Monday, November 29, 2010


I am so blank right now, like totally black out and can think of nothing I can achieve at the moment. You don't know how scary it is...

Feel that there's no target to go for, or should I say, all the targets are way too far to be reach, and I'm a lil bit exhausted trying my best to reach it... Both mentally and physically tired.

Can't feel the happiness nor the unhappiness like how I used to feel, everything is so tasteless. I know that for now, I'm not me... I'm not the pure me.

I taste fear in me, every moment. Fear of losing myself more and more, fear of not knowing my true self anymore, the fear of being blank like this forever... The fear is crushing me inside out.

The fear, the blank, and my weak soul...

Oh God, lead me to the right path, when everything was once right. I shall rest and let you be my light of this misty road in front.

*seriously, I'm a terrible person who only search for God when I'm in trouble... Such a terrible feeling.*
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Dino-chan said...

I am having the same emotion/thinking as you at the moment.
Is very very scary, time passes slower than anything and you dunno what to do.

In fact, I am afraid =(