Saturday, November 13, 2010

Modeling Extreme

2 months passed since I register myself to become one of the modeling student in Amber Chia Academy... And gosh, didn't know time flies and here we are, at the last few chapter of our class.

New environment, new people... I am so glad that all of them are wonderful people! We had so much fun during the class and even Ben (our catwalk guru ) who is famous for being strict to his models, being so funny all the time.

Ahhh~ All th sweet memories!!! I'm gonna cherish all the experiences that I had, all the things that I've learned and all the friendships that I've gained in this period, they'll be one of my precious memories that'll help me grow and become stronger in the future.

Okay, I'm gonna stop blabbering and show you some real stuff!!! Our 13 years experience catwalk Guru Benjamin Toong and one of my course mate, which is a local artiste/singer Katherine Chan!!!

The first ever video I upload to Youtube!!! Congrats to myself!! Hahahahahaha!

Anyway, this is the actual class we're having. Our guru Ben even wear the 5 and half inches high heels and teach us all the time! Kudos to him!!!!

Seriously, I really love catwalk so much now I just couldn't get my head off from this!! I want to become a better model in terms of quality and personality!!! Wish me luck ya!!!

P.S: More videos to come soon!! ;)

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Unknown said...

i kept thinking tat is a guy i see with short hair cat walking with a long hair girl whom i tot was u