Thursday, November 11, 2010


Weee~!!! I FINALLY went to honeymoon!!! Hahahaha NOT! -___-"""" Until today I still don't get to go to honeymoon, so.......

It's quite some time I haven't had any desserts recently, so decided to have try at this famous HK style dessert house call "Honeymoon". (Ok ok, I know I'm being sooooooo massive outdated when it comes to trying new stuff.)

So here I am, at Honeymoon Kepong branch with few of my friends.

No, don't ask me what the mascot is.


We're joking that we can actually get our graduation photo taken here! Haha. Maybe they should do some costume renting to the customers. 

Customize seats... But I think only limit to certain sizes of people. 

It took us some time to decide what to order, there are so many options available for you to choose. But the only thing is, I think Honeymoon is way more expensive compare to Tim Pan Kor Kor 甜品哥哥, Gei Tak Sek 记得吃 and Dragon Chef 龙师傅.

Another thing is, do not wear short pants/skirts to this place. I got bitten by mosquitoes, real bad. Kinda regret I wore short pants, itchiness totally spoil my mood in indulging all the desserts. :(

Bird Nest + Coconut Milk on top

I guess this is one of the most tasteless bird nest I've ever had in my life. It tastes just like plain water, seriously!!! My friend almost can't finish this bowl of 'bird nest' due to its tasteless. Maybe they forgot to put in some sugar or something. No marks for this.

Yin Yang Tafu Fa (Didn't try this, so no comment.) RM6


This is one dessert that is enough for a couple's appetite. So big in portion!!!

杨枝金露 Mango and Pomelo Milk Dessert RM12

I've been craving for this mango pomelo dessert thingy ever since I tried it at Dragon Chef SS2. But I felt disappointed because Honeymoon's is not that tasty compare to what I had before at previous restaurant. Oh well, maybe things are just never meant to be.

Chunky mangoes, sago and pomelo.

Star dish of the night - Durian Pancake RM9

Ordered this Durian Pancake for the sake of 'trying'. I had this once at Tim Pan Kor Kor before, it was delicious. I guess it'll be a delight dessert for durian lovers. (Still, a bit pricey at Honeymoon!!! I had this at Tim Pan Kor Kor for RM4!!!)

Filled with Durian and cream

I guess overall it was a decent visit to this dessert house, but it cost us RM50++ just for desserts! LOL!!!! Please don't ask me whether I will pay another visit to Honeymoon, because really, I don't know.... LOL!

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