Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One Crazy Week

The past 10 days is the most craziest time I've had in these recent years.

Since Bun bring Xuan Xuan back to Ipoh for holiday purpose, and I'll have to stay back at KL for my course and some events, I'm truly a 100% freedom person!

What can be more happier than being 100% freedom, with no restrictions where and when to come and go? But of course, in order to enjoy the freedom, I have to sacrifice something too.... as in financial, and of course physically.

I think I bombed my bank account, and feeling super fatigue these 2 days due to 10 days of sleep insufficient. I think the total hours I spend at my own home during these 10 days less than 48 hours, crazy or not? Hahahahahaaha. Even I can't believe what I've done.

And now, I have very serious case of unable to pull back myself into one whole piece and live the dull and boring life I used to.... OMG! You don't know how hard it is to going back into the 'jail of life' once you've tasted the freedom.

Anyway, just did a MAJOR shopping for myself. Never bought so many things in one go, all for myself in recent years too. The satisfaction of seeing all the things stuff inside my bag, lugging it till home, then place everything out, is so freakin' unspeakable.

Nothing much, just some essential stuff to add into my so call 'model's bag'. LOL!

Spend so much money, but looks like just got few items. LOL!

Maintenance fees of a girl is so damn high, all you guys out there with beautiful looking partner should spend more time on appreciating the effort of them spending in making themselves pretty, and bring the proud feeling out from you.

Tomorrow is the FIRST day we're going to get some serious kick in learning catwalk. I hope I can learn as much as I can... I want to be something I always wanted to be all these years! Please pray and support me!!!

Last but not least:

Happy Mooncake Festival

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Brand New Week, Brand New Me

Although this is not the first payment in my life, nor the first payment that I earn as a freelancer, but I truly appreciate that what I earn today is what I gain for life.

It's really a true experience to work with my guru Benjamin, all the models, assistants and designers. Although throughout the whole show I feel pressure because everyone looks so great and in their tip top shape and I'm like the noob-est of all, but still, I'm glad that I'm given chance to taste the pressure.

I know that I will have a lot to learn from now on, I will keep on learning, and will not stop for any circumstances. I want to be success, and success is the only key for me to survive. I will not give up.

Lastly, thanks for all the chances and all the wishes from friends and family. Together, we can achieve a better self, a better tomorrow, I believe. Just keep on fighting!!! *^^*

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Busy Busy Week

How's everybody??? Going into the holiday mood already??? Well, I guess holiday is not meant for me for this coming festive season.

First thing is:


Muahahahaha~ God knows how happy and excited I am when my modeling course started on 1st of September. My catwalk guru Benjamin Toong is awesome!!! I like his style of teaching so much I knew I can learn something from him.

The 2nd day of the class is very interesting, we're required to train ourselves not to be shy, so we have to go around and asking strangers to take photos with us! LOL!!! And that will not be a problem to me, since I've been working in events and exhibitions for quite some time.

After that, there comes the highlight of the day - Train the strength of our legs! Wow! You don't know how hard it is to do a single standing on one leg in a 5 and half inch high heels!!! The training goes about 30 minutes I guess, and most of us are exhausted and can feel muscles stretching already!

I can still my legs, upper thighs and lower thighs stretching and in pain till TODAY!!! I guess this is the result for not exercising regularly. 

Besides going to classes, I'm involved in 3 photoshoots this week. God knows how hectic the schedule is and the heavy stuff and bags I'm lugging around. LOL! 

But after seeing all the beautiful photos from photographers, I know that all my efforts of make-up, styling, changing clothes, sweating and doing some ridiculous difficult poses worth it all!!!

I like this feel!!! *LOVES*

Thanks Matthew Choo for capturing this wonderful angle of me!

Bright red hair, because of the studio lighting.

I love the VOGUE in me, thanks Clarence!!!

I never seen myself in such peaceful looks before. Thanks Wee Meng Tan!!

LOL! Act cute!!! *paiseh nya~*

It's really a great learning experience for me to work with all these different photographers. I realize that I can see different potential in me through their lenses... And of course, their generosity for teaching me each and everything I don't know in photoshooting is definitely going to help me in getting into the next level in modeling field.

Thank you guys for all the beautiful photos captured and I truly love all these photos. Hope to see more of the photos coming in so I can 'show off' in my blog. Hahahahahahahaha! XD