgic isn't? *Reminds me of my grandma. Sniff sniff*

I guess now I'm satisfied after the secret finally revealed. LOL! I don't have any clue what to post about next... Maybe about Xuan Xuan??? Hehe! His birthday is coming!!! *excited* Gonna plan how to celebrate with him. Hehe.


Bella Enveeus said...

oh i remember that powder.. haha.. my late grandma also like to use that last time.. seems that it makes her skin so soft and smooth.. i wonder could that be the secret? hhaha

Jessyca said...

Nice eye make up ^^