Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Brand New Week, Brand New Me

Although this is not the first payment in my life, nor the first payment that I earn as a freelancer, but I truly appreciate that what I earn today is what I gain for life.

It's really a true experience to work with my guru Benjamin, all the models, assistants and designers. Although throughout the whole show I feel pressure because everyone looks so great and in their tip top shape and I'm like the noob-est of all, but still, I'm glad that I'm given chance to taste the pressure.

I know that I will have a lot to learn from now on, I will keep on learning, and will not stop for any circumstances. I want to be success, and success is the only key for me to survive. I will not give up.

Lastly, thanks for all the chances and all the wishes from friends and family. Together, we can achieve a better self, a better tomorrow, I believe. Just keep on fighting!!! *^^*

1 comment:

L.Chew said...

keep it up! I know u can achieve ur aim. =)