Friday, October 8, 2010

Technology Sucks

I'm currently typing using my mobile device, and I feel awesome and sucks at the same time. Complicated? Yes. Feels so awesome that I'm finally using a mobile device to blog when everybody already done it like for so freakin' many years before and now, I can have a taste of it and the sucks part is - my laptop died... Because of rain water spilled on top of it.

I didn't wanna elaborate how that happens due to somebody's stupidity for letting the window open just like that, but yeah, I can't online that often starts from now... Can't even blog too when I have no place to transfer photos, edit photos and stuff.

I'm still recovering from my serious flu, and my body decided to worsen the situation by letting my period come like few days earlier... Often feel like faint or black out just like that these few days... I really neglected my body condition... Feels so sorry to my parents I didn't take good care of what they've gave me. :(

Anyway, I really hope I can recover bit by bit and able to be as healthy as I am next week! Can feel that things will get pretty busy starting next week!

Take good care of your body everyone! Drink more water and sleep earlier, too many people around me are down with flu already, take care ya!!! :)

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