Monday, November 22, 2010

Tanzini, G Tower

*This is the 500th blog post of mine!!! Congrats to myself for be able to stick to blogging ever since 2006!! I've never done something which is the same thing for so freakin' long period, I feel I just become mature a bit wtfhahahahhahahahahha*

Got really lucky when I was one of the invited 'media' to blog about the Petronas event and the PR agency treat us lunch that day.... And the lunch will be held at Tanzini, 28th floor of the newly open G Tower!

Tanzini.... Am gonna try 'you' today! XD

The first thing I can think about when I walk into this restaurant is.... I'm so freakin under dress!!!! Just wore a  pair of jeans + jacket + flats + a pair of nerdy looking glasses to disguise because am not wearing any make-up. Gah! I look so weird!!!

If I'm given another chance, I will wear a dress lo seriously! I don't mind wear the dress to the Petronas launch event also, with full make-up on! Haha!

Classy and cozy

The warmth feeling.... Me love!!!

Since this restaurant located at 28th floor, we all know that sure they will have an awesome......

OUTDOOR!!! Omg! My dream balcony!!!

All cars parked in the parking lot looks so cute... Toy car alike!

Even I look so tired that day, I still have to camwhore a bit! Haha! Leave some beautiful memories of Tanzini in ma blog ma! XD

The view is spectacular, I wonder how the view looks like when is at night!

Me, Tammy and Fatin spend so much time chillin' and camwhore at the outdoor, kinda forgot that we actually felt a bit hungry.... 

From Farm to Table - Tanzini

It was lunch time... And have you ever had any dilemma when it comes to 'media guests invited for lunch'? To be exact is feeling a bit don't know what to order, at all??? That's what running through my head while I'm browsing through the menu! I don't know what to order!!!

Should I order the set lunch? Looks okay but there are something I don't know how it taste like (I'm afraid that if I don't like it, nobody there will finish it up for me like how my family did. LOL! Food wasting is a No No!)

Wow! There's Wagyu! But it's like the most expensive main course in the whole menu... Should I order that??? I so wanna eat Wagyu, never tried before!!! But can I? Will they think I'm just taking advantage on them??? Better don't order Wagyu then.... But then I don't think I have chance to eat Wagyu anymore (in near future)..... Decisionssss!!!! T_T

I'm like talking to myself throughout the time, making decisions of what to do what not to do... And dining etiquettes too. Suddenly I feel like I'm so little girl, stepping into the business social world. (And some more an under dress one. FML!)

They serve hot fluffy buns! Dip bread appetizers with three kind of aromatic herbs oil and butter. Yums!

After much consideration and stuff, I decided to skip main course, just order appetizer and desserts instead. I even bbm and consult my friend what should I order, mana tahu my friend say: Just order the most expensive stuff in the menu! What the.... Not helping at all. -_-"

Cream of Mushrooms... Lots of mushroom bits in this bowl of goodness. Me likey!

And while savouring my bowl of appetizer, some of the main course of friends has arrived... And at that very moment.... I regretted for not order the main course. T_T But when the lunch goes on and on, and when I see some of them can't finish their pasta, I'm felt relieved I didn't order the main course (which I doubt I can finish it all by myself.) Such a Geminian.

Anyway, here comes the highlight of my lunch - Chocolate Pot with Almond Biscotti!

This is one hella awesomeness chocolate pot!!! Can I order another pot for take away please???

Very crunchy yet tasteful almond biscotti! Oh yums!!!!

Overall, it was a fun experience lunch with all the peeps from PR agency and blogosphere. Learn lots of thing throughout the lunch and definitely is an eye opening experience. Hope there's more to come!! ^^

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