Monday, August 30, 2010

Whole New Experience

This weekend, both Saturday and Sunday were engaged for photoshoot!!! Isn't a happy thing or what!!! I love photoshoot, I love people taking photos of me and I definitely love to see the outcome of what models and photographers together had achieve!

Guess what, I just got the Saturday's photoshoot from Matthew!! *Super Happy!!*

Here's a preview of the series of photos:

Can you believe it is actually taken in front of the house, the wall of the car porch? Looks like inside studio isn't?

As I've told Matthew, I feel grateful that he's a kind photographer which willing to discuss and guide the models of their posing, facial expression, and even gave me suggestions of which angle can show the best of me!

I've gained so much knowledge throughout this whole photoshoot session, and I know money can't buy these knowledge. Thank you for all the sharing of thoughts, Matthew.

I will post the whole series of photos in blog in the next few days! Do check out my blog oftenly k? Cheers!

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Bella Enveeus said...

saw the photos on FB..its so cool reiko..u look good