Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ride The RM3 Million Wave!

Together with some fellow blogger friends, I was invited to witness the launch of one of Petronas biggest promotion campaign in year 2010 - 'PETRONAS The Road To Rewards' Promotion.

The launch was held at Petronas station Jalan Kolam Ayer Lama, Ampang. Seriously I never been to a petrol station which was so amazingly spacious around. There was stage set-up, seats for member of medias, people from Petronas Dagangan Berhad and so. Quite an eye-opening event for me.

Everybody was waiting anxiously on their seats, for the launch event to start. Can foresee that the place is going to fill with balloons later on!

All the witnesses for this big promotion campaign!

The event starts around 10:30a.m once the VIPs has arrived, although I was still a bit blur due to tiredness from outstation work, I just can't wait and hold on my eagerness to see what Petronas have prepared for all of us.

Welcoming remarks from pretty emcee.

Opening speech by General Manager (Retail Business Division) of Petronas Dagangan Berhad - Encik Zainal Abidin Othman.

Not long after the speech, the emcee asked Encik Zainal to remain on stage, at the same time, invited Encik Amir Hamzah Azizan ( Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer of Petronas Dagangan Berhad) to do an official launch for 'Petronas The Road To Rewards" promotion.

We saw a macho man, riding the wave all the way towards the stage!

Encik Amir cutting the ribbons, and officially launched this exciting promotion!!!

For a RM30, it may become RM3 million! NO JOKE, SERIOUS!!!!

From 1st of November all the way till 15th of February 2011 (3 and 1/2 months time wei!!!!), THREE LUCKY CUSTOMERS will walk away with RM100,000, while twelve customers will win RM20,000 and fifteen others will be taking home RM10,000!!!

More of, each of these winners will be getting themselves ONE MILLION Petronas Mesra Points too!!! (Some additional rewards will also be given away to winners which using Maybankard Visa Credit Card)

That's not all! There's still so much weekly prizes, weekly shopping spree contest and spot the promotion car stickers contest will be going on throughout the whole campaign.

Guess what, Petronas will be given away RM3 MILLION in prizes to 8912 Petronas customers across Malaysia throughout this "The Road To Rewards' campaign!!!

And YOU, maybe just one of the lucky winner who will walk away with all these fantabulous prize!! Who knows right!?

After a shortwhile of photo opportunity with the models and the VIPs, here comes one of the highlight of the launch event - Kedai Mesra Shopping Sweep!

Contestants are given 45 seconds to search for all the items in the list in Kedai Mesra, the one who get most of the list done and without exceeding RM200, wins!! Some more, all the contestants get to keep whatever they put in their baskets!!! I want to participate also!!!!!

Lucky draw time! 6 lucky person will be getting the chance to be among the FIRST Malaysian to participate in this Kedai Mesra Shopping Sweep contest.

Here's all the SIX contestants, including MyFM DJ Jeff!!! Woot!!

Rules and Regulations time, and we can see contestants are eager to get themselves some goodies!!!

Here goes the first participant!!

Searching around Kedai Mesra to get the things matching with the list sometime is quite a hard task!

You'll even get 'Paparazzis' snapping photos and videos of you while you shop!

It seems she's good at Shopping.

I can see him panicking don't know what to get.... LOL!

Contestants' baskets.... I wonder who will win!

THE Shopping List!

Here's all the stuff they 'SWEPT' from Kedai Mesra!

Can you see who is the winner??????

Winner is Jeff!!!!

The other 5 contestants are still going to get away with RM100 cash voucher from Kedai Mesra!!! How great!!!

1st of November marks the start of 'Petronas The Road To Rewards' Campaign! Don't forget to 'get rewarded' from Petronas!!!!

LOL! Just saja wanna show off me and Tammy took photo with Jeff!!! Hahahahahahaha!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sa Sa Colors & Fragrance Fair & Awards 2010

Last Friday (1st of October), Sa Sa's PR invited me over to their Colors & Fragrance Fair Award Presentation Ceremony which is held at the LG1 Concourse of Sunway Pyramid. I confirm my attendance quite in the last minute and as usual, things were a bit rush for me for that day.

But nonetheless, I really love the stage they design for this award presentation ceremony! It's their 3rd year doing this!

I reach Sunway around 3:30pm... And the ceremony already started. Lots of people were there, and I missed the ice-breaking session with the bloggers, I feel a lil bit awkward to be honest. LOL! I think I'm a really shy person. But luckily Tammy and Kelly were there, able to catch up with them for a while.

For the bloggers

Really love their stage! Everything is so PINK! So Sa Sa-ish!!!

Heard that there's this make-over session for celebrities that day, using Sa Sa's signature cosmetics - Cyber Color.

Celebrity guests and Winners

Ms. Corina Loi was giving a short speech when I reach the place not long ago. She's the Senior Vice President and Country Head for Sa Sa Malaysia.

And there's 6 categories for the favourite Fragrance award which were voted by the public, celebrity judges and through accumulated sales, and the winners are:
  • Best Women's Fragrance - Flora by Gucci
  • Best Men's Fragrance - Boss Bottled Night
  • Best Couple Fragrance - Dsquared2 He Wood Ocean Wet and She Wood Crystal Creek Wood
  • Fragrance of the year 2010 - DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom
  • Special Colorscentsations Award - Free Spirit: Anna Sui Rock Me Summer Love
  • Online People's Choice Award - Anna Sui Rock Me Summer Love

All the award winning fragrances were then presented by beautiful models using catwalk, but too bad it's a bit hard to capture a nice photo of them with the bottle of fragrance since they're everchanging with their walk and posing were a bit too short.

But still, they look stunning with the fragrance on their hand!!!

Best Woman's Fragrance - Flora by Gucci

Boss Bottled Night, the Best Man's Fragrance

Best Couple Fragrance - Dsquared2 He Wood and She Wood

Special Colorscentsation Award and Online People's Choice Award - Anna Sui Rock Me Summer Love

Finale Show with all the winning fragrances!

The event were packed with invited guests, medias and bloggers! I'm so glad that able to attend the Award Presentation Ceremony and found out which 6 fragrances were the winners! Plus am a lil bit starstrucked seeing Owen Yap, Xandria Ooi and all the celebrities around me just within few steps! A bit regretted that didn't approach them and take a photo together. (Face palm!!)
Thank you Sa Sa for the invitation and hope that for years coming, Sa Sa is able to continue this Colors & Fragrance Fair & Awards on and on with more celebrities and do it as in a much bigger event, maybe a Gala Night perhaps?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Technology Sucks

I'm currently typing using my mobile device, and I feel awesome and sucks at the same time. Complicated? Yes. Feels so awesome that I'm finally using a mobile device to blog when everybody already done it like for so freakin' many years before and now, I can have a taste of it and the sucks part is - my laptop died... Because of rain water spilled on top of it.

I didn't wanna elaborate how that happens due to somebody's stupidity for letting the window open just like that, but yeah, I can't online that often starts from now... Can't even blog too when I have no place to transfer photos, edit photos and stuff.

I'm still recovering from my serious flu, and my body decided to worsen the situation by letting my period come like few days earlier... Often feel like faint or black out just like that these few days... I really neglected my body condition... Feels so sorry to my parents I didn't take good care of what they've gave me. :(

Anyway, I really hope I can recover bit by bit and able to be as healthy as I am next week! Can feel that things will get pretty busy starting next week!

Take good care of your body everyone! Drink more water and sleep earlier, too many people around me are down with flu already, take care ya!!! :)