Tuesday, November 2, 2010

O'slee - The Secret of Rose hip

I'm feeling a bit unbelievable and excited when I receive an email from Xavier invited me over to O'slee's The Secret of Rose hip launch event at Fahrenheit 88's Celsius Restaurant + Bar. I do often appear on launch and events as a girl working there, but not really as an invited guest!

Seriously, can't really describe how excited I were when the launch date arrived! Drive all the way to KL during a Friday afternoon really kills all my patient, but still, it's worthy!

O'slee - Smart, Natural, Beauty

I first saw O'slee name through Facebook for the Rose hip solution redemption in a beauty fair at KLCC. I was amazed by the word 'Rose hip'. All the while I've heard rose, rose buds, but not rose hip! What is Rose hip???

The Chileans have been using Rose hip oil for centuries to maintain healthy skin. Rose hip contain Vitamin A, Vitamin B, essential fatty acids, antioxidant flavonoids and especially high in Vitamin C! Pure Rose hip oil can helps to replenish and rebuilds skin tissue, so it's famous for treating scars! (I would love to see what will happen to all the acne scars on my face after using it for some time!)

That's not all! Rose hip oil is also able to delay the effects of skin aging, assist cell regenerations, promotes collagen and elastin levels to increase so you'll have a firmer, smoother and more youthful skin with greater elasticity!

Sounds amazing!!!

The Complete Range of O'slee Products

Going to discover and explore the world of O'slee soon!

And I met Fatin and Stacey in the event!! Happy!!!!

The event was held at Celsius Bar, I love all the ever changing color decoration lights around the place!

Rose hip Q10 Moisturizing Lotion - RM59.90

Anti-oxidant, stimulate metabolism Q10 enzyme provides energy for skin, activates skin cell and metabolism rate at the same time, rejuvenates skin.

Rose hip Peeling Gel - RM49.90

It dissolves cuticles and blackheads in ONE MINUTE! Deep cleansing, with Micro-Seaweed Peeling element, it decomposes extra grease and dead skin cells, refine pores in a very short time.

Rose hip HD Flawless BB Cream SPF26 PA++ - RM79.90 (Online Retail Price)

This BB cream is extremely breathable, oil free, and it's able to dissolves in water, which means it won't clog your pores at all! It gives you flawless nude make-up instantly, make your skin to appear translucent whiteness, providing easy coverage to your pores, dark eye circles, spots and acne marks.

UV Block Powder SPF20 PA++ (UVWhite++) - RM68.90

One of the rage item of O'slee by local magazines! I will feel a bit guilty if I didn't do some further explanation on this cute item! (Since I've already start using it)

After applying this powder all over your face, it forms a high density UV layer all over and effectively block UVA and UVB. It contains Vitamin B3 which reduce growth of melanin, leaving skin become evenly tanslucent and luminous.

There's no chemical particles in this item, it control extra grease (oil control) and reduce the formation of acne! Just apply a thin layer it can even refine your pores and fine lines! 

After applying it on my own face, I can feel my pores are extremely breathable, and they able to oil control my skin for hours. My skin appears to be fresher, translucent after apply this UV Block Powder too. Overall, it's a very good UV Block item for someone who is always on the go like me! No wonder there's this rage all about it!

ClearSpa Complete C-Shape Eye Mask - RM68.90

I've never see a mask in a C shape before, and this has just open up my vision. It's special C shape made it easy adjustable and flexible in applying it onto our eye area. It can effectively reduce dark eye circles, eye bags and fine lines in just 14 days!

ClearSpa Sleeping Mask Advanced Formula - RM59.90

Its Botanic Clarifying Complex purifies skin, neutralize skin toxins and making the skin more absorbent. Its Spa Moisturizing Factor (SMF) provides non-stop hydration to skin which enhancing skin revitalizing action overnight. Skin will become more receptive to nutrients and moisture from skincare products.

Rose hip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III - RM53.91 (Online Retail Price)

This is one of the star product of the launch! It's extra moisturizing and extra whitening. It has UV - Oxi Protection, pore-refining and blackheads reduction, removes dead corneous skin cells and enhance absorption ability, last but not least, its rose hip scent offers relaxing feeling!

I got this at home, haven't try it out yet.. LOL! Review will be out later! 

Overall, the launch event of O'slee Rose hip Secret is a success. It has create awareness of benefit of Rose hip oil which brings to our skin healthiness to the public and I believe woman in Malaysia can enjoy a greater healthy skincare experience in a more Smart and Natural way.


Since this is the first time I been to Celsius Bar, maybe some of you were interested what refreshments we had for the event!

Looks yummy isn't?

Tuna on a slice of bread, with a lil bit of spicy.

I like this!!!! Can somebody tell me what name is this dessert called?

Tuna again... LOL! This time on a piece of cabbage.

Mini Strawberry Tarts, OMG I love this!!! ♥♥♥


O'slee products are available at Guardians pharmacy throughout Malaysia. Go and experience the power of Rose hip!!!


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