Thursday, November 11, 2010


Things have been  changing drastically recently. I'm trying my very best to cope with such changes, trying my very best not to hurt people around me and of course not to hurt myself.

Things went perfectly okay at the beginning, and silly me thought that things can just be like that way all the way till the day ends, but I guess I'm over optimistic about human's personality. Things will change, so does human!

I'm trying my very best in evaluate every aspect of the incident, and I thought I see it all, another mistake I've made I can say... I don't know anything (or at least those which I thought I know, in fact I'm so wrong about it.)

There's nothing perfect in this world, and I knew it all along, but why do I still searching for perfection when it comes to personality? I'm so wrong, but I just couldn't help it, I thought there's really something that's called "Soul Mate".

I've been consistently running away from reality, away from what I know that will bring sadness to me, I thought I escape from it successfully, but no! It still caught me in the end. What am I searching for? I can't stop asking myself this questions these few days, but I know somehow I got no answer for this question at the moment.

I'm hurt again. Call me weak, but I'm hurt, badly. Maybe I just don't deserve to fall in love, I imagine things too perfectly, and I wish it'll go that way, but it doesn't.... Maybe I just don't deserve to love and to be loved.

Sigh... I feel so sucks now even the moist choc cake taste so bitter. Gosh!!!

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