Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kurosaki Kei's Convocation

This is the FIRST convocation I've ever attended (Because I didn't attende college/uni, that's why) and I'm quite excited! LOL!

It's my beloved ji mui - Kurosaki Kei's big day! Ahhh~ Am so touching seeing her wearing mortarboard, feels like as if my real sister just graduate! I even bought a BIG Domo-kun as graduation gift!

TAR College's Convocation

It's a real headache trying to find parking space around TAR College during convocation day. I didn't have the yellow car park ticket, so I have to find parking on my own. And I did an illegal car park, which I parked the motorcycle parking area. LOL!

Reach there around 4pm (I guess??) and all the graduate students were out from the hall already! So many people around, all wearing the same graduation gown and mortarboard were making me headache. Luckily Kei's smart, she's standing below the main hall, seeking for me at the same time.

Was still having shiny red hair by then, not a hard task finding me I guess. LOL!


So many students and their family and friends... Everyone were busy talking and taking photo.

Omedettou, Kei-chan!!! 

Kei's coursemate and friends

Calvius' gf, Ivan, Kei and Calvius

Sun was fierce that day, you can see most of the graduate students were sweat dripping hot and stuffy... But the smile on their face shows how proud they are to be able to attend this one convocation of their life, a mile stone for them to remember and set path for a new journey in life.

During that time, I was all struck with the feeling: Me too, want to attend my own convocation, am I able to study again? And at the same time, feeling regret for not admit to college after my STPM even though I have t start all over again.

One of the recent question that pops up in my mind is: Can I study again?

Am so glad that I attended her convo, one of the memories I cherished and shared with Seisyun!

Yayy! I graduated too!! Hahahahahahaha!

After view my photo of wearing the mortarboard, Peiyue told me that it's not good to wear the mortarboard if you're still studying, because in Chinese belief if you wear somebody's mortarboard before you can graduate, you won't even have the chance to graduate. LOL! Luckily I'm not studying. Haha!

Anyway, super happy that I can attend this convocation of a best friend of mine. Kei-chan, thanks for sharing me the wonderful happy feeling of graduation with me. Love you so much! Wish you all the best in your work field ne! Gambatte FIGHTO!!!!!!

An extra graduation memories for you:

All The Best!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010


I am so blank right now, like totally black out and can think of nothing I can achieve at the moment. You don't know how scary it is...

Feel that there's no target to go for, or should I say, all the targets are way too far to be reach, and I'm a lil bit exhausted trying my best to reach it... Both mentally and physically tired.

Can't feel the happiness nor the unhappiness like how I used to feel, everything is so tasteless. I know that for now, I'm not me... I'm not the pure me.

I taste fear in me, every moment. Fear of losing myself more and more, fear of not knowing my true self anymore, the fear of being blank like this forever... The fear is crushing me inside out.

The fear, the blank, and my weak soul...

Oh God, lead me to the right path, when everything was once right. I shall rest and let you be my light of this misty road in front.

*seriously, I'm a terrible person who only search for God when I'm in trouble... Such a terrible feeling.*
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Tanzini, G Tower

*This is the 500th blog post of mine!!! Congrats to myself for be able to stick to blogging ever since 2006!! I've never done something which is the same thing for so freakin' long period, I feel I just become mature a bit wtfhahahahhahahahahha*

Got really lucky when I was one of the invited 'media' to blog about the Petronas event and the PR agency treat us lunch that day.... And the lunch will be held at Tanzini, 28th floor of the newly open G Tower!

Tanzini.... Am gonna try 'you' today! XD

The first thing I can think about when I walk into this restaurant is.... I'm so freakin under dress!!!! Just wore a  pair of jeans + jacket + flats + a pair of nerdy looking glasses to disguise because am not wearing any make-up. Gah! I look so weird!!!

If I'm given another chance, I will wear a dress lo seriously! I don't mind wear the dress to the Petronas launch event also, with full make-up on! Haha!

Classy and cozy

The warmth feeling.... Me love!!!

Since this restaurant located at 28th floor, we all know that sure they will have an awesome......

OUTDOOR!!! Omg! My dream balcony!!!

All cars parked in the parking lot looks so cute... Toy car alike!

Even I look so tired that day, I still have to camwhore a bit! Haha! Leave some beautiful memories of Tanzini in ma blog ma! XD

The view is spectacular, I wonder how the view looks like when is at night!

Me, Tammy and Fatin spend so much time chillin' and camwhore at the outdoor, kinda forgot that we actually felt a bit hungry.... 

From Farm to Table - Tanzini

It was lunch time... And have you ever had any dilemma when it comes to 'media guests invited for lunch'? To be exact is feeling a bit don't know what to order, at all??? That's what running through my head while I'm browsing through the menu! I don't know what to order!!!

Should I order the set lunch? Looks okay but there are something I don't know how it taste like (I'm afraid that if I don't like it, nobody there will finish it up for me like how my family did. LOL! Food wasting is a No No!)

Wow! There's Wagyu! But it's like the most expensive main course in the whole menu... Should I order that??? I so wanna eat Wagyu, never tried before!!! But can I? Will they think I'm just taking advantage on them??? Better don't order Wagyu then.... But then I don't think I have chance to eat Wagyu anymore (in near future)..... Decisionssss!!!! T_T

I'm like talking to myself throughout the time, making decisions of what to do what not to do... And dining etiquettes too. Suddenly I feel like I'm so little girl, stepping into the business social world. (And some more an under dress one. FML!)

They serve hot fluffy buns! Dip bread appetizers with three kind of aromatic herbs oil and butter. Yums!

After much consideration and stuff, I decided to skip main course, just order appetizer and desserts instead. I even bbm and consult my friend what should I order, mana tahu my friend say: Just order the most expensive stuff in the menu! What the.... Not helping at all. -_-"

Cream of Mushrooms... Lots of mushroom bits in this bowl of goodness. Me likey!

And while savouring my bowl of appetizer, some of the main course of friends has arrived... And at that very moment.... I regretted for not order the main course. T_T But when the lunch goes on and on, and when I see some of them can't finish their pasta, I'm felt relieved I didn't order the main course (which I doubt I can finish it all by myself.) Such a Geminian.

Anyway, here comes the highlight of my lunch - Chocolate Pot with Almond Biscotti!

This is one hella awesomeness chocolate pot!!! Can I order another pot for take away please???

Very crunchy yet tasteful almond biscotti! Oh yums!!!!

Overall, it was a fun experience lunch with all the peeps from PR agency and blogosphere. Learn lots of thing throughout the lunch and definitely is an eye opening experience. Hope there's more to come!! ^^

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Modeling Extreme

2 months passed since I register myself to become one of the modeling student in Amber Chia Academy... And gosh, didn't know time flies and here we are, at the last few chapter of our class.

New environment, new people... I am so glad that all of them are wonderful people! We had so much fun during the class and even Ben (our catwalk guru ) who is famous for being strict to his models, being so funny all the time.

Ahhh~ All th sweet memories!!! I'm gonna cherish all the experiences that I had, all the things that I've learned and all the friendships that I've gained in this period, they'll be one of my precious memories that'll help me grow and become stronger in the future.

Okay, I'm gonna stop blabbering and show you some real stuff!!! Our 13 years experience catwalk Guru Benjamin Toong and one of my course mate, which is a local artiste/singer Katherine Chan!!!

The first ever video I upload to Youtube!!! Congrats to myself!! Hahahahahaha!

Anyway, this is the actual class we're having. Our guru Ben even wear the 5 and half inches high heels and teach us all the time! Kudos to him!!!!

Seriously, I really love catwalk so much now I just couldn't get my head off from this!! I want to become a better model in terms of quality and personality!!! Wish me luck ya!!!

P.S: More videos to come soon!! ;)

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Things have been  changing drastically recently. I'm trying my very best to cope with such changes, trying my very best not to hurt people around me and of course not to hurt myself.

Things went perfectly okay at the beginning, and silly me thought that things can just be like that way all the way till the day ends, but I guess I'm over optimistic about human's personality. Things will change, so does human!

I'm trying my very best in evaluate every aspect of the incident, and I thought I see it all, another mistake I've made I can say... I don't know anything (or at least those which I thought I know, in fact I'm so wrong about it.)

There's nothing perfect in this world, and I knew it all along, but why do I still searching for perfection when it comes to personality? I'm so wrong, but I just couldn't help it, I thought there's really something that's called "Soul Mate".

I've been consistently running away from reality, away from what I know that will bring sadness to me, I thought I escape from it successfully, but no! It still caught me in the end. What am I searching for? I can't stop asking myself this questions these few days, but I know somehow I got no answer for this question at the moment.

I'm hurt again. Call me weak, but I'm hurt, badly. Maybe I just don't deserve to fall in love, I imagine things too perfectly, and I wish it'll go that way, but it doesn't.... Maybe I just don't deserve to love and to be loved.

Sigh... I feel so sucks now even the moist choc cake taste so bitter. Gosh!!!


Weee~!!! I FINALLY went to honeymoon!!! Hahahaha NOT! -___-"""" Until today I still don't get to go to honeymoon, so.......

It's quite some time I haven't had any desserts recently, so decided to have try at this famous HK style dessert house call "Honeymoon". (Ok ok, I know I'm being sooooooo massive outdated when it comes to trying new stuff.)

So here I am, at Honeymoon Kepong branch with few of my friends.

No, don't ask me what the mascot is.


We're joking that we can actually get our graduation photo taken here! Haha. Maybe they should do some costume renting to the customers. 

Customize seats... But I think only limit to certain sizes of people. 

It took us some time to decide what to order, there are so many options available for you to choose. But the only thing is, I think Honeymoon is way more expensive compare to Tim Pan Kor Kor 甜品哥哥, Gei Tak Sek 记得吃 and Dragon Chef 龙师傅.

Another thing is, do not wear short pants/skirts to this place. I got bitten by mosquitoes, real bad. Kinda regret I wore short pants, itchiness totally spoil my mood in indulging all the desserts. :(

Bird Nest + Coconut Milk on top

I guess this is one of the most tasteless bird nest I've ever had in my life. It tastes just like plain water, seriously!!! My friend almost can't finish this bowl of 'bird nest' due to its tasteless. Maybe they forgot to put in some sugar or something. No marks for this.

Yin Yang Tafu Fa (Didn't try this, so no comment.) RM6


This is one dessert that is enough for a couple's appetite. So big in portion!!!

杨枝金露 Mango and Pomelo Milk Dessert RM12

I've been craving for this mango pomelo dessert thingy ever since I tried it at Dragon Chef SS2. But I felt disappointed because Honeymoon's is not that tasty compare to what I had before at previous restaurant. Oh well, maybe things are just never meant to be.

Chunky mangoes, sago and pomelo.

Star dish of the night - Durian Pancake RM9

Ordered this Durian Pancake for the sake of 'trying'. I had this once at Tim Pan Kor Kor before, it was delicious. I guess it'll be a delight dessert for durian lovers. (Still, a bit pricey at Honeymoon!!! I had this at Tim Pan Kor Kor for RM4!!!)

Filled with Durian and cream

I guess overall it was a decent visit to this dessert house, but it cost us RM50++ just for desserts! LOL!!!! Please don't ask me whether I will pay another visit to Honeymoon, because really, I don't know.... LOL!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

O'slee - The Secret of Rose hip

I'm feeling a bit unbelievable and excited when I receive an email from Xavier invited me over to O'slee's The Secret of Rose hip launch event at Fahrenheit 88's Celsius Restaurant + Bar. I do often appear on launch and events as a girl working there, but not really as an invited guest!

Seriously, can't really describe how excited I were when the launch date arrived! Drive all the way to KL during a Friday afternoon really kills all my patient, but still, it's worthy!

O'slee - Smart, Natural, Beauty

I first saw O'slee name through Facebook for the Rose hip solution redemption in a beauty fair at KLCC. I was amazed by the word 'Rose hip'. All the while I've heard rose, rose buds, but not rose hip! What is Rose hip???

The Chileans have been using Rose hip oil for centuries to maintain healthy skin. Rose hip contain Vitamin A, Vitamin B, essential fatty acids, antioxidant flavonoids and especially high in Vitamin C! Pure Rose hip oil can helps to replenish and rebuilds skin tissue, so it's famous for treating scars! (I would love to see what will happen to all the acne scars on my face after using it for some time!)

That's not all! Rose hip oil is also able to delay the effects of skin aging, assist cell regenerations, promotes collagen and elastin levels to increase so you'll have a firmer, smoother and more youthful skin with greater elasticity!

Sounds amazing!!!

The Complete Range of O'slee Products

Going to discover and explore the world of O'slee soon!

And I met Fatin and Stacey in the event!! Happy!!!!

The event was held at Celsius Bar, I love all the ever changing color decoration lights around the place!

Rose hip Q10 Moisturizing Lotion - RM59.90

Anti-oxidant, stimulate metabolism Q10 enzyme provides energy for skin, activates skin cell and metabolism rate at the same time, rejuvenates skin.

Rose hip Peeling Gel - RM49.90

It dissolves cuticles and blackheads in ONE MINUTE! Deep cleansing, with Micro-Seaweed Peeling element, it decomposes extra grease and dead skin cells, refine pores in a very short time.

Rose hip HD Flawless BB Cream SPF26 PA++ - RM79.90 (Online Retail Price)

This BB cream is extremely breathable, oil free, and it's able to dissolves in water, which means it won't clog your pores at all! It gives you flawless nude make-up instantly, make your skin to appear translucent whiteness, providing easy coverage to your pores, dark eye circles, spots and acne marks.

UV Block Powder SPF20 PA++ (UVWhite++) - RM68.90

One of the rage item of O'slee by local magazines! I will feel a bit guilty if I didn't do some further explanation on this cute item! (Since I've already start using it)

After applying this powder all over your face, it forms a high density UV layer all over and effectively block UVA and UVB. It contains Vitamin B3 which reduce growth of melanin, leaving skin become evenly tanslucent and luminous.

There's no chemical particles in this item, it control extra grease (oil control) and reduce the formation of acne! Just apply a thin layer it can even refine your pores and fine lines! 

After applying it on my own face, I can feel my pores are extremely breathable, and they able to oil control my skin for hours. My skin appears to be fresher, translucent after apply this UV Block Powder too. Overall, it's a very good UV Block item for someone who is always on the go like me! No wonder there's this rage all about it!

ClearSpa Complete C-Shape Eye Mask - RM68.90

I've never see a mask in a C shape before, and this has just open up my vision. It's special C shape made it easy adjustable and flexible in applying it onto our eye area. It can effectively reduce dark eye circles, eye bags and fine lines in just 14 days!

ClearSpa Sleeping Mask Advanced Formula - RM59.90

Its Botanic Clarifying Complex purifies skin, neutralize skin toxins and making the skin more absorbent. Its Spa Moisturizing Factor (SMF) provides non-stop hydration to skin which enhancing skin revitalizing action overnight. Skin will become more receptive to nutrients and moisture from skincare products.

Rose hip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III - RM53.91 (Online Retail Price)

This is one of the star product of the launch! It's extra moisturizing and extra whitening. It has UV - Oxi Protection, pore-refining and blackheads reduction, removes dead corneous skin cells and enhance absorption ability, last but not least, its rose hip scent offers relaxing feeling!

I got this at home, haven't try it out yet.. LOL! Review will be out later! 

Overall, the launch event of O'slee Rose hip Secret is a success. It has create awareness of benefit of Rose hip oil which brings to our skin healthiness to the public and I believe woman in Malaysia can enjoy a greater healthy skincare experience in a more Smart and Natural way.


Since this is the first time I been to Celsius Bar, maybe some of you were interested what refreshments we had for the event!

Looks yummy isn't?

Tuna on a slice of bread, with a lil bit of spicy.

I like this!!!! Can somebody tell me what name is this dessert called?

Tuna again... LOL! This time on a piece of cabbage.

Mini Strawberry Tarts, OMG I love this!!! ♥♥♥


O'slee products are available at Guardians pharmacy throughout Malaysia. Go and experience the power of Rose hip!!!